The Crème Brûlée Man’s Marketing Strategy Quickly Gains Him 12,000 Twitter Followers

Creme Brulee

Who needs a budget for marketing when you have Twitter?  That is what the Crème Brûlée Man thinks.  The Crème Brûlée Man, also known as Curtis Kimball, owns a small business pushing around a cart making creme brulees for the public in San Francisco. Because he is never in the same spot, he relies on Twitter to let his fans know where he will be setting up for the day.

The Crème Brûlée Man started his business after making creme brulees one day and realizing this is something he could really do.  His inspiration also came from his brother who is the Magic Curry Man.  Each day the Crème Brûlée Man sets out to a new location in order to serve his brulees to as many people as possible.  Customers who are already fans of  his talent can go onto twitter to see his location for the day.

In little under a year the Crème Brûlée quickly gained over 12,000 Twitter followers.  Curtis Kimball knows that most of his business comes from using Twitter because that is the only way fans are able to find him.  Not only does Kimball use Twitter as a way for fans to locate his cart, but also to let them know what he will be serving for the day.  He tries to get fans involved and asks for suggestions on what he should make and where he should set up his cart for the day. Doing this gives him the ability to build personal relationships with his customers.

Curtis Kimball is always coming out with new flavors to be served.  His next goal is to serve at a 4:20 party so that he can try out his White Russian recipe.  He keeps things entertaining as he torches the brulees right in front of the customers.  Customers love the cool, creamy filling with the warm caramelized, sugary top.  Rated with four and a half stars, the Crème Brûlée Man’s social media strategy has been a complete success.  Changing his locations daily gives people a reason to follow him on Twitter.

Can you make a meal out of eating various flavors of crème brûlée…Yes.  Should you…only if the crème brûlée cart is nearby.  What a great idea of bringing a dessert otherwise reserved for fine dining experiences to the streets.  Love it! – a quote from a fan.