Clearspring’s Audience Platform Connects Businesses With Their Targeted Audience

Sometimes the hardest part about running any type of campaign is connecting with your targeted audience.  If your company does not reach out to your targeted audience, then there is no point to your campaign.  Clearspring Technologies tools are well known for connecting publishers, services, and advertisers to their targeted audiences on the social web.  Their AddThis platform allows leading publishers to track digital content on the web including widgets, web pages, videos to blogs, social networks, and many more.  Seamlessly integrated into Clearspring’s platform are over 300 other services that can help you to reach out to your audience.

Many advertisers have found Clearspring’s platform to be very useful when they are trying to connect with their audiences.  Using this platform Clearspring accumulates information from over 200MM unique US users monthly.  By using parts of their dynamic technology they then categorize that information into two different compartments, influence and intent-based audience.  Advertisers then gain their targeted audience’s attention from hundreds of these compartments being combined together.

The influence based segments are people that you reach out to who share information on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.  Reaching out to these type of people can easily give advertisers a ‘jump-start’ on their campaigns because there will be more people sharing news about it.  By using this influenced based platform you will easily get the word out about your campaign more quickly.  Social networkers sharing information about your campaign, on average influence another four of their friends or followers. Many of the companies who have used this segment for their campaigns have noticed a twenty to fifty percent upgrade in sharing information.

The intent-based segments are targeted toward the people who are looking for you and your services.  With this segment you are able to reach users in all four categories of the purchasing process: awareness, interest, consideration and in-market.  Reaching out to this type of audience you already know that they are interested in your product/service.  Now all you need to do is blow them away with your campaign to gain them as a customer.  Also, if these people have already been trying to find you, it is likely they will share with others how you reached out to them.  Companies who have used this method to gain audience attention have seen a jump of a 2X-10X lift in their campaign.  Putting these two segments together allows you to reach your audience in a simpler, quicker way, and also creates a viral campaign for your company.  As the two different segments work together, you are sure to get the biggest response from your audience.

The tools given to you by Clearspring help to generate even more traffic to your website because of the fact you are reaching out to so many people.  The hardest part can be reaching out to the people who influence others, and with the help from Clearspring’s platform that can no longer be an issue.  You will be able to reach out to the audience you need, at the exact time you need them.

Social Media Marketing Made Easier With the Use of Twitter

Millions of people use Twitter on a day to day basis.  It has come to be one of the most used ways today that people communicate to one another.  Also know as microblogging, companies use twitter as a way to get messages out to their targeted audiences in 140 characters or less.  Using Twitter as part of their marketing efforts is an easy, quick way for companies today to advertise their products for no money at all.

The goal of using Twitter for companies is to get messages out to you audience while also building relationships with those people.  Because of the character limit on your tweets you are able to tweet messages many times in one day with out overloading your followers with too much information all at once.  Twitter also allows you to target your audience by using hashtags(#) and typing in keywords.  That way when a customers is looking for posts on social media, they can type in #socialmedia and if that hashtag is included in your post, it will show up for them to find.

If people like the information you provide then they have the option to follow you.  Once someone is following you, each time you post something new, it will show up in their news feed.  Also if there is a tweet that gives important information, you can retweet it so more people will be able to see it.  The average Twitter user has 126 followers, so each time your message is retweeted, 126 more people on average will see the message each time it is retweeted.  Twitter is an excellent tool that will help to get word out about any new company information.

Above your Twitter timeline, which is the news feed of posts from the people you follow, you will also have an @Mentions link which will show you the post that include your company Twitter name.  This allows you to always see what it is people are saying about your company whether it is good or bad.  Many companies have used Twitter as their source of customer service.  It allows customers to tell the company what problems they are having, and since Twitter messages are received in real-time, the company can instantly talk with that person to help them fix their problem.

