Intuit-Creating Your Website In Three Easy to Follow Steps

Creating a website that appeals to users can be very important when running an online business.  You want to attract your target audience’s attention to get them to want to look more into your website.  Designing your very own website can be an easy task as long as you have the right tools and guidance to help you along the way.  Intuit offers an easy three step process that will help you to create your website, the way you want it.

After picking a design template that best suits your type of company you have the ability to fully customize it to look how you want.  Out of 2,000 different designs to choose from for 100 different industries, not one website will look similar to another.  When choosing your design, if you can not find one that best fits your company style, Intuit’s website building software offers editing tools that help you to redesign any of the templates.  After you have the perfect design chosen you then get to use your creativity to completely customize your new web page with all of your company’s information.  You can download images of your own to add to the page or you can even choose from Intuit’s free library of 250,000 images to find one that works best with your company.  Next you can edit all text on the page, changing the colors, size and fonts.  The last step to fully customizing your new web page is adding in your logo and you are ready to go live.

When you are ready to go live all it takes is one click and your customers will begin to see your newly created website.  Hosted by Intuit, at anytime you have the opportunity to go back to make any new changes to the website.  To make it easier for people looking at the site to contact you, Intuit helps you to create your own personalized web address including a matching e-mail address.  Using your business name as your web address also makes it easier for people to find you on the web.  In the case that the domain name you want is already taken, members of Intuit help you find a new name that will easily be remembered by your customers.

Every step of the process of creating your site there are always Web Advisors available to help you when you need it. What makes Intuit so unique from other competing companies, is they make the process of creating a website so simple, you do not need any computer skills in order to do so.  Their process makes it easy for anyone to create a well designed website.


3Dcart-Providing Businesses With the Right Tools to Sell Items More Effectively

New online stores are popping up everyday.  By using tools provided by 3DCart, the process of creating your very own online store can be done more effectively.  The tools provided to you can help you create the store you want, designed exactly the way you want it to look.  This shopping cart is combined with the most used features included in creating your own store, except it is made simpler and less expensive.

To assure customers of theirs get results they want, 3DCart runs off of six core values.  These values are innovation, service, trust, simplicity, happiness, and prosperity.  Each of these values are just as important as the last one, and play their own role when it comes to running a successful business.  These values are also important to remember when you are first starting out with your own online business.  They have certainly helped 3DCart create successful tools for you, and can now help you create successful services for others.

These six core values are something to keep in mind.  When looking at the 3DCart website, you can quickly see how their innovation has caused them to be a successful eCommerce platform.  When you are just starting out with your own business, being innovative is what will set you apart from businesses that are similar to yours.  The more innovative you are, the more people will be attracted to your site giving you their business.  Providing outstanding service for your customers can play a big part in whether or not your business will do well once it is all set up.   Customers need to feel like you care about their problems, and you are willing to help fix them as soon as possible.  Focus on what will make your customers happy, and what will keep them coming back, service is all about providing your customers with the best experience possible.  While you are helping customers with challenges they may be having simplicity is the best way to find easy solutions to their problems.  Finding simple ways to help your customers understand what is wrong will also earn trust from those customers.  Trust then leads to building relationships with your customers.  By leading your customers into the right direction then going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction will show your customers your sole priority is their happiness.  Not only is it important to bring happiness to your customers, but also your employees.  3DCart believes that if you have happy employees, that will equal to good solutions to provide to your happy customers.  The main goal of 3DCart’s for all business actions is prosperity.  Prosperity is a goal all businesses should have, you need to play your role in contributing to your customers so they can also become prosperous.

3DCart tools are an easy solution to building your own eCommerce store.  The tools they provide you with include choosing the perfect design to fit the type of store you want to open.  With 50 templates to choose from, you are sure to find the design that fits your theme.  Along with the templates they already offer, they also give you the ability to construct your very own designs using HTML and CSS.  To accelerate the procedure of adding categories, products, and webpages, you can use 3DCart’s new tool, the Quick Edit Bar.  The use of this new tool allows you to make design changes in real-time.

While marketing your online store, one of the most important aspects to look into is search engine optimization.   Using the 25 SEO tools provided by 3DCart will ensure that your site is always generating traffic.  Another tool to use is their SocialCommerce tool which makes the tasks of updating your Twitter, Facebook and blog more sufficient by being able to post on each of these through your stores administration.  By being able to post new information or products from your store so easily will continue to expand your fan base.

The real power of 3DCart comes from their business management tools.  To expand into the mobile market, 3DCart offers eCommerce mobile store templates.  With your mobile phone you can print shipping labels from your home or office as your phone automatically sends customers e-mail confirmations and also reminders to leave feedback.  One very useful tool for your customers is the Multiple “Ship To” feature.  This allows your customers to purchase several different items and choose a different shipping address for each of the products.  After a customer purchases an item, they are provided with real-time tracking information including the distributor of the product and which warehouse it is coming from.  Adding these features to your business will allow your customers to purchase more than one item  at the same time instead of having to keep going back to the ‘checkout’ to change addresses.

If you want to track your website statistics, your business can easily be integrated with Google Analytics.  This way you can track how many unique visits you get and any referrals your store may have received.  3DCart also offers a Real-Time Dashboard which allows you to track information on customer activity, shipping types, and sales statistics.  Another useful feature is Product Statistics which gives you information on individual product performance such as top selling items, daily product activity and sales of gift certificates.

