“#ilikeprivacy” Twitter Contest Catches Internet Users’ Attention

Nowadays it can be hard to keep your online information private.  There are so many places that are able to access all of your information while you are using the internet.  Private Wifi is a startup company that is making it their goal to make sure people understand the importance of keeping your information safe.  To promote the importance of online safety they ran an #ilikeprivacy Twitter Contest from July 12 to July 22.  Users were able to go to Private Wifi’s Twitter page and tweet about any concerns they have about online privacy and security using the hashtag #ilikeprivacy.  After doing so they were automatically entered into the contest with a chance to win an American Express gift card.

The purpose of this campaign was to try and get all people to participate in order to share with as many people as possible about how important it is to make sure your information is kept private.  Online privacy has become an issue that is relevant to all internet users.  They found Twitter to be the best place to promote security due to their followers ranging from privacy advocates, security experts, technology influencers and the average consumers and internet users.  Private Wifi continuously encourages followers to engage with their contest, and it resulted in many contest entries.

1ST, 2ND, and 3RD Place Winners

  • @IveBeenMugged, he voiced his privacy concern, “Banks selling consumers’ debit card shopping habits to 3rd parties. Broken trust & don’t know where data goes.”
  • @AngelMom037 she tweeted, “I worry about buying online as my debit card # was stolen last year and used to purchase things overseas.”
  • @katmagick “I really worry about public WiFi connections and how secure or unsecure, they really are.”

This campaign helped Private Wifi spread the knowledge that public wireless users are not safe on public networks with out the use of their products to keep them safe.  They reached their goal of raising awareness around these privacy issues and security concerns.

‘Hide Your Face’ Contest on Facebook

During the entire month of October, Private WiFi is running a ‘Hide Your Face’ contest through Facebook as their way of promoting National Cyber Security Month.  Private WiFi wants online users to be aware of what can happen when you show your identity online.  Nowadays the internet can be accessed from just about anywhere such as coffee shops, airports, and hotels.  Learning how to keep your identity safe while online is important to learn.

This new Facebook contest galvanizes users to go to the Private WiFi Facebook page to upload a picture of them where their face is hidden to support keeping identities safe online.  So far Facebook users have been very creative with their pictures, some of them post pictures wearing masks to hide their faces, while others are using everyday objects like a coffee cup or a notebook to cover their faces.  When a user posts a picture of themselves, they must remember to tag Private WiFi so that the picture will show up on the company’s Facebook wall.

Each week during the ‘Hide Your Face’ Contest, Private WiFi will randomly choose from the winning photos and that photo chosen will be posted on their Facebook wall for everyone to see.  The winner will also receive a free yearly subscription for their products.  At the end of the campaign they will combine all of the photos together in a photo album.  The purpose of this contest is to educate users on how to protect themselves from online security risks but they are doing it in a way that is fun and interesting for the users.  Once the contest comes to an end, they will choose a grand prize winner who will receive an iPad 2.

It is interesting to see how creative Facebook users are being with this contest.  There are many unique and well thought out pictures already posted that anyone would have a tough time choosing a winner.  Private WiFi first started their Facebook page earlier this year and so far have close to 500 likes.  Running such an innovative contest on Facebook really has caught many users attention.