Friend of Cleopatra Program Generates Online Buzz for Cleopatra’s Choice

As a brand new way to reward returning customers for their loyalty, Cleopatra’s Choice started a new Referral and Loyalty Program.  This program is to show their customers how grateful they are that they not only stay loyal to their business, but also that they tell many of their friends and family members about the products they sell.  Cleopatra’s Choice wanted to find a way to reward those customers who referred their products, and now they have the perfect way to do just that.

“We always knew that we had a certain group of customers that were very loyal to us and would come back to order over and over again. These same people would also rave to their friends about us generating word of mouth referrals. We always wanted to somehow reward this special group of clients and now we have the way to do it,” said Alex Keyan, CEO at Cleopatra’s Choice.

At Cleopatra’s Choice there are two things that they have always known.  One, many of their customers often come back to reorder their products.  Two, their customers often refer them to their friends and family because they are happy with their experiences.  They wanted to extend their thank you to those customers which is now possible with their new program.  The referral and loyalty program is called the Friends of Cleopatra Program.  Whenever you sign up for this new program you automatically begin earning store credit that goes towards any of your future purchases.  Every one dollar that is spent during your purchases will earn you 20 in-store Cleopatra points, and for every friend that is referred by you that spends a minimum of $19 will earn you $10 in-store credit to be added to your account.  In order for Cleopatra’s Choice to know which friends were referred by you, you will receive a special link to post on Facebook, Twitter, or to send in e-mails.  Each time the referred clicks on that link and makes a purchase, the $10 in-store credit automatically goes to your account.  For every one thousand Cleopatra points you earn, you will be given two dollars of in-store credit.  At any time you will be able to log into your Cleopatra’s Choice account to view how many points you have earned.  Also, whenever you have enough points to earn in-store credit, you can convert those points at any given time to use during your next purchase.

Integrating a loyalty and referral program is a great idea because it gives customers a little push to continue buying products.  I like how Cleopatra’s Choice made it so easy for their customers to sign up for the program.  It takes little effort and not much time at all.  The fact that they are rewarding their customers not only for being loyal, but also for sharing with their friends shows how dedicated Cleopatra’s Choice is to customer service.  What I have also noticed is how lucrative their rewards for being a customer are.  The longer you are a customer, the more you buy, or the more friends you refer allow you to receive more bigger and better prizes.

Cleopatra’s Choice knows the importance of customer service and showing customers how much they appreciate their loyalty.  They understand the fact that it does not only take great products to keep customers coming back, but also great customer service.  The new Referral and Loyalty Program is their way of letting customers know how much they really do care.  Their customers also appreciate the fact that their loyalty is being noticed.

Foursquare-A Location Based Social Network

Foursquare is new type of social network that allows users to find where their friends like to hang out at.  This location based network is accessed through any mobile device with a GPS system and is a fun way to share tips with friends about what to do at places you have visited.  Using your phone you can ‘check-in’ at the various places you visit and Foursquare rewards you with badges, mayorships and points.

Foursquare is a fun way to chat and interact with friends.  It is easily accessed by downloading a Foursquare app to you mobile device, or creating an account through Foursquare’s website.  In order to eligible for mayorships, it is required to upload a profile picture for your account.  When you are rewarded a mayorships, that means that you have checked into a certain place more than any of your friends have in the past 60 days.  By becoming the mayor of a business you will be recognized by others on that business’s Foursquare profile page.  There are some businesses, like Starbucks, that reward their mayors with discounts or freebies.  Companies also use Foursquare as a digital loyalty card to track users who visit their stores.  Even if you are not the mayor, if you have visited the store ten times, then some companies with offer you discounts for being a regular, loyal customer.

To check into a place you simply just open the mobile app from your phone and Foursquare will use the GPS to show you stores near your location that you can check-in to.  If the place that you are looking for is not on the list of stores, you can easily add it to the list directly from your phone.  While using Foursquare you can also link it to your Facebook and Twitter to easily find friends to connect with.  Once you have checked into a place, you have the option of sharing your location with your Foursquare friends and also include it on your Facebook and Twitter profiles.  Whenever you check- in to a place and do not want to share it with friends, Foursquare will show your location as “off the grid” so that friends will not know your exact location.

What has said to be one of Foursquare’s best features is users ability to leave tips on a store’s venue.  People can leave tips for restaurants about the best dish to order, or what is something that people should not order.  People also leave tips about things to do at a certain place, or how they can get discounts, and even where clean bathrooms are.  Users have the ability to give whatever advice they want about the place they are checked in to.  Once someone checks into a place, a pop-up will appear with a past tip from another person who had recently visited the same place you are at.  When you leave a tip for others to read, it can be done directly from you phone.  If you receive a tip, you have the option to save it, or close out of it.  Also if you decide to try the advice that others are giving, you can click a button that says “I have already done this” or you can add a tip to your to do list that will show up the next time you visit that place.

The points that are given to you each time you check into a place are a fun way to compare yourself to the other 1.5 million Foursquare users to see where you stand against them.  The more times you check-in to one place, the more points you will be awarded for being there.  These points do not stand for anything other than having fun and seeing other Foursquare user’s information.  Badges are rewards that are earned when checking in to a place multiple times, or certain places that are sponsored by a company.  For example, if you follow the History Channel on your phone and check-in to three of their recommended places, you will receive the Historian badge, or if you check-in to twenty five different stores, you will receive the explorer badge.  Like the points, the badges are just a fun way to interact with friends and show off how many badges you have obtained.

To learn more about the features of Foursquare and what all it has to offer, check out this video from the Foursquare website.