Fox eCampaigns

Working with small businesses and realty agents with their social media marketing efforts can sometimes be a challenge.  There are many tasks that go into creating successful campaigns for businesses who are not too familiar with social media today.  Jason Fox, founder of Fox eCampaigns works with these businesses to help them create a campaign that will get them recognized with their targeted audience.  When first starting work with a client, Jason sets up a meeting to figure out what they are already doing for their strategy, and what their niche is.  Once Jason has discussed what his clients’ want, he then creates a new strategy for them, or even comes up with a social media campaign.  Jason usually tries to get his clients interested in doing a SEO campaign because it is the easiest and quickest way to get noticed.  As long as you have the right keywords in the right places from a business website, then search engines are able to pick them up putting that business website at the top of list.

The strategy or campaign that is created depends on the type of company or business.  “There is not a one size fits all solution, it is very dependent on the different businesses, what a business wants to achieve.”  Most of the campaigns that Jason runs for his clients deal with creating a WordPress blog and e-mail marketing.  The goal is to create a campaign that will generate traffic to the business he is working with.  His favorite social media channel to use when promoting his own business, or one he is working with is Facebook.  Jason’s strategy on Facebook is simple, he posts about what he is doing on different groups and there are millions of people on Facebook so it is a good way to get your message out.  

While talking with Jason about any recent campaigns that he had done, he explained to me one he was currently working on for a mortgage company.  The first step for the company was to build a professional and completely customized WordPress site for its main office.  Then he was going to build twelve other WordPress sites on a multi-user platform for the twelve lenders of the company, each one of them being unique but still in some way connected to the main site.  The next step was to create another customized theme for the main website of the company put together with the strategy previously talked about in mind on how they want to offer different incentives.  The purpose of having the twelve different sites for each employee is so that they can all blog as an office.  Once one employee blogs about something, it will go out to the rest of the office so they can all stay up dated on what is going on.

Once the work of getting the strategy down and incorporating that in to each of the websites, he then planned to start an SEO campaign that would run on the main page of the main lead generation site.  The goal was to maximize five to ten keywords for the local area and then distribute them down to representatives.  After creating the best possible keywords for search engines to pick up, Jason then planned to syndicate them out to the custom fan pages on Facebook that he would also be creating for the mortgage company.  Not only would he create the fan pages with the same theme as the main websites, but he was to also create a Facebook landing page with the same branding to create credibility.  He then is going to shoot off to Twitter to post important information about the company to a whole different audience.  The most important purpose is to reach out to as many people as possible about the mortgage company.  He wants to get people interested in it so that they can have a larger fan base and gain more customers.  One of the final steps Jason planned to do in helping this company grow was to create a short professional video to post on the company’s main page of their website.  The video was to be about the company, what they do, and how people can benefit from their services.

Now this is just an example of a campaign Jason is currently working on.  Each one of the campaigns vary depending on what it is his client’s want.  Although each campaign ends up being different, Jason has found that the people he works with all want a similar result; that is to get potential customer e-mail addresses.  By getting a bigger amount of e-mail addresses, the businesses then have a higher rate of people to reach out to about the services they offer, meaning the more customers they are sure to get.

95 percent of people on the internet are on research mode, they don’t want to buy right away.”

When Jason works on his own e-mail marketing, he mentioned that every time he sends out an e-mail, he gets business.  People do not want to be sold right away, they want to do their research to see what best fits them.  By adding them to your e-mail list, then you are always at the top of their mind.  “You first want to offer them solutions to their business, be a publisher rather than a marketer.”

Beads and Dangles-Refer a Friend Program Catches Attention

Glass Bead

Starting a loyalty program for your business is a great way to reward your most loyal customers.  Marji Bitterman, President of Beads and Dangles thought the same thing and recently started one of her own.  Beads and Dangles is an eCommerce store with a large collection of European beads that come in sterling silver, silver plate, enamel, Murano glass and much more.  Marji’s mission at Beads and Dangles is to help people look and feel great with quality jewelry and exceptional prices.

A few years ago when Marji first started Beads and Dangles, her main goal was to bring in high quality but affordable beads. She strived to provide the best customer service she could.  In the beginning she went with the traditional sales method of discounts, coupons, and promos to bring in more customers to her website.  As her business started to grow she noticed her customers saying how great her site is.  They would go on to tell how much they love her beads and that they have been telling their friends about it.

“I’m all about not just customer service, but creating fun and happiness with anybody that I work with,  and so the happiness part meant giving back to customers who were loyal to me.”

