“Get The Word Out” Facebook Contest Triples Facebook Fans

Social media has become one of the greatest ways to promote brand awareness when you are just starting out with an online business.  City Escapes Nature Photography came to that conclusion after starting their business selling limited edition wildlife and landscape prints mainly at art shows.  Currently they intend to transition their business to be done primarily online.  Due to the little recognition they currently have, they are using social media as a way to increase their brand awareness and to reach out to customers who may not be able to attend the art shows that they host.

Their first campaign they did that focused around social media was a standard “Get the Word Out” Facebook contest.  After having a low number of friends on Facebook a year after setting it up they set a goal of growing their seven friends to 100 in a month and a half  in order to raise their visibility within the Facebook community and also potential customers who share an interest in nature prints.  The deal they made with their fans was if they reached that goal of 100 Facebook friends they would then raffle off a limited edition photograph among those who liked their Facebook page.

To start promoting this contest, City Escapes Nature Photography reached out to their friends and family to like their page and to share it with their friends.  This turned out to be successful as mostly all of their friends they asked to like the page did, but only few shared the information with their friends.  Because this was their first social media effort they did not want to use Facebook ads so they could determine the effectiveness of their approach. Throughout the month and a half they ran the contest they would remind their personal and company friends about it once a week.  They also highlighted the promotion in their newsletter and put it on the front page of their website.

The end of the campaign resulted in them tripling the number of likes they already had on Facebook, although they did not reach their quota of gaining 100 Facebook friends.  Given the baseline response they received, they plan to run a similar contest next year possibly including Facebook ads.  They said it is important to be realistic about the impact of any particular campaign so that you can appreciate each success as it happens.

Old Spice ‘Response’ Campaign Goes Viral

Here’s a face that is well known to many, the Old Spice Guy.  Old Spice started out with their “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign and took that campaign a step further with their ‘Response’ campaign.  Putting the two campaigns together created much success for the brand.  The ‘Response’ campaign included 180 personalized Youtube videos from fans questions and comments on Twitter and Facebook.

One Tuesday morning in July the Old Spice Guy, also known as Isaiah Mustafa, went to Twitter to hear questions made by fans of his videos.  One of the questions were, “If there was an epic battle between you and a rabid lion, who would come out looking better?”. Mustafa would find the most asked or most interesting questions and make his next video based on those questions.  Mustafa did this for one day only, gathering enough questions to later maker 180 videos to answer those questions.

Not only did Mustafa respond to fans, but also celebrity admirers.  After actress Alyssa Milano tweeted to Mustafa that she had a crush on the Old Spice Guy, he posted three videos dedicated just to her.  At the end of one of the videos it showed the Old Spice Guy writing a love note to her and sending a bouquet of flowers.  The result of this celebrity flirting on Twitter created a massive ‘Wow Effect” and caused the campaign to quickly go viral.

In another video Mustafa grants a request from a fan that goes by the user name of jsbeals to propose to his girlfriend.  As the Old Spice Guy, Mustafa pulls out a diamond ring, two candelabras and says  “Your love has blossomed from a seed into a fully grown love plant and now it’s time to fertilize that plant, will you make jsbeals the happiest man in the world and marry him in real life?”

Using Isaiah to play the Old Spice Guy caused many people to talk about the brand on a daily basis.  Instead of using his actual name, they refer to him as The Old Spice Guy, getting people to always say Old Spice.  The Old Spice brand stayed connected with fans through these videos by taking the time to respond to as many fans as they could.  It shows fans the dedication Old Spice has to make relationships with their customers.

So what would happen if the Old Spice Guy fought with a lion?  Well, he lets us all know that they would both come out looking amazing. Because the battle would end with him sitting a top of this lion in a saddle encrusted with giant, expensive jewels, and rock guitars playing perpetual solos.