The tools provided by 3DCart ensure a successful eCommerce store created by you.  The features they have make selling items more efficient and simpler.  You will get the results you are looking for in little to no time at all.

Trackur- Giving Businesses The Tools They Need to Monitor Traffic

Monitoring traffic on your business website is an important factor to have when running a successful business.  You want to be able to see how your website rates with customers and which services or products your customers view most.  Trackur is an easy way to track the social media efforts made by your business.  In addition to monthly paid plans, Trackur is reaching out to help others with  free social media monitoring tools.

While running a business you want to see how you rate online, and how much traffic  your site gains each day.  Trackur is a tool for use when you want to see what people are saying about you on the web.  Other uses of Trackur tools include monitoring all conversations online that mention your business, changing your dashboard colors to match your business’s color scheme, and saving keywords in all your searches.

Not only can Trackur help your business track your success on the internet, but they also provide valid information on their blog on how you can generate more traffic to your website.  As part of Trackur’s own way to get people interested in using their services, they run different contests.   So far for each contest they have had, the winner has received an iPad.  Right now Trackur is promoting their “Help Us Pick a Prize for our Contest” contest.  They are asking readers for ideas about what will get people to enter their contests.  Whether the iPad is still a good idea or the prizes should change to something else.  As a result to winning this contest (whichever idea Trackur picks) the winner does not receive an iPad, but a $25 gift card for Amazon.

Trackur’s blog post, Seven Tips to Spice up Your Social Media Campaign, shares with readers how you can run a good campaign.  The details Trackur gives you from this post includes seven tips you can use to make your campaign go viral quickly.  Trackur gives their readers advice saying to bond with your targeted audiences to create conversations and build relationships with your customers.  They also say to just have fun with it.  Try not to be offensive to your customers but also let them know that you enjoy what you do, and you know how to have fun with the campaigns.  One of their most important tips is to use Trackur as a tool to target keywords, product names, and domains in your campaign.

Trackur not only gives you the right tools needed to trace traffic going to your business website, but they also give you great advice on how to make your campaigns successful.  One factor Trackur does differently from many competitors is they engage with their customers.  Whether it is giving advice from their blog, or helping you with campaign details, Trackur makes sure you are happy with the results you get from using their services.

Other Features of Trackur

  • Tracks any buzz created through advertising
  • Sends you important updates through e-mail
  • Helps you choose which sources are the best to get search results

 You will be able to find out everything that is being said about you and your business online.  Trackur tools are a great way for you to find out if there are any news or stories being written about your company that you may not know about.  It will allow you to make sure what other people are writing is true and only about the facts. was started by Kathy Perry as a social network for women to come together and share life experiences.  When Kathy first started blogging in 2006 it was meant to give resources and tools to her girlfriends about mind, body and spirit.  It was her way of sharing her life journey with others while also giving advice to her friends.  Once new tools started to come out in 2009 for starting your own social network, Kathy thought of it as a perfect opportunity to build her own website where women can interact with other women.

For her new website, Kathy did not want it to be just about her and the experiences she goes through, so she partnered up with 45 other women to share their expertise.  With so many women sharing information with others they are able to cover all topics women talk about.  It is the place for women to share stories, information and past experiences about their life.  They are able to all relate to one another and give advice to the ones who need it.  This platform for women has been successful since day one and quickly grew to 300 members.  Because there are newer tools today than there were back in 2009, Kathy is moving her platform to a new place.  “As things have evolved I evolve and keep wanting to share things in new ways.” Kathy’s passion is to resonate with women and help them in anyway that she can.

Another passion of Kathy’s is helping people learn how to properly use social media.  She operates her own system, Hub Socializer, to coach small businesses and entrepreneurs on their social media marketing strategies.  She helps them to create a plan that will fit their business foundation.  If the foundation is not set up properly, or they don’t have the right elements, their website is bad, or they are not communicating properly with customers,  it does not help to drive traffic to their websites.”   Helping clients with their foundations is what Kathy finds herself spending the most time on.  Clients find the foundation of their marketing efforts to be so overwhelming that Kathy takes her time to walk them through it.  “Coaching clients through social media is part of the big picture.”  Kathy starts with the basics and does her best to help clients remove their fear and frustration of learning something new.  She has said that it is different for each person she works with, it depends on where they are stuck, so she works with them to get unstuck and move forward; She is an advocate of providing proper knowledge. When Kathy helps her clients through her Hub Socializer System, she looks at the web at a multi-tiered approach.  She looks at how her clients want to engage online, where their customers are and puts together a systematic approach for that process.

“What I’m teaching is how to be authentic, real and a human on social networks.”

Kathy’s big goal is to help businesses create opportunities to make a difference in their online marketing.  It is important for a person to take all of who they are and put it into their business.  Kathy tries to help them tap into their inner essence.  Communicating on social networks is about connecting and engaging with customers at a personal level.  You need to interact with customers.  A good example of how to do this is to explain how Kathy uses social networks to get the word of her business out.  When Kathy is posting on Facebook or Twitter she likes to mix it up.  She will talk about things happening with her blog or Hub Socializer, give out tips to people on how to use social media, and she even talks about what she is doing in her life.  Kathy doesn’t leave it all to just business, she shares information about who she is as a person so she can build the personal relationships with clients.  At the end of my interview with Kathy she added one last tip when it comes to posting on any social network.  She said “Always ask yourself, would I be concerned if my mother read this, and would it be okay if it was on national television?”  This is good advice to remember, you can always connect with people on a personal level, but make sure to stay professional about what you are doing.