Tweeting messages can be accessed through the Twitter website using any mobile device or just a regular computer.  Only 20% of traffic comes straight through the Twitter website.  The other 80% of traffic generally comes from third party programs from users using smartphones or other mobile devices.  Today there are over 200 million Twitter accounts and just recently CEO Dick Costolo revealed that over 100 million of those accounts are active on a daily basis.  Half of those active Twitter accounts log in daily and the other 40% have not tweeted for about one month.  The team of Twitter defines active users as people who log in at least once a month.

When you use Twitter to run a campaign, or to promote your business it is important to remember to daily tweet at least 2 or three messages.  Your efforts may not be instant, but the more you work on it the more people will start to follow you.  Then once you have a good set of followers, more people will receive your messages allowing many of your tweets to go viral.


SocioSaurus is a popular website started by Nicky Nikolaev as a way to help people get their business name out to potential customers.  This website is a place that gives useful information, tricks, tips and tactics showing how to better your social network profiles in a way that will help to generate more traffic.  Nicky teaches that the better your profiles look with good content, the more loyal followers your business will get.

All of the information provided on this website guides readers into the social media world.  The goal is to help people learn the proper ways of using social networks while also keeping up with the pace of how much social media is changing.  People need to be prepared and kept up-to-date with how quickly social media can change.  They  need to learn how to use it properly in order to get their name or brand out to the people who are listening.

“Social media is dynamic and is changing as we speak,” Nicky mentioned in a recent interview with him.

Social networks have evolved into businesses so quickly that many of them need help learning how to handle it.  Businesses are starting to learn that it is tough to gain attention from traditional marketing anymore, and that the best way to reach out to potential customers is  through the web.  Whether it is on mobile devices or computers, people are connecting through social networks daily.  Nicky comes into this equation by giving businesses valuable information on how to get people to be interested in their services.  When Nicky is posting on his website SocioSaurus, he makes sure that whatever he posts will be useful to people.  He mentioned that it is not a daily task that he does, he only posts when he feels that there is something valuable he needs to share with his readers.  One tool Nicky teaches is the right way to use search engines.  The most important part of a business is getting it out to those who may be looking for the products or services they have to offer.  Nicky has proven with his own efforts that optimizing social profiles puts you higher in search engines and will generate more traffic to the sites that show up first.

“If I can do it, you can too,” a quote from Nicky on one of his Youtube videos explaining how to properly market your business through social networks.

In the interview I had with Nicky he said that out of all the social networks there are, LinkedIn is his favorite one to use.  He said that is more corporate orientated and that it seems to grab more eye balls.  “LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses focused on B2B campaigns, and the right platform to reach out to clients.”  If you take a look at Nicky’s LinkedIn profile you will be able to see how the way he has it set up pulls potential clients in.  He has information based on what he does best including the ways that he can help you.  That is what businesses need to be doing.  They need to show their customers along with potential customers how their services or products can benefit them.  Also they need to produce eye grabbing content to their websites to get people interested in what they sell.  The more followers a business has, the more it appeals to other people.  If they see that there are multiple fans of a business, they will know it is a good business and want to check it out to learn more about it, considering going to that business for their products or services.

When it comes to helping customers in social media, Nicky feels that the customer is the most influential person.  If you do not respect, or listen to the customer’s wants and needs, then you are sure to fail.  Even if the customer is not well educated in how to use social media, you still have to listen to what it is they want to do and guide them in the right direction.

One of Nicky’s biggest achievements was when he drove a ton of traffic to a corporate website that had been unpopular for five or six years.  Nicky had the idea of integrating a blog into their website and wrote an article to try and generate traffic to the site.  He provided such good content that in just a couple of days so many people were checking out the site that it nearly brought the service down from so much traffic.

All it takes is visibility, good content, eye-catching profiles, and listening to what customers want to drive more traffic to a business website.  Nicky Nikolaev’s success has proven that all of these tactics work, and he loves to share them with as many people as he possibly can.  He shows how easy it can be to market a business as long as you are willing to take the time and learn.