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A Viral Youtube Video Receives 5 Million Views

During the Obama vs. McCain election, Hooman TV came out with a viral video to explain the importance of youth voting in this election.  To help spread the video Hooman TV partnered up with LS Interactive.  Together they came up with a set of goals that they would like to see happen.  Their goals: to get over three million views and  3,000 comments about the video.

 To start off the campaign they went to Facebook to share the video through their newsfeeds.  While sharing the video through Facebook they also targeted political oriented groups and shared a brief description about the video and also posted a link to it on the groups’ walls.  Reaching out to people on Facebook was just a small section of their targeted audience.  They mainly focused on getting user’s attention on Youtube.  Their efforts were focused in a three pronged approach:

  • They remained active when viewing the comments that were being left about the video.  There were four people that actively focused on the comments and as soon as a comment was left, they would instantly respond with a comment of their own.  Doing this was crucial to the campaign because it was a way to keep discussions going.
  • They set up keywords that were popular in other political videos.  Youtube finds videos for users based on keywords that they use, so LS Interactive searched each day during the campaign for the top political videos and matched Hooman TV’s keywords to those videos.
  • They remained engaged with the blogs and other websites that had links back to their video.  Because of Youtube’s link data LS Interactive was able to find out which blogs or websites added a link to the video on their page.  Once they obtained that information they would go to the page and leave a comment thanking them for sharing the video with their friends and followers.  Doing this created even more discussion about the video and also made Hooman TV known as active members in the online community.

At the end of the campaign, the results were even better than they had expected.  Many different blogs and websites like CNET, Huffington Post, and Yelp posted about the video.  They exceeded their goal of 3 million reviews and ended up with over 5 million views of the video and it also received 3,692 comments.  With 3,700 user rating, the video received 4.5 stars.  The team of this campaign thought out every single step and set realistic goals for themselves.  Because they continued to stay active throughout the entire campaign, their goals were more than they could have hoped for.


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Old Spice ‘Response’ Campaign Goes Viral

Here’s a face that is well known to many, the Old Spice Guy.  Old Spice started out with their “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign and took that campaign a step further with their ‘Response’ campaign.  Putting the two campaigns together created much success for the brand.  The ‘Response’ campaign included 180 personalized Youtube videos from fans questions and comments on Twitter and Facebook.

One Tuesday morning in July the Old Spice Guy, also known as Isaiah Mustafa, went to Twitter to hear questions made by fans of his videos.  One of the questions were, “If there was an epic battle between you and a rabid lion, who would come out looking better?”. Mustafa would find the most asked or most interesting questions and make his next video based on those questions.  Mustafa did this for one day only, gathering enough questions to later maker 180 videos to answer those questions.

Not only did Mustafa respond to fans, but also celebrity admirers.  After actress Alyssa Milano tweeted to Mustafa that she had a crush on the Old Spice Guy, he posted three videos dedicated just to her.  At the end of one of the videos it showed the Old Spice Guy writing a love note to her and sending a bouquet of flowers.  The result of this celebrity flirting on Twitter created a massive ‘Wow Effect” and caused the campaign to quickly go viral.

In another video Mustafa grants a request from a fan that goes by the user name of jsbeals to propose to his girlfriend.  As the Old Spice Guy, Mustafa pulls out a diamond ring, two candelabras and says  “Your love has blossomed from a seed into a fully grown love plant and now it’s time to fertilize that plant, will you make jsbeals the happiest man in the world and marry him in real life?”

Using Isaiah to play the Old Spice Guy caused many people to talk about the brand on a daily basis.  Instead of using his actual name, they refer to him as The Old Spice Guy, getting people to always say Old Spice.  The Old Spice brand stayed connected with fans through these videos by taking the time to respond to as many fans as they could.  It shows fans the dedication Old Spice has to make relationships with their customers.

So what would happen if the Old Spice Guy fought with a lion?  Well, he lets us all know that they would both come out looking amazing. Because the battle would end with him sitting a top of this lion in a saddle encrusted with giant, expensive jewels, and rock guitars playing perpetual solos.

