A Viral Youtube Video Receives 5 Million Views

During the Obama vs. McCain election, Hooman TV came out with a viral video to explain the importance of youth voting in this election.  To help spread the video Hooman TV partnered up with LS Interactive.  Together they came up with a set of goals that they would like to see happen.  Their goals: to get over three million views and  3,000 comments about the video.

 To start off the campaign they went to Facebook to share the video through their newsfeeds.  While sharing the video through Facebook they also targeted political oriented groups and shared a brief description about the video and also posted a link to it on the groups’ walls.  Reaching out to people on Facebook was just a small section of their targeted audience.  They mainly focused on getting user’s attention on Youtube.  Their efforts were focused in a three pronged approach:

  • They remained active when viewing the comments that were being left about the video.  There were four people that actively focused on the comments and as soon as a comment was left, they would instantly respond with a comment of their own.  Doing this was crucial to the campaign because it was a way to keep discussions going.
  • They set up keywords that were popular in other political videos.  Youtube finds videos for users based on keywords that they use, so LS Interactive searched each day during the campaign for the top political videos and matched Hooman TV’s keywords to those videos.
  • They remained engaged with the blogs and other websites that had links back to their video.  Because of Youtube’s link data LS Interactive was able to find out which blogs or websites added a link to the video on their page.  Once they obtained that information they would go to the page and leave a comment thanking them for sharing the video with their friends and followers.  Doing this created even more discussion about the video and also made Hooman TV known as active members in the online community.

At the end of the campaign, the results were even better than they had expected.  Many different blogs and websites like CNET, Huffington Post, and Yelp posted about the video.  They exceeded their goal of 3 million reviews and ended up with over 5 million views of the video and it also received 3,692 comments.  With 3,700 user rating, the video received 4.5 stars.  The team of this campaign thought out every single step and set realistic goals for themselves.  Because they continued to stay active throughout the entire campaign, their goals were more than they could have hoped for.


Science for Citizens- Showing the Importance of Science Through Social Media

Science for Citizens is a place where citizens and scientists can become involved in many different projects.  For citizens it is a great place to contribute or find out more about recreational activities.  If you are a scientist, this website is used more as a science organization or community group.  You can tell citizens about the work you do and get them interested in helping out.  Science for Citizens brings the world’s science gurus together and provides them with various activities to do revolving around science.

Many researchers, organizations, and companies offer projects for citizens to take part in.  They encourage people to become more involved in learning and contributing to science through formal research efforts and informal recreational activities.  Among the general public they want people to appreciate and better understand the importance of science and technology.  This website is a shared space for scientists to speak with citizens who are interested in learning more of what they do and learning about their current research projects.  The team of Science for Citizens launched this site as a way for people to have fun while exploring the many experiences of science.

When you go to the website to find a project, you get to choose between many different categories of what may interest you.  You have the option to do a project with animals, food, education, biology, or pretty much anything you can think of.  Then once your category is chosen, you have the option of choosing the difficulty level of the project.  Once that is finished you will be redirected to many different projects you can look through and choose from.  On the website there is a members blog that you can write in while you are working on your desired project.  This way you can keep others up to date on how you are doing and even ask for feedback or advice on what you can do.   As long as you are a Science for Citizens member, you can write in the member’s blog and chat with others about the joy and changes of science.

I just discovered this site and really appreciate the inspiration it has given me.” a comment from a science guru.

Not only is there a blog for citizens, but the website itself has a blog that talks about everything related to science and technology.  On this blog they also write featured stories about citizens of the public who influence science in their communities.  To keep the world updated with all of their new projects, they turn to Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.  On their website they also have a way for you to like blog entries or projects that then show up on your own Facebook and Twitter account.  This way you will be able to get the word about science out to more people.  On Youtube, Science for Citizens has many different videos showing what they do.  The most watched video is nearly to having half a million views.

Science for Citizens has over two thousand likes on Facebook and more than four thousands followers on Twitter.  They want people to become more aware of what science is all about, and all of the great projects that can be done using the basics of science.  There is so much to be done and they want to share that with as many people as possible.


Tumblr-Rising to the Top of the Social Networks

Tumblr Logo

Tumblr is a new and very popular social network for bloggers.  A network where bloggers can all connect by sharing images, links, quotes, videos and post text.  Millions of bloggers every day count on Tumblr to share news or stories.  Users of Tumblr write short form blogs, they are able to follow others sharing their blogs or they can keep their blogs private for only some to see.  With over 6.8 million weekly visits, Tumblr is rated as the 10th most used social network on the internet.

Soon after Tumblr was founded in 2007 by David Karp, 75,000 bloggers changed to that platform and since then more than three million users have been using their service.  According to a post made by Karp in 2010, the site averages 2 millions posts, and 15,000 new users daily.  The number of post continuously goes up every minute each day.  As of right now, on www.tumblr.com/about, there are over 41 million posts from just today.  The total number of posts on Tumblr since it has been founded is over eight billion, and the total number of blogs is over 25 million.

With so many social networks out there, what makes Tumblr so unique?  Tumblr can be accessed from wherever you are with your browser, e-mail, phone, or desktop.  It is an effortless way to chat with friends, post pictures, and share videos.  Everything is customizable for your liking including colors and your theme’s HTML.  Tumblelogging is short, to the point and direct, making blogging quick and easy for users.