Statistics From The Campaign

  • Received 5.9 million Youtube views the first day
  • On the second day of the campaign, 8 of Old Spice’s videos were named most popular out of 11 on the web
  • A week after the campaign launched, their Youtube videos received over 40 million views
  • Old Spice’s Twitter followers increased by 2700%
  • Facebook fan interaction went up 800%
  • Traffic to Oldspice.com increased by 300%
  • Branded as #1 most viewed branded Youtube channel of all time
  • Old Spice sales are up 107% making them the number one brand for men’s body wash

Anti-Irritation Campaign Gains Edge Shave Gel 1,500 Twitter Followers In 3 Months

Daily people are on Twitter tweeting about something during their day that has irritated them.  All those people probably think that their tweets are going unheard, but not with Edge Shave Gel around!

What is the worst thing that can happen in the morning? Waking up with no cereal.  That is what happened to fellow tweeter, David Berkowitz.  He was so irritated after finding out he was out of cereal that he went to Twitter to share his dismay.  Probably thinking his tweet would go unheard, Berkowitz was surprised to find Edge Shave Gel had sent him enough cereal to last for a very long time.

“I am still eating the cereal they sent to me, so the positive brand association continues,” says Berkowitz.

Since the Anti-Irritation campaign started in September 2010, Edge Shave Gel has shared their random acts of kindness with 234 tweeters giving out everything from iPads and computers to YouTube videos of dancing pandas, in an attempt to make someones day.  In only three months they had gained 1,500 Twitter followers.

The voice of Edge Shave Gel on Twitter is @EdgeShaveZone, a team of two who would seek, respond to, and relieve irritation for tweeters that used the #soirritating hashtag.  Katie Facada and Kevin DeStefan worked full time monitoring tweets of irritations in a room they call “the Zone”.  Focusing on the tweets was a full time commitment in order for the campaign to be effective.  They wanted to interact with tweeters in real time instead of having to wait for client approval.  To avoid being boring, Katie and Kevin kept their tweets honest, conversational and real.

During the campaign the team members came up with many interesting ideas to help people lower their irritations.  For instance, one lady tweeted that she is tired of her husband not putting in his hearing aids.  Well they could not send him hearing aids and there was no way make the husband turn on his aids, so they sent the wife a megaphone.  Another woman tweeted that she had voices in her head that were speaking Spanish.  Edge responded to that by sending here and English/Spanish dictionary.

Sometimes there were tweets that just could not be solved, but the team realized it’s not the prizes that count, it’s the thought.  “A lot of

To spread the word about the Anti-irritation campaign Edge went a unique route and asked the humor blog someecards to create cartoons to promote the campaign.

times we didn’t even have to give out prizes to solve irritations,” DeStefan says. “We had one computer programmer, she tweeted us saying that it was so irritating that she was having to program for old browsers. And obviously we really couldn’t do much about that irritation, so we sent her a video of a dancing panda, and that made her day.”

Before the #soirritating hashtag was created Edge set up a Hootsuite to find the most irritated tweeters and surprised them by offering them solutions.  As soon as people became more familiar with the campaign, the Edge team was able to start tweeting timely conversation topics like “What love songs are #soirritating?” for Valentine’s Day, or “What Halloween candy is #soirritating?”.

Designing the campaign on Twitter promoted the brand and also built on top of what Twitter followers have always been doing, complaining.  “We picked Twitter because we noticed that a truth about Twitter was that people were always talking about how irritated they were about things, and we have a product that matched that truth, which was anti-irritation, so that was a good place for us,” says Katie Facada. 


Radian6-Helping Customers Listen to the Web

Social media has emerged so much in the past years, that it has started to become one of the most important ways to run, promote, or track your business.  People use social networks everyday to talk with others about different businesses and companies, what they like about them, or what they don’t like.  It is important for you as a business owner to know what people are saying about your services.  Radian6 comes in great use when it comes to listening on the web.  They provide you with the tools you need to monitor your business and it’s success on the many social networks there are today.