Statistics From The Campaign

  • Received 5.9 million Youtube views the first day
  • On the second day of the campaign, 8 of Old Spice’s videos were named most popular out of 11 on the web
  • A week after the campaign launched, their Youtube videos received over 40 million views
  • Old Spice’s Twitter followers increased by 2700%
  • Facebook fan interaction went up 800%
  • Traffic to increased by 300%
  • Branded as #1 most viewed branded Youtube channel of all time
  • Old Spice sales are up 107% making them the number one brand for men’s body wash
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Mountain Dews Innovative Campaign Quickly Goes Viral

Mountain Dew started something completely unique in 2010, Dewmocracy.  Dewmocracy is a campaign empowering users to chose between three new flavors they had come up with. At the end of voting, the new flavor was selected and became a permanent flavor in the Mountain Dew Family.

At the beginning of the campaign Mountain Dew started out with seven experimental new flavors. They then took applications from fans saying why they should be chosen to test out the new flavors.  50 applicants were selected. These applicants were sent test kits of the seven flavors in which they had to record their reactions to each of the flavors.

Mountain Dew Typhoon

Out of those seven flavors it was then narrowed down to the three most favored flavors, and each of the 50 applicants were then divided into three different groups, called the Flavor Nations.  Their next job was to go out to communities and promote their flavor.  The three flavors competing were Distortion, Typhoon and White Out.  The flavor voted best by the public was to become a permanent part of the Mountain Dew product line.

Flavor Nations were responsible for everything that went into promoting a new flavor.   They named it, designed it and even did all of

Mountain Dew Distortion

the marketing.  As soon as the three flavors were put out for consumption, the three teams fought aggressively for eight weeks to promote their flavor.  Each nation had their own Twitter and Facebook accounts to help spread the word, they even started on a cross country journey to encourage mountain dew fans to vote on their favorite flavor.

Mountain Dew put 100% of the power into the Flavor Nations to control the direction, marketing and branding of the respected flavors.  In the end, it turned out to be one of their best campaigns and gained plenty of attention.  Fans appreciated the fact that it was in their hands to choose what they wanted.  Towards the finale of the campaign, White Out was chosen as the new Mountain Dew flavor.  Whiteout was chosen for the people, by the people.

This campaign engaged users and reinvented the brand name Mountain Dew. People would frequently talk about which flavor they liked best, post it on their favorite social media network, and even blog about it. In turn, this helped Mountain Dew’s Dewmocracy campaign become viral, and a social media hit.



Dewmocracy Campaign Statistics

Social Media:
726,803: Mountain Dew Facebook fans
2,858: DEW Labs Facebook fans
2,957: Channel views on DEW Lab’s YouTube channel
19,010: Mountain Dew Twitter followers

582: Followers of “Distortion,” winner of Twitter race for Flavor 231
1,014: Followers of “White Out,” winner of Twitter race for Flavor 493
398: Followers of “Typhoon,” winner of Twitter race for Flavor 509

Based on consumer votes

White Out- 44%

Typhoon- 40%

Distortion- 16%

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Blendtec’s Will it Blend? Campaign Goes Viral

Will it Blend? is a viral marketing campaign of a series of Youtube videos done by the founder of Blendtec, Tom Dickinson. In each video Dickinson demonstrates the power of his Total Blender by blending various items starting anywhere from ice to a golf club. This campaign was first started after Dickinson attempted to blend a box of matches.

Tom Dickinson takes requests on what to blend from Facebook followers.  At some point during each video a subtitle will appear stating whether or not particular items are safe to blend at home.  If not a subtitle appears saying “Do not try this at home,” if it is, then “Please try this at home” appears.  Items like cell phones and golf balls are not safe and Dickinson warns viewers to not breath in the smoke after blending.  While Tom waits for the outcome of each blend he just stands there and smiles.  Once it is finished, he empties the contents on to his table showing viewers what is left of the items.  Then the subtitle “Yes it Blends!” appears before the video ends.

Some of the fan suggestions include baseballs, light bulbs, make-up, and even a crowbar.  The episode in which Tom Dickinson was going to blend a crowbar gets interrupted when a few of the crew member’s cell phones start ringing.  Dickinson told them that cell phones were not allowed and compensated all cell phones and blended them.  In another video, Dickinson showed fourteen feet of a garden hose get turned into dust.