Tumblr has so many features that sets them apart from all other social networks.  One feature includes calling in your posts.  By calling 1-866-584-6757 bloggers are able to call and record their posts, which will then be put on their blog as an audio post.  Also there are no ads forced into your blogs, Tumblr makes sure your blog is for you and not anyone else.  After posting, you can automatically update your twitter so even more people can read your entry for the day. One more great feature for bloggers is, they are allowed to open up their blogs for Q&A.  In the Terms of Use for Tumblr it is stated that all bloggers keep their copyright.  This has turned out to be a great feature because some users on Tumblr have been offered book deals based on the blog entries.

In June 2011, Tumblr surpassed WordPress and soon may even pass Facebook and Twitter.  Tumblr is rising to the top quickly and may soon become the number one social network on the internet.  With the many different uses and features it is no wonder why so many bloggers have changed to using Tumblr as their number one social network.

Cory Booker Connecting with Residents Through Social Media

Cory Booker has become a fan of using social media as a way to connect with the residents of Newark, New Jersey, the largest city in New Jersey with roughly 280,000 residents.  Booker is the mayor of Newark and cares greatly about his residents.  He uses social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and his blog to reach out to all of his supporters.

Mayor Booker uses social media to take action and show real customer service There is no team behind his blog or Twitter responding on his behalf.  He is behind it all making a difference, and at a very fast pace.  He is all about answering questions and providing his residents with any help that they need.

In December 2010 a horrible blizzard hit New Jersey and surrounding areas causing five feet drifts and many people to become stranded.  Booker went straight to Twitter and told his residents if they need help with anything to let him know.  Most of the roads were covered in drifts that restricted citizens from being able to go anywhere.  He started to get tweets back about roads that have not yet been plowed.  Booker would ask which roads they were and go himself to plow the roads, if a plow could not fit then he would be out shoveling the snow.  Many volunteers would go with him to get the job done faster, while he was at one spot, his team would be somewhere helping other people.

Another approach Booker uses Twitter and Facebook for is encouraging residents to become part of the night patrol.  In his messages he includes links to his Youtube videos where he asks people why they decided to participate.   He then requests that those people turn to the camera to state their names then shows them saying “I’m taking responsibility.”  Next to Twitter, Booker uses Youtube frequently already having 92 videos posted.

Although Booker uses social networks most of the time as a way to communicate his thoughts and ideas to residents, he still runs some campaigns the traditional way.  He has integrated social media into his campaigns as a way to reach out to more people and ask more people to volunteer.  Doing campaigns this way has made him popular with the people of Newark as it is an efficient way to connect with him.

Connecting with residents through social networks is done on a daily basis for Booker.  He is always out on different locations making a differences and cleaning up the city.  Through Twitter he keeps the residents up to date about what he has been up to and what they can do to help out.  Booker started his blog in 2008 and following that signed up for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  Ever since, he has made a difference through using these social networks with over one million Twitter followers and 49,000 likes on his Facebook page.


Trackur- Giving Businesses The Tools They Need to Monitor Traffic

Monitoring traffic on your business website is an important factor to have when running a successful business.  You want to be able to see how your website rates with customers and which services or products your customers view most.  Trackur is an easy way to track the social media efforts made by your business.  In addition to monthly paid plans, Trackur is reaching out to help others with  free social media monitoring tools.

While running a business you want to see how you rate online, and how much traffic  your site gains each day.  Trackur is a tool for use when you want to see what people are saying about you on the web.  Other uses of Trackur tools include monitoring all conversations online that mention your business, changing your dashboard colors to match your business’s color scheme, and saving keywords in all your searches.

Not only can Trackur help your business track your success on the internet, but they also provide valid information on their blog on how you can generate more traffic to your website.  As part of Trackur’s own way to get people interested in using their services, they run different contests.   So far for each contest they have had, the winner has received an iPad.  Right now Trackur is promoting their “Help Us Pick a Prize for our Contest” contest.  They are asking readers for ideas about what will get people to enter their contests.  Whether the iPad is still a good idea or the prizes should change to something else.  As a result to winning this contest (whichever idea Trackur picks) the winner does not receive an iPad, but a $25 gift card for Amazon.

Trackur’s blog post, Seven Tips to Spice up Your Social Media Campaign, shares with readers how you can run a good campaign.  The details Trackur gives you from this post includes seven tips you can use to make your campaign go viral quickly.  Trackur gives their readers advice saying to bond with your targeted audiences to create conversations and build relationships with your customers.  They also say to just have fun with it.  Try not to be offensive to your customers but also let them know that you enjoy what you do, and you know how to have fun with the campaigns.  One of their most important tips is to use Trackur as a tool to target keywords, product names, and domains in your campaign.

Trackur not only gives you the right tools needed to trace traffic going to your business website, but they also give you great advice on how to make your campaigns successful.  One factor Trackur does differently from many competitors is they engage with their customers.  Whether it is giving advice from their blog, or helping you with campaign details, Trackur makes sure you are happy with the results you get from using their services.

Other Features of Trackur

  • Tracks any buzz created through advertising
  • Sends you important updates through e-mail
  • Helps you choose which sources are the best to get search results

 You will be able to find out everything that is being said about you and your business online.  Trackur tools are a great way for you to find out if there are any news or stories being written about your company that you may not know about.  It will allow you to make sure what other people are writing is true and only about the facts.