The idea behind Radian6 was formed as a way for you to be able to listen to the social web and be able to communicate with your current, or potential customers.  Whether it is good or bad information, people are always talking about businesses saying what they think about the services they provide.  Radian6’s tools allow you to locate each conversation your business is mentioned in online.  With the help from this listening platform you have the ability to jump into the conversation with the people or you can just listen to see what is all being said about your business.  You can now engage with your online community, letting your customers know you are there to help with any questions or issues they may be having.  Customers of yours will enjoy the fact that you are there to help whenever they need it, this will also bring more customers your way, because people will be talking about how great your customer service is.  After finding where your online community is, Radian6 then gives you the tools to analyze, measure, and report your social efforts.  This way you can be sure to always remember to engage with your customers.

Each day, Radian6 pulls in every single post mentioning your business name from the various social networks.  The best part is each of these posts are in real-time, giving you the opportunity to talk with these people right after they post their comment.  Having the ability to see this information given to you, allows you to find out who your most influential clients are, and where they hang out online.  The reason this information is important to your business is because then you can work on stopping any negative talk being said about your business.  You then have the opportunity to switch negative talk around to where people are only talking about how great your services, and especially your customer service is.

Radian6’s Summary Dashboard is another convenient application that allows you to monitor all content on the web about your business in one organized place.  This application also sends you automatic updates in real-time that can easily be accessed and shared with other employees.  Newly featured as an easy and simple mobile application, you can now stay up-to-date with this new information while you are away from your desk.  Radian6 provides you with the best results by covering all aspects of the web.  Not only do they get information from all of the current social networks, but also from over 150 million blogs, over 420 video and image sharing sites, more than 25 thousand mainstream news sites, over 90 million tweets on Twitter, thousand of discussion boards, public spots on Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and millions of comments on social media posts.  Every single space on the web is covered so that you can get the results you want.

On top of everything else, Radian6 also provides you with analytics to view unique visitors who have been to your website.  The unique part about this is they are able to pin point the posts that are responsible for driving traffic to your website.  Once you have found which posts are responsible for doing this  you can put them in their own category.  By keeping these unique posts in a separate category, you can periodically check to see if one of these posts resolved in a new sale or a new newsletter sign up.  Also, you can set up a list of keywords for your business to track how many times those certain words are being used in search engines.  The keywords also allow you to see which words are performing best with your website.  If you see that some of the words you have chosen are not working very well, you can change the word and later do a comparison on which one generates the best results.  Layering statistics above social media content can help to excel messaging to better fit with your businesses focus.  Whether there is content that you wrote or not, these analytics help you to encourage people to view more of it.

Earlier this year in May, Radian6 was acquired by salesforce.com.  The merging of these two sites creates a bridge between public conversations and Chatter.  Together they provide you with everything you need to perform well in social media networks.

Starbucks Use of Social Media Keeps Customers Coming Back

Starbucks is no stranger when it comes to social media campaigns.  Many of their campaigns are initiated using Twitter, Facebook and their own website.  Starbucks wants to increase brand awareness as much as possible, and they work hard to do just that.

Starbucks is a very popular place for coffee lovers worldwide.  Thousands of people go to Starbucks everyday for a quick pick-me up or just for the many varieties of coffee they sell.  In May 2009, in an attempt to get Starbucks lovers involved, Starbucks launched an online/offline campaign.  They noticed that daily people are on Facebook or Twitter posting pictures and chatting with friends about what they have been doing during the day.  Taking that into consideration, Starbucks placed pictures in major cities of the US. They then challenged fans to be the first to post those pictures on Facebook and tweet about them.  They used common knowledge of what people do daily and turned it into a game. Starbucks was sure this campaign would be successful, knowing they have 1.5 million Facebook fans and 183,000 Twitter followers.

Included in this campaign Starbucks held a contest for employees to submit headlines for future ads and also made Youtube videos about coffee experts talking about the Starbucks brand.  On the Saturday before elections were held for that year Starbucks also came out with a commercial that appeared on Saturday Night Live announcing a coffee giveaway on Election Day.  As soon as that commercial was put up on Youtube, by Tuesday it was the fourth most viewed video on Youtube.  On Twitter, Starbucks name was being mentioned every eight seconds. 