This is when Marji began searching the web for good loyalty programs to reward her customers for sharing with their friends about her products. Soon she stumbled across NextBee, a program that offers referral and loyalty solutions for businesses.  She immediately got started with NextBee because they offered exactly what she was looking for.

The first step was to install a viral building mailing list, a widget put onto the website that any customer could click on called Join E-List.  Once a customer clicks on the widget they fill out a simple contact information form.   After hitting submit they are automatically rewarded with a coupon code of 15% off their first order.  They can even save the coupon to use anytime because it does not expire.

Soon Marji’s business really started to take off and became very successful because customers understood the value of what she was doing.  She then realized that one component was missing.   All these  loyal customers were telling their friends about her website, however,  this went unrewarded.  NextBee then helped Marji install an Invite a Friendwidget on her website.  This widget allowed customers to click on it and enter a friends e-mail address.  Once they submit their information, the friend and the referrer immediately receive a coupon code for 20% off their next order.

“I was happy, everybody was happy because they saw that I was giving back, they appreciated the value of what they were getting and the orders really continued to grow with that program.”

Beads and Dangles began to grow very quickly.  Marji was getting great feedback about how much customers loved her professionalism, the quality of the beads and the prices.  Marji wanted to share this feedback with other customers, and with the help from NextBee, a widget was added onto the home page. This allowed everyone to see the great reviews that were being written about Beads and Dangles.

The success from this campaign shows how much social media can affect a business.  Marji Bitterman’s decision to reward her customers was a great way to improve brand awareness, while keeping her customers coming back again and again.  She succeeding in her goal to create not only beautiful jewelry, but also created a fun, happy environment for her customers.

Klark Agency

At Klark Agency, Scott Klarkowski is a social media manager, strategist, and consultant.  He started Klark Agency as a way to help his clients accomplish their most ambitious marketing goals.  The goal of Klark Agency is to ensure that companies know exactly what they are doing to run successful campaigns and then giving them the help to create the best strategy for each campaign.

Klark Agency works mostly with non-profit and small businesses.  Scott has found that seven out of ten people he helps know the value of having social media in their businesses, but they need a little extra help to really understand it.  To help them run successful campaigns, the first step is to find out where the companies head is at, what the company does, and the best way to branch out new products.  Once all those are established, social media is then wrapped around what it is the company does.

“I have over 20 years of diverse business experience, I really love social media and  it is crucial to many businesses.”-Scott

Depending on the type of company that reaches out to Klark Agency, will depend on how each campaign will be handled.  A common factor in each company’s campaign is third party content.  Klark Agency produces this content for clients in order to generate traffic to their websites or Facebook fan pages. One of the unique factors of Klark Agency is how they incorporate photography into the campaigns from Scott’s own photography business.  Using photography keeps each campaign interesting and unique in their own way.   Recently a small local art center reached out to Klark Agency to gain help with their own social media efforts.  The art center is about to introduce summer classes and needed a little extra help promoting them in a way that would get people interested in going.  As an effort to help, Klark Agency is producing the third party content explaining how art classes are great for families under financial stress.  Producing this type of content for companies has noticeably helped their strategies move more smoothly.

When Scott is working on a campaign, he finds that the company employees he is working with really do not know what their brand is, so he helps to guide them.  “I find that the market right now is flooded with social media people and i feel like a lot of people don’t represent very well. We don’t have a great reputation,” Scott mentioned, “We are really valuable.”  When Scott is working on a campaign for a certain company, his goals depend on the type of company he is working with.  Usually he works with them to gain new clients, grow their database, grow in sales, and increase market share.  The campaigns he runs are usually for local companies in his area.  In a recent interview, Scott was proud to say that he has been very successful with helping businesses in social media, and he has not failed any task he has been given.

So far one of the most successful campaigns run by Klark Agency was for the local art center.  The art center was trying to get more people to come into their store so they came up with a campaign that would get more people coming in.  They advertised a certain day for customers to come in and once people started coming into the store they would have to introduce themselves then sign into Facebook or Foursquare and like the art center’s fan page.  After signing into either of the two social networks they would then receive a gift certificate from the art center for five or ten percent off of their first purchases.  Three hundred people showed up for that campaign.  From May to today that art center has received 700 ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

“The campaign was an overwhelming success.  For such a simple campaign, the hardest thing to do is get people to like you.”

