Hubspot- Giving Small Businesses the Right Modern Day Marketing Tools

In the past couple of years the use of the internet has continued to change the way people do business.  Instead of people going out to shop, they do most of it straight from their computer at home.  Business are needing to become more innovative on how to advertise their products.  Hubspot recognized potential in improving social media marketing tools and has since helped small businesses learn modern day tools to promoting their business.  They noticed the way small businesses do marketing just was not working, same went for the traditional marketing ways.  Society was changing and so was the way marketing was being perceived.

About ten years ago if your company was interested in buying a new product or service there were a few more steps than there are today that you would have to take.  It would begin with going to trade shows, attending seminars, and reading journals about the desired products.  Your company would then learn more about that product from various different vendors.  Today that process is made much easier.  All you have to do is search for keywords on Google, then look through different vendor sites and find the one that suits your company the best.  Once that has been achieved you subscribe to blogs and forums to have discussions about the product of interest.  By the time you get the chance to talk directly with the vendor, you will already know just about as much as the salespeople do, making this process much quicker.  The results of this new way to shop has made the internet a more efficient marketing place.

The goal of Hubspot has been to help small businesses get found online and to give them advice on how to change prospects into customers.  Many small business websites have low traffic, are not visible by search engines, rarely get updated, and do not encourage revisits to the site.  Hubspot has made it their number one priority to change that.  They want to change those small businesses into top selling machines, giving them the right leads by turning them into more qualified opportunities.

When Hubspot first started as a company, they found it to be  pretty complicated to transform a company’s marketing methods.  They needed Search Engine Optimizations, blogs, social media tools, marketing automation, analytic tools, and landing pages.  The goal was to help the small businesses change their methods of marketing to match the way the market place works today.

The tools Hubspot offers to their customers are very helpful to the small business owners trying to market their businesses online.  “It turns out Hubspot really works because our customers get more leads at a lower cost and they get more customers at a lower cost than they ever could with outbound marketing and very traditional methods Brian Halligan, CEO and Founder.  It is time for businesses to really start engaging their customers through the web.  Because of  how quick social media has emerged into society, businesses need to realize the importance of it and how using social networks can really help their business succeed.


Klark Agency

At Klark Agency, Scott Klarkowski is a social media manager, strategist, and consultant.  He started Klark Agency as a way to help his clients accomplish their most ambitious marketing goals.  The goal of Klark Agency is to ensure that companies know exactly what they are doing to run successful campaigns and then giving them the help to create the best strategy for each campaign.

Klark Agency works mostly with non-profit and small businesses.  Scott has found that seven out of ten people he helps know the value of having social media in their businesses, but they need a little extra help to really understand it.  To help them run successful campaigns, the first step is to find out where the companies head is at, what the company does, and the best way to branch out new products.  Once all those are established, social media is then wrapped around what it is the company does.

“I have over 20 years of diverse business experience, I really love social media and  it is crucial to many businesses.”-Scott

Depending on the type of company that reaches out to Klark Agency, will depend on how each campaign will be handled.  A common factor in each company’s campaign is third party content.  Klark Agency produces this content for clients in order to generate traffic to their websites or Facebook fan pages. One of the unique factors of Klark Agency is how they incorporate photography into the campaigns from Scott’s own photography business.  Using photography keeps each campaign interesting and unique in their own way.   Recently a small local art center reached out to Klark Agency to gain help with their own social media efforts.  The art center is about to introduce summer classes and needed a little extra help promoting them in a way that would get people interested in going.  As an effort to help, Klark Agency is producing the third party content explaining how art classes are great for families under financial stress.  Producing this type of content for companies has noticeably helped their strategies move more smoothly.

When Scott is working on a campaign, he finds that the company employees he is working with really do not know what their brand is, so he helps to guide them.  “I find that the market right now is flooded with social media people and i feel like a lot of people don’t represent very well. We don’t have a great reputation,” Scott mentioned, “We are really valuable.”  When Scott is working on a campaign for a certain company, his goals depend on the type of company he is working with.  Usually he works with them to gain new clients, grow their database, grow in sales, and increase market share.  The campaigns he runs are usually for local companies in his area.  In a recent interview, Scott was proud to say that he has been very successful with helping businesses in social media, and he has not failed any task he has been given.

So far one of the most successful campaigns run by Klark Agency was for the local art center.  The art center was trying to get more people to come into their store so they came up with a campaign that would get more people coming in.  They advertised a certain day for customers to come in and once people started coming into the store they would have to introduce themselves then sign into Facebook or Foursquare and like the art center’s fan page.  After signing into either of the two social networks they would then receive a gift certificate from the art center for five or ten percent off of their first purchases.  Three hundred people showed up for that campaign.  From May to today that art center has received 700 ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

“The campaign was an overwhelming success.  For such a simple campaign, the hardest thing to do is get people to like you.”

Parallel to working with small and non-profit businesses, Scott Klarkowski has been working with musicians in a band called Anonymous to promote themselves through social networks.  For each show that the band plays they do Youtube promotions.  During a recent concert they ran a contest for the audience.  Whoever posted a video of the band’s show on Youtube would receive tickets to the next show, an autographed picture or a signed CD.  Their first concert was played in Iowa City for 500 people.  Out of those 500 people, fifteen of them entered the YouTube contest.  The videos that were recorded for that show were also put up on Facebook pages for friends to see.  The band’s strategy for this campaign is to play six times in one year at the same place.  Including a contest in the strategy makes it more fun for the audience to come and they are eager to see how this will affect their fan base and iTunes sales.

Many believe that using social networks is the best way to get promoted.  Big companies do not realize how powerful social networking can be, and instead they spend great amounts of money to advertise their products.  The strategies created by Klark Agency have been proven to help many small and non-profit businesses gain attention.  Scott is dedicated to his work and works his hardest to help businesses with their social media efforts.