Trackur- Giving Businesses The Tools They Need to Monitor Traffic

Monitoring traffic on your business website is an important factor to have when running a successful business.  You want to be able to see how your website rates with customers and which services or products your customers view most.  Trackur is an easy way to track the social media efforts made by your business.  In addition to monthly paid plans, Trackur is reaching out to help others with  free social media monitoring tools.

While running a business you want to see how you rate online, and how much traffic  your site gains each day.  Trackur is a tool for use when you want to see what people are saying about you on the web.  Other uses of Trackur tools include monitoring all conversations online that mention your business, changing your dashboard colors to match your business’s color scheme, and saving keywords in all your searches.

Not only can Trackur help your business track your success on the internet, but they also provide valid information on their blog on how you can generate more traffic to your website.  As part of Trackur’s own way to get people interested in using their services, they run different contests.   So far for each contest they have had, the winner has received an iPad.  Right now Trackur is promoting their “Help Us Pick a Prize for our Contest” contest.  They are asking readers for ideas about what will get people to enter their contests.  Whether the iPad is still a good idea or the prizes should change to something else.  As a result to winning this contest (whichever idea Trackur picks) the winner does not receive an iPad, but a $25 gift card for Amazon.

Trackur’s blog post, Seven Tips to Spice up Your Social Media Campaign, shares with readers how you can run a good campaign.  The details Trackur gives you from this post includes seven tips you can use to make your campaign go viral quickly.  Trackur gives their readers advice saying to bond with your targeted audiences to create conversations and build relationships with your customers.  They also say to just have fun with it.  Try not to be offensive to your customers but also let them know that you enjoy what you do, and you know how to have fun with the campaigns.  One of their most important tips is to use Trackur as a tool to target keywords, product names, and domains in your campaign.

Trackur not only gives you the right tools needed to trace traffic going to your business website, but they also give you great advice on how to make your campaigns successful.  One factor Trackur does differently from many competitors is they engage with their customers.  Whether it is giving advice from their blog, or helping you with campaign details, Trackur makes sure you are happy with the results you get from using their services.

Other Features of Trackur

  • Tracks any buzz created through advertising
  • Sends you important updates through e-mail
  • Helps you choose which sources are the best to get search results

 You will be able to find out everything that is being said about you and your business online.  Trackur tools are a great way for you to find out if there are any news or stories being written about your company that you may not know about.  It will allow you to make sure what other people are writing is true and only about the facts.

HubSpot’s Marketing Transformation Week

In April 2011 HubSpot hosted a week long campaign to teach marketers and businesses owners the benefits of transforming their marketing efforts from an outbound to an inbound approach.  They wanted to show marketers how important inbound marketing can be to attract your best leads and customers to your business through relevant content.  The Marketing Transformation Week campaign was packed full each day with information, tips, videos to watch and prizes to give away.

The fundamentals of the internet have changed the way people connect with others online so HubSpot found this to be the perfect opportunity to help marketers learn the new ways of connecting with their audiences.  Via Twitter, HubSpot’s goal for this campaign was to generate a significant buzz on the internet about inbound marketing and Marketing Transformation Week.  Included in the campaign was a slideshare presentation that was featured during the week long online event.  The team at Hubspot wanted to try to get this presentation out to at least 100,000 people during the week of the campaign.  Another goal of theirs was to emphasize HubSpot as the leading software to help businesses transform their marketing.

During this campaign there were a lot of components that went into making it fun and successful.  Each day they held a special live “HubSpot TV” video podcast episode where the co-host discussed marketing topics.  Any live viewers watching the podcast had the opportunity to win prizes like an ipad or a t-shirt.  “This helped promote the live interaction component and helped increase the reach of video podcast,” mentioned Rebecca Corliss, an inbound marketing manager at HubSpot.  The slideshare presentation was used to educate people on the value of transforming your marketing in a way that visibly appealed to the people and included interesting data.

Promoting Marketing Transformation Week was done very aggressively on HubSpot’s Twitter, Facebook, and blog.  For example, in order to be in the running to win one of the many prizes HubSpot was giving away, participants needed to tweet a message about their own reflections on marketing transformation using the hashtag #transform and the link  “People responded very well, with fun tweets about how they are transforming their marketing today or their own thoughts on marketing transformation,” noted Rebecca.