Parallel to working with small and non-profit businesses, Scott Klarkowski has been working with musicians in a band called Anonymous to promote themselves through social networks.  For each show that the band plays they do Youtube promotions.  During a recent concert they ran a contest for the audience.  Whoever posted a video of the band’s show on Youtube would receive tickets to the next show, an autographed picture or a signed CD.  Their first concert was played in Iowa City for 500 people.  Out of those 500 people, fifteen of them entered the YouTube contest.  The videos that were recorded for that show were also put up on Facebook pages for friends to see.  The band’s strategy for this campaign is to play six times in one year at the same place.  Including a contest in the strategy makes it more fun for the audience to come and they are eager to see how this will affect their fan base and iTunes sales.

Many believe that using social networks is the best way to get promoted.  Big companies do not realize how powerful social networking can be, and instead they spend great amounts of money to advertise their products.  The strategies created by Klark Agency have been proven to help many small and non-profit businesses gain attention.  Scott is dedicated to his work and works his hardest to help businesses with their social media efforts.

Micro Media Marketing

The sole focus for the employees at Micro Media Marketing is directed towards social media and making it work for their clients.  Micro Media Marketing works with local Hispanic brands, and eCommerce companies that are all focused on doing more with their social media marketing efforts.  Their clients need a little extra help figuring out the right direction to go in when creating social media campaigns.

When companies come to Micro Media Marketing for assistance, they outsource everything to them. They are in charge of all aspects of social media for the companies they are working with.  Each day the team is posting, blogging, or sending out messages through many social networks for each company they are doing business with.  As their plan of action for each company, they develop a strategy and look more into the brand to create a blog series that will generate more traffic to the company websites.  Another benefit they provide for people is training them in house on the best practices of social media and how to properly run social media platforms.

Micro Media Marketing runs a various number of different types of campaigns depending on the type of company they are working with.  Many of the campaigns revolve around Facebook advertisements, contests, and promotions.  When working on a Facebook advertising campaign they are extremely targeted to the demographic they want.  One client of theirs started out on Facebook with no fans at all.  They own a bedding company that sells top brand items in bedding.  Instead of just creating a campaign with different keywords that would go back to the company, they created one with keywords targeted towards their audience.  The goal was to target the people who are interested in the brands that the company sells which was mainly women, so they also targeted women in the ages of 25 to 45.  Chocolate Cake

Campaigns that they have found to be successful on Facebook are birthday campaigns.  For these campaigns, they usually post a positive message to associate with a fan wishing them Happy Birthday.  Added to the message they usually include a picture of a cake with candles or a little kid with chocolate cake all over their face.  A campaign like this is simple and has a positive affect on the company.  Another type of campaign they have noticed to get a high response rate are ‘like’ campaigns.  When running any type of these campaigns, it is very important to monitor changes.  If you are running a Facebook advertisement campaign then tweak your ads every now and then.  Do not just stick with one, change it up to see which ad gets the most response.

For many of the campaigns Micro Media Marketing runs the expected results are usually the same.  People want to get as many ‘likes’ as possible on Facebook, they want their click through rate to be high, and they want their fans to interact with them on social networks.  If a company has a lot of ‘likes’ and comments on their web pages then that will put them higher in the news feed, gaining them more visibility.  A great way to become more visible to fans is to ask questions.  This will not only build more awareness for the company, but it is also a great way to get fan interaction.

On top of running day to day tasks of each companies social media marketing strategies, Micro Media Marketing also creates a monthly report for each company showing Facebook insights and if the targeted demographic is being reached.  They also try to use links that are trackable and synced to Google analytics.  This way than can show their clients the traffic going to their site, what strategies are working the best, and which products people are most interested in.

When it comes to sending out messages to targeted audiences, the team relies mostly on Twitter. ” Twitter is cool because you don’t have to know people to interact with them and you can monitor keywords. On Facebook you can only see what people write on walls, Twitter takes it further so you can dig down and monitor key words about products, services, and company names.”  Twitter is also a good customer service tool for businesses to interact with their customers about problems they may be having.

Along with her busy schedule at Micro Media Marketing, Stephanie, founder of Micro Media Marketing, also loves to blog.  Because she has always been so interested in social media, she now shares her insights with her readers.  If there is an upcoming conference that Stephanie is going to attend she will set up a guide for other people attending the conference.  She will let them know what time each event will be and what they should expect.  After the conference is over, she does a review of what she learned and shares it on her blog.  Even though social media is constantly changing, Stephanie and her team at Micro Media Marketing stay on top of the new trends of social media to make sure their clients get the best they can offer.