I Wish I Thought of That Tees Sweepstakes Invovles Fans With Their Business

I Wish I Thought of That Tees started a very unique campaign in August called “Sh*tload of Tee Shirts.  They offer funny, affordable and comfortable tee shirts that have the ability to make anyone laugh.  In order for someone to enter the  sweepstakes they must enter in the required information, ‘like’ IWITOT’s Facebook page, and then they will have a chance to win one of each tee shirt they sell.

This campaign was started as a way for IWITOT to spread the word about their business.  With the use of social media to run this sweepstakes it has been a great way for the team to stay in contact with their fans.  By asking for their e-mail address when entering the sweepstakes, it allows the team to send out e-mails to the people who are interested in their products.  They believe if people like their products, then they will continue to shop with them.  Another purpose of this campaign was to get their fans involved with their community and business.  The team at IWITOT loved the idea of this campaign when they were planning it out because they found it to be a fun contest and a great way to give away as many tee shirts as possible.

The main target audience for their campaigns are college students, so they make sure keep their tee shirt designs upbeat, funny, and friendly.  Along with promoting their sweepstakes through social media, they also love to travel to different universities to really reach out to their audience.  During college events they will go up to many of the students and say “Hey, like our Facebook page and you have the opportunity to sign up for our sweepstakes.”   The I Wish I Thought of That Tee’s blog is also regularly updated with funny content their fans can read, and it is a good way for them to stay connected to their fans.  They work their hardest to get and keep people involved with their business.

This business was built from the ground up and the results of this sweepstakes has gained them great publicity.  Their Facebook and Twitter are updated daily giving their fans important information.   Although the campaign is still underway,  so far there has been a tremendous effect on their business and getting the word out.

Facebook Sweepstakes and Twitter Contests Create Brand Awarness

As a way to get generate  more traffic to their website, Food Republic has been very busy running different sweepstakes from their Facebook page and different contests through Twitter.   For these social media marketing efforts they target their site readers and men 25-35+ who don’t consider themselves as foodies but are interested in food as a way to compliment their other lifestyle interests.

Each of their efforts in social media are targeted towards driving more likes and followers while also engaging deeper with their fans on what they are doing editorially.  In past Facebook sweepstakes they have given away items that they have covered in their weekly editorials.  For their Twitter contests they have raffled off tickets to events that they host.

In a recent sweepstakes campaign of theirs they resulted in gaining 1000+ new Facebook likes including more engaged followers on Twitter.  The results from the sweepstakes allowed Food Republic to take products and events that their audiences were already interested in and provide them with a means of obtaining those objects.  This also allowed them to be more engaged with their online community through all of their social networks.

Destiny Diamond Contest Attracts Over Two Thousand Fans

If you are looking for that perfect ring to give the one you love then you have the chance to enter Fred Meyer Jewelers online sweepstakes.  For your chance to win a one carrot diamond ring from their exclusive Destiny Diamond collection you must tell them the reason you deserve to win the ring.  This very nice sweepstakes was created in order to launch their new collection and so far has had a great response from their fans.

Not only is the goal of this campaign to raise awareness about their new Destiny Diamond collection but to also engage with all of their loyal fans.  In the past few months they have noticed tremendous growth throughout their company so they want to make sure they provide opportunities for their fans to engage with their brand.  Their most targeted audience are females between 18 and 35 with an interest in jewelry.  So far that demographic of people have responded greatly as there are still a few days left of the campaign and they have already received thousands of entries.

The Promotion of the Destiny Diamond

  • Tweeted through Twitter with many retweets back
  • Picked up by various sweepstake sites which increased awareness of the offering
  • Added on to an e-mail campaign
  • Offered it via QR codes with print advertising
  • Made sure it was upfront and visible to fans
  • Posted on Facebook

The sweepstakes will soon be coming to an end on November 12 this month.  Although there are still a few days left it is safe to say that this campaign has already been a success.  With over two thousand entries so far there have also been many people talking about it.  This sweepstakes was a great way to create better awareness of their brand and can potentially bring in new customers to their online and retail stores.

Zip Into Fall Sweepstakes

As leaves are falling and the smell of fire places roam the air, people prepare for fall to come.  This year from September 22nd through September 28th Zipbuds became prepared for the Fall by running a week long sweepstakes called the ‘Zip into Fall Sweepstakes’.  The winner of this sweepstakes was announced on September 29th and received an iPod Nano.

Primarily promoted on Facebook with the help from Wildfire’s App Platform, Zipbuds targeted Facebook users including anyone who was interested in music accessory products.  Participant were also allowed to enter the sweepstakes through Twitter. With an average of 276 entries per day during the week, the targeted audience responded greatly and became very involved in the campaign.  The main goal of this campaign was to gain Facebook follows and likes while also compiling a mailing list for future e-newsletters.  As the campaign came to an end Zipbuds had received 559 new likes on Facebook from that week alone and totaled a number of 1,929 entries.

Throughout the week, the team at Zipbuds made sure to do daily promotions on all of their social networks including the team’s personal Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts.  They even included their families in the sweepstakes and asked them to promote on their own social accounts also.  Also, they promoted on various different Facebook pages, tech blogs, and forums.  Their goal was to keep the campaign on the radar so they showed up on the top of newsfeeds.  Along with all of the promoting, the sweepstakes was also the landing page for Zipbuds Facebook page.  This allowed any new people that came to the site to be aware of the sweepstakes.  One of the last tasks they did was encourage their fans to like their Facebook page before entering the contest.

Zipbuds remained very persistent in promoting the campaign and stayed consistent in sending messages out.  When they started the campaign they already had a great circle of supporters with many of their own contacts that helped them to promote the campaign.  They wanted to get the sweepstakes out there online to let as many people as they could know about it.  The business was greatly impacted by the results of the sweepstakes because it grew their mailing list allowing them to have more leads for their products.  There have been more and more people interacting on their website who are excited about future giveaways.  Because Zipbuds products are only sold on their website, the use of social media had expanded their reach to people.