You can’t BUY credibility. You have to EARN it. #transform (via @himanshuchanda)

Engage and activate your fans/followers. Don’t collect them like cards.#transform (via @The3Motionz)
At the end of the week long campaign HubSpot’s slideshare presentation received 79,750 views and was the most viewed and downloaded presentation globally in April 2011.  22,000 of those views occurred on the second day after the campaign went live.   As of today, the presentation has now been viewed 82,794.  During the HubSpot TV video podcast there were approximately 100 live viewers and they received about 4,000 #transform tweets during the week.  Also, during that one week, Hubspot had a 33% increase in traffic to their website. was started by Kathy Perry as a social network for women to come together and share life experiences.  When Kathy first started blogging in 2006 it was meant to give resources and tools to her girlfriends about mind, body and spirit.  It was her way of sharing her life journey with others while also giving advice to her friends.  Once new tools started to come out in 2009 for starting your own social network, Kathy thought of it as a perfect opportunity to build her own website where women can interact with other women.

For her new website, Kathy did not want it to be just about her and the experiences she goes through, so she partnered up with 45 other women to share their expertise.  With so many women sharing information with others they are able to cover all topics women talk about.  It is the place for women to share stories, information and past experiences about their life.  They are able to all relate to one another and give advice to the ones who need it.  This platform for women has been successful since day one and quickly grew to 300 members.  Because there are newer tools today than there were back in 2009, Kathy is moving her platform to a new place.  “As things have evolved I evolve and keep wanting to share things in new ways.” Kathy’s passion is to resonate with women and help them in anyway that she can.

Another passion of Kathy’s is helping people learn how to properly use social media.  She operates her own system, Hub Socializer, to coach small businesses and entrepreneurs on their social media marketing strategies.  She helps them to create a plan that will fit their business foundation.  If the foundation is not set up properly, or they don’t have the right elements, their website is bad, or they are not communicating properly with customers,  it does not help to drive traffic to their websites.”   Helping clients with their foundations is what Kathy finds herself spending the most time on.  Clients find the foundation of their marketing efforts to be so overwhelming that Kathy takes her time to walk them through it.  “Coaching clients through social media is part of the big picture.”  Kathy starts with the basics and does her best to help clients remove their fear and frustration of learning something new.  She has said that it is different for each person she works with, it depends on where they are stuck, so she works with them to get unstuck and move forward; She is an advocate of providing proper knowledge. When Kathy helps her clients through her Hub Socializer System, she looks at the web at a multi-tiered approach.  She looks at how her clients want to engage online, where their customers are and puts together a systematic approach for that process.

“What I’m teaching is how to be authentic, real and a human on social networks.”

Kathy’s big goal is to help businesses create opportunities to make a difference in their online marketing.  It is important for a person to take all of who they are and put it into their business.  Kathy tries to help them tap into their inner essence.  Communicating on social networks is about connecting and engaging with customers at a personal level.  You need to interact with customers.  A good example of how to do this is to explain how Kathy uses social networks to get the word of her business out.  When Kathy is posting on Facebook or Twitter she likes to mix it up.  She will talk about things happening with her blog or Hub Socializer, give out tips to people on how to use social media, and she even talks about what she is doing in her life.  Kathy doesn’t leave it all to just business, she shares information about who she is as a person so she can build the personal relationships with clients.  At the end of my interview with Kathy she added one last tip when it comes to posting on any social network.  She said “Always ask yourself, would I be concerned if my mother read this, and would it be okay if it was on national television?”  This is good advice to remember, you can always connect with people on a personal level, but make sure to stay professional about what you are doing.


Wise Consultants Group

When it comes to social media, there are a variety of tasks the employees at Wise Consultants Group accomplishes. The work they do is divided into three different parts; Training people on how to properly use social media, consult to help them create a marketing plan using social media, and then actually create and implement a strategic social media campaign for individual based companies.  Tina Thelin is the founder of the Wise Consultant Group which is a consulting firm that is committed to provide unique campaigns and strategies to fit each client’s budget.  She is also the founder of Tina’s Top Ten which was created to help small businesses gain grand multi-media exposure within their small budgetary needs.

