Facebook Sweepstakes and Twitter Contests Create Brand Awarness

As a way to get generate  more traffic to their website, Food Republic has been very busy running different sweepstakes from their Facebook page and different contests through Twitter.   For these social media marketing efforts they target their site readers and men 25-35+ who don’t consider themselves as foodies but are interested in food as a way to compliment their other lifestyle interests.

Each of their efforts in social media are targeted towards driving more likes and followers while also engaging deeper with their fans on what they are doing editorially.  In past Facebook sweepstakes they have given away items that they have covered in their weekly editorials.  For their Twitter contests they have raffled off tickets to events that they host.

In a recent sweepstakes campaign of theirs they resulted in gaining 1000+ new Facebook likes including more engaged followers on Twitter.  The results from the sweepstakes allowed Food Republic to take products and events that their audiences were already interested in and provide them with a means of obtaining those objects.  This also allowed them to be more engaged with their online community through all of their social networks.

“Freebie-licious” Campaign Increases Facebook Likes by 25%

This year for the holidays Eastwood Towne Center is kicking off with their “Freebie-licious Campaign” that started early September and will run until mid-December.  Each month during the campaign on Facebook, Eastwood Towne Center will be giving away free food to 100 different lucky winners.  The prizes they are giving away include free burritos, free sandwiches, and free lunch entrees that are all donated by participating restaurants.  One grand prize winner at the end of the campaign will receive free food for the entire year of 2012.

The goal of this campaign was to come up with a very effective marketing strategy with a limited budget.  Their primary objective was to engage the 45,000+ Michigan State University students that live about five miles away from Eastwood.  They knew that using their Facebook page to create dialogue with all of these students was very effective but they struggled with the challenge of getting these students to “like” their page.  Once they started thier Freebie-licious contest they started seeing a 25% increase in Facebook likes.  What college student doesn’t want free food?

To promote the contest when it first started the center’s team went to MSU’s U-Fest during Welcome Week to invite students to sign up for the contest and they also gave away free cookies with the campaign logo on them.  They also posted banner ads on the college’s news website.  More steps they took to make this campaign successful was they took an informal survey with recent college graduates asking them what marketing programs had worked for them while they were in school.  Free food seemed to be the biggest common denominator among most.  With Eastwood having 13 different dining options from Subway to Mitchell’s Fish Market, the team thought the best best way to entice students was to offer free food, and that was when the Freebie-licious Contest launched.

In order to reach out to the students the marketing message had to be relevant to their needs.  Students need to eat and many are strapped for cash.  Although the campaign is currently running they are starting to see some great results.  The 25% increase in their Facebook fan base is totaled to 3,744 more fans.  They are starting to see a jump in active users on their website and more and more wall posts on their Facebook page.  When the contest first started in September they noticed a 20% increase of Twitter followers, and the eight most popular tweets that month were all related to the contest.

Innovative Twitter Campaign Gains 56,000 Tweets in Only Three Days

Twitter campaigns can be interesting if the brand running the campaign knows what they are doing.  One campaign ran on Twitter was run by Turkcell, a Turkish telecoms company who was trying to promote their new smartphones bundled with internet.  The purpose of the campaign was to create awareness among the people who use the internet daily that would be interested in the product and spreading the word about it.  The campaign was full of post-its, games, and a lot of tweets.

The campaign was generated towards Twitter users because that is where they noticed most people like to spend their time, and it is also an easy way to get messages out to the public.  They also knew that heavy internet users tend to avoid banner advertising so they decided to create a live competition that would hopefully catch many user’s attention, and that is exactly what it ended up doing.

The first step they took was getting a gift box to put the phones in then decorating it with many sticky notes that had various different sayings on them.  Then they used a live video feed and asked users to start uncovering the box by tweeting what the sticky notes said using the hashtag #Turkcelltweet.  By using Twitter connect, tweeters were able to log into the company’s mini site to participate in the on going competition.  As soon as more and more sticky notes started to uncover the box, the company started writing their campaign messages on the remaining sticky notes.  The tweeters participating then voluntarily started to retweet those messages to all of their followers.

Throughout the competition, in order to keep things interesting, the company would play many games including pictionary, trivia, and word puzzles.  The winners of these games played won mobile minutes and mobile data packages.  Once it finally came down to the very last row of sticky notes, the company asked the tweeters to get the messages retweeted by a celebrity.  Whoever was to do so first with each message was to receive one of the phones bundled with internet inside the gift box.

The competition ran for 7 days only three hours each day.  During the duration of the contest they received 56,734 tweets under their hashtag and during just the first day they topped the trends list in Twitter and remained there for the next eight days.  Many people joined in the fun including many celebrities with a huge amount of followers which resulted in their little tweets being spread out to over 3.6 million tweeters.  This campaign generated a lot of buzz about how innovative and how much fun it was to participate in.  Twitter campaigns can be difficult to master but Turkcell did a very good job at it.  The uniqueness of this contest is the reason why so many people became interested in participating.