Helping Companies Transform Into Social Enterprises has come out with a new social enterprise that will easily connect businesses with their employees and their customers through social, mobile and open cloud technologies.  On August 31st during their ninth annual user conference CEO Marc Benioff announced many new services and products that were to speed up social app adoption in the enterprise.  These products include Chatter Now, Chatter Approvals, Chatter Customer Groups, Chatter Service, and

“Our social enterprise vision fundamentally changes how companies collaborate, share and manage information,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO.

 This new vision was described as a three step formula.  The first step was to create a social customer profile that keeps track of the customer’s social media efforts.  These efforts include what they are ‘liking’ on Facebook, what they tweet about on Twitter, who their connections are on LinkedIn and everything else they do on social networks.  The next step was to create employee social networks that will deliver information straight to users, instead of the users having to look up information themselves.  To help employees at work easily collaborate with one another across the company for a more effective way to engage, sell, and service customers, the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter, and help companies to build the private employee social networks.  The final step to the formula was to build strong relationships with their customers across the popular social channels by building customer and product social networks.  Using Salesforce Radian6 and companies are able to listen to the web, engage, and analyze what their customers are saying about them.  Companies are also able to create apps where people can interact with their brand.  These apps can be accessed through any device and use social and mobile technology.  With the customer and product social networks, companies can bring their products into any conversation allowing consumers to not only ‘like’ the product, but also to become friends with the product.

Salesforce’s three step formula was established in order to help companies transform into social enterprises.  They are doing this by introducing new apps for their Chatter social networks applications including Chatter Now, Chatter Customer Groups, Chatter Approvals, Chatter Service, and Chatter Connect.  “One of the biggest things to come out in the past 18 months is the ability to share files right within Chatter,” said Kraig Swensrud, Chief Marketing Officer at  More features that were announced to come out later in the year were,, Heroku for Java, and is part of their mobile technologies that allows users to access from mobile devices, mainly smartphones.  Users can use this app to run other apps on their devices but still store their information in a cloud.

At the end of the annual conference Marc Benioff told of a new Salesforce License Agreement that would give customers predictable pricing.  The agreement included access to Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Chatter, Salesforce Radian6,, Heroku and  This new social enterprise is not only about connecting companies and employees to their customers through social networks, but now also through mobile devices.  They have expanded the way people can connect with others through

Salesforce-The Easiest Way to Manage Sales was formed to be a company that specializes in software as a service.  They supply the right fundamentals to help you easily manage your sales.  Offered in over 16 languages, has become one of the easiest ways to manage sales with the most effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Starting with the first phone call, to sending e-mails then engaging with colleagues, Salesforce tools are  able to track every step for you that is involved in making a sale.  Salesforce’s CRM solution is broken down into several different categories to make making a sale much simpler.  The different categories are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud (including Jigsaw), Collaboration Cloud (including Chatter) and Custom Cloud (including

The Sales Cloud is an application that can be accessed using any device with internet.  Included in Sales Cloud is a real-time shared tool called Chatter.  This tool provides you with all of your customers’ account history and their entire profile.  Chatter allows you and your company to watch marketing campaign spending through many different channels using only one device.  While using Chatter you are also able to form groups and post messages on each group member’s profile to work together on projects  The application also tracks related information including customer communication, decision making, and anything else that is related to the sale’s process. Scheduled e-mail reminders can also be set to make sure everyone on the team always has the updated information on where you are at with the sale.  By using the Jigsaw business data you have the ability  to access over 20 million current business contacts from within the Salesforce CRM.

The Service Cloud allows you to deliver faster and more cost-effective service.  Customers across every channel want faster responses from the social web.  With the Sales Cloud customers experience a 37% increase in service and support productivity, 28% increase in customer satisfaction, and a 25% decrease in service and support costs.

“The Service Cloud gives us a quicker view of our customers so we can be sure we’re delivering the best service.”-Comcast Spectator

Developers use to build multiple customer applications put up on their servers as a service. is a cloud computing platform used as a service.  This service has over 1,000 customer accounts extending out to over ten thousand people that use collaboratively with

The tools given to you by Salesforce will help you to generate more traffic, leads and increase sales.  Their process makes each step of making a sale much quicker and allows you to serve your customers with quicker and better responses.  The more customers of yours see how quick you can be at responding to them, the more customers you will gain because of your great services.