Radian6-Helping Customers Listen to the Web

Social media has emerged so much in the past years, that it has started to become one of the most important ways to run, promote, or track your business.  People use social networks everyday to talk with others about different businesses and companies, what they like about them, or what they don’t like.  It is important for you as a business owner to know what people are saying about your services.  Radian6 comes in great use when it comes to listening on the web.  They provide you with the tools you need to monitor your business and it’s success on the many social networks there are today.

The idea behind Radian6 was formed as a way for you to be able to listen to the social web and be able to communicate with your current, or potential customers.  Whether it is good or bad information, people are always talking about businesses saying what they think about the services they provide.  Radian6’s tools allow you to locate each conversation your business is mentioned in online.  With the help from this listening platform you have the ability to jump into the conversation with the people or you can just listen to see what is all being said about your business.  You can now engage with your online community, letting your customers know you are there to help with any questions or issues they may be having.  Customers of yours will enjoy the fact that you are there to help whenever they need it, this will also bring more customers your way, because people will be talking about how great your customer service is.  After finding where your online community is, Radian6 then gives you the tools to analyze, measure, and report your social efforts.  This way you can be sure to always remember to engage with your customers.

Each day, Radian6 pulls in every single post mentioning your business name from the various social networks.  The best part is each of these posts are in real-time, giving you the opportunity to talk with these people right after they post their comment.  Having the ability to see this information given to you, allows you to find out who your most influential clients are, and where they hang out online.  The reason this information is important to your business is because then you can work on stopping any negative talk being said about your business.  You then have the opportunity to switch negative talk around to where people are only talking about how great your services, and especially your customer service is.

Radian6’s Summary Dashboard is another convenient application that allows you to monitor all content on the web about your business in one organized place.  This application also sends you automatic updates in real-time that can easily be accessed and shared with other employees.  Newly featured as an easy and simple mobile application, you can now stay up-to-date with this new information while you are away from your desk.  Radian6 provides you with the best results by covering all aspects of the web.  Not only do they get information from all of the current social networks, but also from over 150 million blogs, over 420 video and image sharing sites, more than 25 thousand mainstream news sites, over 90 million tweets on Twitter, thousand of discussion boards, public spots on Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and millions of comments on social media posts.  Every single space on the web is covered so that you can get the results you want.

On top of everything else, Radian6 also provides you with analytics to view unique visitors who have been to your website.  The unique part about this is they are able to pin point the posts that are responsible for driving traffic to your website.  Once you have found which posts are responsible for doing this  you can put them in their own category.  By keeping these unique posts in a separate category, you can periodically check to see if one of these posts resolved in a new sale or a new newsletter sign up.  Also, you can set up a list of keywords for your business to track how many times those certain words are being used in search engines.  The keywords also allow you to see which words are performing best with your website.  If you see that some of the words you have chosen are not working very well, you can change the word and later do a comparison on which one generates the best results.  Layering statistics above social media content can help to excel messaging to better fit with your businesses focus.  Whether there is content that you wrote or not, these analytics help you to encourage people to view more of it.

Earlier this year in May, Radian6 was acquired by salesforce.com.  The merging of these two sites creates a bridge between public conversations and Chatter.  Together they provide you with everything you need to perform well in social media networks.

Salesforce-The Easiest Way to Manage Sales

Salesforce.com was formed to be a company that specializes in software as a service.  They supply the right fundamentals to help you easily manage your sales.  Offered in over 16 languages, salesforce.com has become one of the easiest ways to manage sales with the most effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Starting with the first phone call, to sending e-mails then engaging with colleagues, Salesforce tools are  able to track every step for you that is involved in making a sale.  Salesforce’s CRM solution is broken down into several different categories to make making a sale much simpler.  The different categories are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud (including Jigsaw), Collaboration Cloud (including Chatter) and Custom Cloud (including Force.com).

The Sales Cloud is an application that can be accessed using any device with internet.  Included in Sales Cloud is a real-time shared tool called Chatter.  This tool provides you with all of your customers’ account history and their entire profile.  Chatter allows you and your company to watch marketing campaign spending through many different channels using only one device.  While using Chatter you are also able to form groups and post messages on each group member’s profile to work together on projects  The application also tracks related information including customer communication, decision making, and anything else that is related to the sale’s process. Scheduled e-mail reminders can also be set to make sure everyone on the team always has the updated information on where you are at with the sale.  By using the Jigsaw business data you have the ability  to access over 20 million current business contacts from within the Salesforce CRM.

The Service Cloud allows you to deliver faster and more cost-effective service.  Customers across every channel want faster responses from the social web.  With the Sales Cloud customers experience a 37% increase in service and support productivity, 28% increase in customer satisfaction, and a 25% decrease in service and support costs.

“The Service Cloud gives us a quicker view of our customers so we can be sure we’re delivering the best service.”-Comcast Spectator

Developers use Force.com to build multiple customer applications put up on their servers as a service.  Force.com is a cloud computing platform used as a service.  This service has over 1,000 customer accounts extending out to over ten thousand people that use Force.com collaboratively with Salesforce.com.

The tools given to you by Salesforce will help you to generate more traffic, leads and increase sales.  Their process makes each step of making a sale much quicker and allows you to serve your customers with quicker and better responses.  The more customers of yours see how quick you can be at responding to them, the more customers you will gain because of your great services.