Google+ VS. Facebook-Which One Will Come Out on Top?

The on going battle between the two social networks Google+ and Facebook heated up last Tuesday when Google+ became public to the people.  During the time Google+ was announcing new changes they have made to their network, along with going public, Facebook was undergoing changes of their own.  Back to back announcements were being made between the two rivals all day Tuesday.

Many Facebook users are upset with the changes Facebook has been making.  Recently Facebook has made changes to their news feed highlighting posts that are more important than others.  Users have not been responding to this new feature in a good way and have even made suggestions to make Facebook the way it used to be before all of the new features.

“This morning I spent several minutes unmarking stories as “Top Stories” just so I get my news feed back into some sort of chronological order,” a comment from a Facebook user.

As Facebook is getting negative responses to their changes, Google+ is being applauded for the many new features they have come out with.  They have updated their Hangout feature to where it can now be used for broadcasting on any smart phone with a camera.  This feature allows nine users to connect and video chat together all at once.  Later they announced that this feature will soon be available for all Apple users.  The makers of Google+  believe that Hangouts should keep pace with how people socialize in the real world, so launching this feature on mobile devices allows people to always have it with them.

The competition between these two networks has started to become so out of control, that it is like Facebook is scrambling to stay ahead in the game.  When changes are made to Facebook there are no announcements about it, or messages to let users know about the new features.  Users feel like Facebook just keeps digging a deeper hole in each attempt they make to stay the world’s #1 most used social network service.  People like the way Facebook use to be, it was simple, easy, and enjoyable to chat with friends.  Now there are so many changes, each time someone logs into their account it looks completely different and is continuously becoming harder to understand.

When Google+ was just starting out and could only be accessed by an invitation only, Swedish technology entrepreneur Anton Perlkvist wrote that “Google+ is like a house party without alcohol where everybody is just standing around waiting.  Now that things are starting to happen, Google+ has improved dramatically.  The makers of Google+ were waiting for the perfect time to launch their network to the public.  It was important to them to make sure everything was perfect and ready to go before letting too many people join.  One advantage they have over Facebook is that Google+ encourages their users to gain more followers.

There are still some people out in the world that are not too sure about either of these two social networks.  A comment from a user noted that the two networks are so concerned about upgrading and adding features that they are not taking the time to worry about user privacy.  This being the real issue when using any social network.  More and more these days user’s information is being sold to companies for either good or bad reasons.  As this issue is brought up to Facebook or Google+ it very well could take a toll on either network.  Users provide their information to share with friends and family, not for it to be distributed throughout various different companies.  If this becomes a major issue for users, then both Facebook and Google+ are going to have to work harder in this area.

Google+ is starting to rise to the top with all of their efforts to become one of the best social networks.  During one of their announcements they did not give out the number of users they have so far, but analysis say there are over 25 million users on Google+, and this was before they went public on Tuesday.  They still have a ways to go before catching up with Facebook’s count of 750 million users, but with all the changes that have been occurring, this may be sooner than we all think.  Will Facebook fans stay true, or will they all wonder away to what is becoming known as “a worldwide…interesting party?”– Anton Perlkvist.

Google+- Thriving to be the Best Social Network

Google is a well known search engine tool to millions of people on the web.  In an effort to form a social network, Google formed Google+.  Google+ is basically a set of services that people already use, but their idea is to make them better.

Google+ Features

Google Circles– groups of people that can be put into categories like friends, family, company, ect.  With each group you are able to drag and drop contacts into the circles.  This allows you to share the information you want each group to know.   Before starting this project Google wanted to find out the common denominator of what it is that people do.  What they found out is people selectively choose what they want to say to people.  This is where the Google Circles come in.  If there is something that you would like all your friends to know and not anyone from your company, or even your parents then you can focus on the conversation in your friends circle.

Sparks– help you find interesting information based on your interests.  Sparks automatically provide you with articles, links, videos, and photos of your related interests.  These were created as a way to share like interests with your online friends.  In over 40 languages Google provides users with content that are based on what they are interested in.  They are used as a way to spark conversations with friends who have the same interests.  Google makes it easy to find articles of interest by sending them automatically to the user, instead of the user having to research around to find what they like.  Users are able to share these sparks with anyone of their circles.

Hangouts-Virtual rooms that allow you to video chat with people in your Google Circles.  Video chat is popular with people all around the world.  It s an easy way to communicate with someone with out having to go over to their place to talk to them.  Google+ created hangouts so people can do just that.  The best part is they can talk to multiple people all at once making it a hangout for all of their friends.

Huddles– An app that allows you to message everyone in a circle.  People these days are always so busy that it can be hard to make time for friends or family.  That is also why Google+ huddles were formed.  In huddles people can have group conversations with everyone in their circle to let them know what is going on right that minute.  Now available as an app on Android phones, you can stay in touch with your circle at all times.

Instant Upload– Once you take a snap shot on your Android phone, that picture is automatically uploaded to your Google+ profile.   Almost everyone in the world has their phones with them, it is an easy way to stay connected with friends.  With Google+ instant uploading you are able to add the location of your pictures then it is automatically uploaded to your profile.  Adding the location shows friends where you are at so that they can come join you if wanted.  This feature was added because Google understands how annoying it can be to have to download all your pictures at once onto your computer.  By having it instantly loaded makes this hassle go away.  Although before the picture is uploaded, Google+ asks for permission to upload the picture.

Google Circles- One of the features of Google+. You just drag and drop contacts into the circle you want them in.

Google+ has partnered with Android and now you can have it with you all the time by downloading the app from your Android phone.  Like on Twitter, it provides you with updates from all of your friends.  As of right now Google+ can only be accessed by asking for an invitation.  Once you get an invite then all of the features will be available to you.  To access your account, you will see on top of the Google page a +You.  That is where you click to start chatting with friends and family.  Google+ is still under maintenance and may have a few kinks in it, but that is why they need you.  Google wants to get this project perfect and will work hard to make it the best social network out there.