Once Wise Consultants Group starts working on a campaign for one of their clients, there are multiple efforts that go into creating one that will be successful.  Most of the campaigns they work on are in their local area for small businesses that need a little extra help becoming known and trusted.  In my interview with Tina she was unable to discuss any current campaigns they were working on, so she gave me a hypothetical campaign to explain all the things that go into it.  She started out explaining how they would create a campaign for a small business owner with a candle company.  The first step they would do is research the company.  The goal is to find out what type of customers the small business has, and what type of customers the business wants to gain.  They then go and find the untapped areas in which the business has not thought of and puts that into part of their strategic marketing plan.  As part of their way to promote the business that will bring in readers and followers to the actual website, they post on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook a minimum of three times a day, five to seven times a week for that business.  By posting on different social networks, a heightened awareness of the target market is then achieved.

In the beginning of helping these businesses, Tina stated that it is very important that they understand what it is that she is doing with all the different tasks that go into an effective social media campaign.  The business owners are educated and reminded that the response to their efforts will not be instant.  They have to be consistent and dedicated to a long-term campaign that provides daily posts containing valuable information that will cause their target market to learn more about them at their respective websites.

The employees at Wise Consultant Group like to call themselves the “pioneers of social media marketing.”  They use social networks because they are a free channel for people who are watching.  “What we have tapped into with social media is people are watching, they want to be on there, they can’t help but to read content.”  Tina explained this in a very simple way that makes a lot of sense.  She compared social networks to commercials on the TV.  Hardly anyone these days watch commercials, which is why they use a DVR to fast forward through all commercials.  With social media, people want to be on social networks, and they want to read about all the new, interesting events going on.  That is why it is so crucial for people to learn how to use social media in their businesses in a professional manner.  Technology is continuously changing so in the same manner, businesses need to think about how they need to move forward accordingly. Businesses also need to be smart in the way they use social media to speak to their targeted audience.  In their posts on Twitter or Facebook they need to include a teaser or a catch phrase that will invite people in, and make them want to click on the link to the business website to learn more.

Social networks are tremendous tools to use, but in order to execute an effective social media campaign; a business needs to know how to properly use these tools.  It sounds easy enough to just post every now and then on these networks, but it is important to figure out when your targeted audience is online.  When your target market is watching, they will get the information you post as soon as it is sent.

When Tina does her training on social media, her students are usually in the ages of 40 to 50.  The use of the internet, social networks and technology has evolved multiple times in the life and times of this age group.  Learning new technology has become a constant for professionals in leadership roles, often times finding it a challenge to make the time or understanding the value behind it.  Tina says that in a way there is a resistance to learn and embrace social media.  Before any instruction, Tina tackles the belief system which is frequently shared by this age group, wherein it is often believed that social media is not of value. This is where Tina’s biggest accomplishment comes in.  She loves the fact that she can teach people the uses of social media, and cause them to embrace social media instead of resisting it.

  “It may take students in their 40’s or 50’s a little longer to really understand, however once mastered, they are fully equipped with the wisdom and experience to execute a very powerful on-line presence.”

What sets Wise Consultants Group apart from others who use social media is that they use every part of social media as one united instrument.  The many spokes of a wheel make it strong and durable to carry you to your destination.  They create social media wheels for their clients to reach their desired destinations.  Also, they incorporate all the social networks together to create a uniformed message.  By using them all in conjunction, it creates a viral message.  Wise Consultants Group recognizes the spokes of the social media wheel and understands that when used in unison, it creates one very strong social media wheel.


Micro Media Marketing

The sole focus for the employees at Micro Media Marketing is directed towards social media and making it work for their clients.  Micro Media Marketing works with local Hispanic brands, and eCommerce companies that are all focused on doing more with their social media marketing efforts.  Their clients need a little extra help figuring out the right direction to go in when creating social media campaigns.

When companies come to Micro Media Marketing for assistance, they outsource everything to them. They are in charge of all aspects of social media for the companies they are working with.  Each day the team is posting, blogging, or sending out messages through many social networks for each company they are doing business with.  As their plan of action for each company, they develop a strategy and look more into the brand to create a blog series that will generate more traffic to the company websites.  Another benefit they provide for people is training them in house on the best practices of social media and how to properly run social media platforms.