Starbucks had an advantage over competitors with this campaign because people wanted to talk about it online with their friends.  They did not have to spend millions of dollars for advertising because the millions of fans they already have on Facebook and Twitter did all the advertising for them.   According to the New York Times, this campaign was the biggest marketing effort Starbucks had undertaken.

Not only does Starbucks want to be known as fun and creative, but they also care greatly about what their fans and customers think about their customer service, as well as the coffee they sell.  On their website, www.starbucks.com, they have a link to go to their “My Starbucks Idea” page.  This page allows any Starbucks fan to give an idea on what could make their business even better.  Some of these ideas include getting free drinks on your birthday, or buying ten cups of coffee and getting the eleventh one free.  Each idea that is submitted is reviewed, then if it is a great idea it is launched.  On the website viewers can comment on any idea that has been submitted to say what they think about it.  Also, each idea will have either a check mark by it (meaning the idea has been launched), a piece of paper by it (the idea is being reviewed), or a piece of paper with a check mark on it (the idea has already been reviewed).  This lets Starbucks lovers know the status of each idea.

My Starbucks Ideas is a place for coffee lovers to chat and brainstorm new ideas to help make Starbucks the best of all coffee businesses.  Starbucks really takes each idea into consideration showing customers that their requests aren’t going unheard.  They care about the customers and want to make customer experiences at  Starbucks the best there are.

Mountain Dews Innovative Campaign Quickly Goes Viral

Mountain Dew started something completely unique in 2010, Dewmocracy.  Dewmocracy is a campaign empowering users to chose between three new flavors they had come up with. At the end of voting, the new flavor was selected and became a permanent flavor in the Mountain Dew Family.

At the beginning of the campaign Mountain Dew started out with seven experimental new flavors. They then took applications from fans saying why they should be chosen to test out the new flavors.  50 applicants were selected. These applicants were sent test kits of the seven flavors in which they had to record their reactions to each of the flavors.

Mountain Dew Typhoon

Out of those seven flavors it was then narrowed down to the three most favored flavors, and each of the 50 applicants were then divided into three different groups, called the Flavor Nations.  Their next job was to go out to communities and promote their flavor.  The three flavors competing were Distortion, Typhoon and White Out.  The flavor voted best by the public was to become a permanent part of the Mountain Dew product line.

Flavor Nations were responsible for everything that went into promoting a new flavor.   They named it, designed it and even did all of

Mountain Dew Distortion

the marketing.  As soon as the three flavors were put out for consumption, the three teams fought aggressively for eight weeks to promote their flavor.  Each nation had their own Twitter and Facebook accounts to help spread the word, they even started on a cross country journey to encourage mountain dew fans to vote on their favorite flavor.

Mountain Dew put 100% of the power into the Flavor Nations to control the direction, marketing and branding of the respected flavors.  In the end, it turned out to be one of their best campaigns and gained plenty of attention.  Fans appreciated the fact that it was in their hands to choose what they wanted.  Towards the finale of the campaign, White Out was chosen as the new Mountain Dew flavor.  Whiteout was chosen for the people, by the people.

This campaign engaged users and reinvented the brand name Mountain Dew. People would frequently talk about which flavor they liked best, post it on their favorite social media network, and even blog about it. In turn, this helped Mountain Dew’s Dewmocracy campaign become viral, and a social media hit.



Dewmocracy Campaign Statistics

Social Media:
726,803: Mountain Dew Facebook fans
2,858: DEW Labs Facebook fans
2,957: Channel views on DEW Lab’s YouTube channel
19,010: Mountain Dew Twitter followers

582: Followers of “Distortion,” winner of Twitter race for Flavor 231
1,014: Followers of “White Out,” winner of Twitter race for Flavor 493
398: Followers of “Typhoon,” winner of Twitter race for Flavor 509

Based on consumer votes

White Out- 44%

Typhoon- 40%

Distortion- 16%