Not only does Dickinson appear in the videos but he is also the engineer behind the blenders, some features being created by accident.  For example, the winglets on the blade were designed because a regular blade did not fit.  He tried to get rid of the winglets but then found out that the blender did not work as well, and what about the patented ‘wild side’ that makes the blender work better?  Turns out he put that there just because he needed room for his hand.  They were both accidents, but happy ones at that.

Along with the success from the videos, Dickinson has also made many national television appearances including NBC,  The Tonight Show and also History Channels.  On The Tonight Show, he showed fans that he could blend a rake handle in just seconds. 

 The start of the campaign was a great success and increased Blendtec sales very quickly.  Everyone wants a sturdy blender that will last a long time.

“The campaign took off almost instantly. We have definitely felt an impact in sales. Will it Blend has had an amazing impact to our commercial and our retail products.”

With all the media on Will it Blend? there is no wonder why this campaign went viral so quickly.  Fans loved to watch what was going to get blended next.  Because of the campaigns great success Blendtec now sells Will it Blend? merchandise including a t-shirt saying “Tom Dickinson is my Homeboy”.

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The V Foundation-Raising Money for Cancer Research Through Social Media Networks

The V Foundation for Cancer Research is a foundation that dedicates everything to raising money to help find cures for cancer.  In 2010 the V Foundations started their Summer Social Media Campaign directed towards the social media networks Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.  Their goal was to raise $1 million for leukemia research.

The V Foundation was first started in 1993 in honor of Jim Valvano, a victim of cancer.  His final wish was to fund  research for cancer.  Support for the foundation grew more and more as people began to hear about Valvano’s wish.  People believed in the possibility of his last and final wish.

Starting July 8, 2010 through August 7, 2010 the foundation used Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube to ask people for their help and donations.  They produced a one minute video and put it up on all social media channels to get people to become more aware of what it is they are trying to do.  So far, one of their YouTube videos “One Team, One Cause” has received almost 10,000 views.

“With the increased use of social media and networking, this campaign is a great way to spread the word about the latest developments and progress in cancer research in hopes of raising money for a leukemia grant,” said Nick Valvano, CEO of The V Foundation for Cancer Research. “It will keep us connected with our supporters as we seek their help to battle this disease.”

“What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

Earlier this past year a one year old girl, Lucy, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called AT/RT.  A cancer that usually only strikes kids under the age of three,  just like Lucy.  At only one year old, Lucy had to start chemotherapy.  She was treated at a local hospital near her home town.  While she was treated, friends and family of Lucy’s parents started  “Team Lucy” and began to sell wrist bands with Team Lucy imprinted on them.  All contributions made to Team Lucy were to go to Lucy’s hospital expenses.  Soon there were hundreds of people joining Team Lucy and giving whatever they could to help the little girl live.  People prayed, not only for Lucy, but also for all the other young kids dealing with this horrible disease.  Lucy’s conditions soon worsened and she past away.

News of Lucy’s fight to live eventually spread to The V Foundation.  If they can keep something that horrible from happening to another young child they are going to do it.  They are putting all their time, power, and strength to do what they can to save lives from being taken by cancer.  Blogging,  posting on Facebook and using Twitter is only the beginning of their efforts to raise money for a cure.

Since 1993 when The V Foundation was founded, they have raised over $95 million to fund cancer research nationwide.  All of the money raised goes directly towards programs involving cancer research.  They are doing their best to find a cure as quickly as possible.  Saving lives of thousands of people is what they are passionate about.  You can help too and donate by going to

Facts about The V Foundation and Social Media

  • With the help from social networks and other organizations The V Foundation has awarded 380 grants to 92 research facilities
  • Can donate straight from their Facebook page!/thevfoundation?sk=app_4949752878
  • The blog for The V Foundation is written by Jimmy Valvano’s son Nick Valvano
  •  5,442 followers on Twitter
  • 10,284 Likes on Facebook
  • On every social media network The V Foundation is involved in, there is a place to donate


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