Mingle Media TV: Sharing News Across Social Networks

Women all over the web enjoy scripted, unscripted, live and produced lifestyle entertainment year round, seven days a week provided by Mingle Media TV.  As an online media and interactive web TV network, this series of broadcasts is promoted through Twitter, blogs, Facebook, and many other very popular social networks.  Mingle Media TV also airs live on iPhones, Blackberrys, and Android platforms and can be viewed through over fifteen syndication sites.

Online viewers of Mingle Media TV reach up to 25,000 daily views of people watching video coverage, web series, and live broadcasts.  Currently in the top 20,000 websites in the U.S.,  Mingle Media TV’s live web shows feature lifestyle experts and social media advice from celebrities, authors, and bloggers.  Recently, Mingle Media TV has expanded its web series with independently produced shows including science fiction, teen soaps, drama and action.  They have also covered red carpet events, charity events and behind the scenes footage.  In the past they have been lucky enough to feature the Oscars and Golden Globe events.  They cover everything from lifestyles, major events, comedy, the outdoors and families.  The goal is to give people all around the web all of the unseen news and stories that go on at big events.

During all live shows, viewers get the chance to chat with the host and other viewers online or from their mobile devices.  Once the live shows are over they are then posted to all of the social media video sites like YouTube.  If fans miss the live show, they still have the chance to watch it another day on a different website.  Mingle Media TV also has a blog that talks about events that they attend.  On their blog is another place where they share footage using Youtube videos.

Mingle Media TV stays active on Twitter, Facebook and many other social networks making sure fans get the most out of their web series.  On their website they have a link to click that lets you choose which topic you would like to watch.  You can choose from fashion, red carpet events, finance, food, travel, music, and many, many more.  Their website is a great place for viewers to stay up to date with all of the latest news and to chat with one another about all that is going on.


Petit Elefant- Family, Fashion, Travel, and Home Life

Petit Elefant, a blog started for women around the web, is based on family lifestyles and is broken down into four different categories: Family, Home, Style, and Travel.  Allison Czarnecki, founder and editor, takes her life experiences as a mom and blogs about them so other moms can relate. Because of her love of fashion, she also blogs about new styles and other ways to help women look and become healthier.

Each post on Petit Elefant is about Allison’s life as a mom, wife, and for her love of fashion.  Her family enjoys to travel often so she includes the struggles and enjoyment of traveling with children.  She gives advice on which hotels are the best to stay at when traveling with your families, and mentions to make sure to always have wet wipes.  She communicates with her readers and sometimes even they give her advice.  On a recent trip to Europe for a month, readers gave her advice on how to pack lightly.  Many said to roll your clothes as you are packing them, and it works!  When Allison got back from her trip she posted about how easy it was to pack lightly for a month trip.  By rolling her clothes and her children’s clothes, they were able to have a nice, enjoyable trip without having to worry about a bunch of luggage.  For the plane ride, each of her kids had their own backpacks equipped with everything they needed for the 25 hours of flight time.  She also mentioned that it was a blessing when she found out each of her kids would have their own TV to watch Nickelodeon on.

While Allison and her family were in Europe, she wanted to go to this big talked about flee market.  She wrote that in Utah, where she lives, there are really not any flee markets, just thrift stores.  So she convinced her husband Viktor to let them go for a day.  When they arrived they were shocked by all the gypsies and accordion playing Russians.  As they walked around there was so much to look at, but they were worried that some things they wanted would not be a good idea to take through customs on the way back home.  In the end, they walked away with only dominoes and a stop watch.  In this post, Allison explains all the difficulties they had while they were at the flee market.  What she talks about is solely based on real life experiences that could happen to any one of her readers.

When Allison talks about her family you can tell how greatly she cares about each one of them.  One of her most recent posts is about her children starting school this week.  Her daughter, who is 10, has already been in school a few years but her son, 5, is just starting first grade.  He is ready to start going to school with all the big kids, but Allison talks about how hard it still is to watch them grow up.  Also, Allison talks about how it is important to give your kids opportunities to always try new things. The stories she share all relate to mothers all over the world.  Her blog is a place for them all to talk to each other about the joys and hardships of life and motherhood.

In Allison’s style section she has been doing a weekly “What’s in your Purse Series.”  She has asked her readers to take pictures of what’s inside their purses, and also what the outside of the purse looks like.  When it comes to a mother’s purse, there usually seems to be similar contents in each.  This series has been such a big hit with readers that this week is week 60 of the series.  She is also a big fan of European fashion and gives readers advice on what is in or out in fashion.  Everything that is fashion, she loves to talk about.  In one of her post she explains how to create homemade deep hair conditioning, in another she shows readers what she wore for the day.  Readers love the advice she gives, one reader left a comment saying “Can you please just come to my house and outfit me each day? That would make me happy. Thanks.”

Whether it is traveling, home life, or fashion, Allison shares everything she knows.  Daily she is active on Twitter and Facebook, giving advice to other mothers on the web.  With more than six thousand Twitter followers and one thousand likes on the Petit Elefant Facebook page she reaches out to many and builds relationships with the women who contact her through these networks.