NWF’s Greenhour.org Site Doubles Page Views In Eight Months

Kids these days do not spend nearly enough time outside, it has been said that they only spend 50 minutes a week engaging in activities outdoors.  That is why the National Wildlife Federation created greenhour.org.  This new website of theirs encourages parents to give their kids at least an hour outside everyday, calling it Green Hour.  Their goal is to provide parents with the right tools and give them inspiration to add outdoor time into their daily life.

Children who play outdoors once a day are known to be more creative, have lower stress levels, develop stronger immune systems, and become fitter and leaner.  Nowadays most kids absorb most of their time sitting in front of a computer or television and are not getting the experiences of nature they need.  Not only is NWF reaching out to parents to give their children more outdoor time, but also to schools to see how they can increase outdoor time for their students.  Outdoor time during school hours have been proven to higher test scores.

When NWF started this new website they reached out to every possible social network that they could.  The staff first reached out to ‘mommy bloggers’ by posting comments on their blogs.  Reaching out to ‘mommy bloggers’ created  relationships with them as they are very influential in the social media world.  The next step they took was using a social bookmarking site, stumbleupon.com, to ‘thumb up’ the website pages in order to increase their search engine ranking by adding many inbound links.  The team also stayed very active on Twitter, promoting the new website.  Twitter also allowed them to engage with the people they were targeting, directly letting them know how important it is to spend time outside each and every day.  The final step they took to promote Green Hour was uploading the site’s content onto Kirsty.com, which is a mom oriented website.

With all of their social media efforts made, within eight months of greenhour.org going live, the National Wildlife Federation doubled their page views from 8,000 to 16,000.  In that time their e-mail list also doubled going from 2,500 e-mails to 5,000.  On top of those two jump in numbers, they also gained representation from ‘mommy bloggers’ all over the country.  The success from this non-profit organization is beginning to become know all around making parents aware of how important it is to spend time outside.


Bookieboo/Mamavation-Giving Women Strength All Across the Web

Leah Segedie is an inspiration to moms on the internet all over the world.  After struggling with weight problems throughout most of her life and having two children she became an internet icon to women after losing 170 pounds.  She has become the social media fitness trainer for moms just like herself using her online communities Mamavation and Bookieboo.

Everyday online, Leah is mentoring thousands of women who have suffered from weight issues.  On her blog, Bookieboo, she gives tips to women all over the world on how to lose weight.  Her goal is to help them through their journeys into living healthier lives.  Bookieboo, her very popular blog,  is a fitness community inspired by Leah’s real life accomplishments.


Bookieboo has been noticed by Woman’s Day, The Acorn, Yahoo’s front page, and Ladies Home Journal.  The blog was recognized as “Favorite Weight Loss Blog” in Fitness Magazine and Leah was named “Mom of the Year” by Shape Magazine.   This blog gives women the right social media tools to learn how to start living healthier lives.  On the website www.bookieboo.com there are different groups in which moms can join depending on what it is they are trying to do to become healthier.  There is a Weight Watchers Group, Organic Moms Group, Walking Moms Group, and Real Food Mama Group.  In each of these groups Leah interacts with the members asking and answering questions.  She builds relationships with the women she is helping to give them support through their own struggles.Vegetables

Bookieboo is a community of women who can chat with one another, sharing recipes, workouts, and different ideas to living the healthier lives they all want.  They all stick together to get through their hardships with Leah as their leader.  The woman know that they can get through anything as long as they have some moral support.


Mamavation is an online weight loss support group for moms in social media, a campaign and Virtual Sorority all in one.  For the campaign there are two women called Mamavation Moms.  They endure in a seven week online journey that is displayed on the internet for other women to watch.  The moms share the struggles they go through while learning how to live healthy lives as mothers.  The goal of this campaign is to inspire others while showing that any challenge can be overcome, also, to save families from obesity by passing the values of what they learned on down through families.

To help these moms through their journeys they are provided with free professional support the entire way.  A customized nutritional plan is given to them to get started, along with a fitness program and weekly coaching.  Along the way, these moms receive free fitness equipment, weekly Chefs Requested meals, a gruve, and a Top Trainers DVD set.  All of this is made possible for these moms because of the help and support Leah gives them.

There are four of these campaigns a year, and each mom who applies must be overweight on the BMI scale and have an active Twitter account and blog.  The women are then chosen by @bookieboo (Leah’s Twitter name) and voted on publicly by other Twitter followers.  When announcing the winners, Leah throws an online Twitter party to launch the new campaign.

The Virtual Sorority, Mamavation Sistahood, is the first sorority ever created through social media.  The sorority was made as a place for women to create relationships with other women like themselves to support one another on the hardships that come with healthy living.  This is a place for the women to feel accepted for how far they have come in their personal adventures.  They interact through Twitter offering support using the hashtag #mamavation and create weekly posts.  On Monday nights, all the women get together for an online live chat show, Mamavation TV.  New women join all the time and just like a sorority, pledging takes place every Monday.

TreadmillLeah Segedie worked hard to become fit and healthy, now she wants to support everyone out there trying to do the same as she has done.  She knows how tough it can be to get through challenges, and that it is important to have support behind you every step of the way.  Taking small steps is the best way to go and to never overwhelm yourself.