Micro Media Marketing runs a various number of different types of campaigns depending on the type of company they are working with.  Many of the campaigns revolve around Facebook advertisements, contests, and promotions.  When working on a Facebook advertising campaign they are extremely targeted to the demographic they want.  One client of theirs started out on Facebook with no fans at all.  They own a bedding company that sells top brand items in bedding.  Instead of just creating a campaign with different keywords that would go back to the company, they created one with keywords targeted towards their audience.  The goal was to target the people who are interested in the brands that the company sells which was mainly women, so they also targeted women in the ages of 25 to 45.  Chocolate Cake

Campaigns that they have found to be successful on Facebook are birthday campaigns.  For these campaigns, they usually post a positive message to associate with a fan wishing them Happy Birthday.  Added to the message they usually include a picture of a cake with candles or a little kid with chocolate cake all over their face.  A campaign like this is simple and has a positive affect on the company.  Another type of campaign they have noticed to get a high response rate are ‘like’ campaigns.  When running any type of these campaigns, it is very important to monitor changes.  If you are running a Facebook advertisement campaign then tweak your ads every now and then.  Do not just stick with one, change it up to see which ad gets the most response.

For many of the campaigns Micro Media Marketing runs the expected results are usually the same.  People want to get as many ‘likes’ as possible on Facebook, they want their click through rate to be high, and they want their fans to interact with them on social networks.  If a company has a lot of ‘likes’ and comments on their web pages then that will put them higher in the news feed, gaining them more visibility.  A great way to become more visible to fans is to ask questions.  This will not only build more awareness for the company, but it is also a great way to get fan interaction.

On top of running day to day tasks of each companies social media marketing strategies, Micro Media Marketing also creates a monthly report for each company showing Facebook insights and if the targeted demographic is being reached.  They also try to use links that are trackable and synced to Google analytics.  This way than can show their clients the traffic going to their site, what strategies are working the best, and which products people are most interested in.

When it comes to sending out messages to targeted audiences, the team relies mostly on Twitter. ” Twitter is cool because you don’t have to know people to interact with them and you can monitor keywords. On Facebook you can only see what people write on walls, Twitter takes it further so you can dig down and monitor key words about products, services, and company names.”  Twitter is also a good customer service tool for businesses to interact with their customers about problems they may be having.

Along with her busy schedule at Micro Media Marketing, Stephanie, founder of Micro Media Marketing, also loves to blog.  Because she has always been so interested in social media, she now shares her insights with her readers.  If there is an upcoming conference that Stephanie is going to attend she will set up a guide for other people attending the conference.  She will let them know what time each event will be and what they should expect.  After the conference is over, she does a review of what she learned and shares it on her blog.  Even though social media is constantly changing, Stephanie and her team at Micro Media Marketing stay on top of the new trends of social media to make sure their clients get the best they can offer.

The Innovative Campaign That Caught Millions of People’s Attention

Think! Social Media focuses on creating successful social media campaigns for people in the tourism industry.  Their goal is to show people the many great tourist attractions there are around the world.  They create success for these people by finding innovative ways to communicate to people about tourism through social networks.

A good example of what Think! Social Media does is the story of their Super Bowl Social Media Campaign that quickly got 2.4 million people talking.  This campaign shows the power of social media and how quickly word can spread through social networks.  The campaign was focused towards Tourism Dallas the weekend before Super Bowl XLV between Green Bay and Pittsburgh. The goal of this campaign was to show people the many great tourism places there are to visit while in Dallas.

Think! Social Media started the campaign out by sending a Mystery Man to the cities of the two teams going into the Super Bowl.  They also contacted bloggers from each city with a high following rate and engaged readers to spread the word about the campaign and to give daily clues of where the Mystery Man would be.  The purpose of this campaign was to get people out and about the town to different places looking for this man.  You would see people talking to other people saying the phrase “Have you been to Dallas lately?”  The person to say that to the Mystery Man was to instantly win tickets to the Super Bowl, four night accommodations, tickets to the NFL experience, and cash to go towards travel.  The result of this was thousands of people roaming the streets trying to find this man.

Each clue that was given was tied with imagery and facts of popular places to visit in Dallas.  Adding pictures to the clues made sharing the clues easy to post on Twitter and eye-catching to those on Facebook.   As the weekend went on the clues would continue to become more specific of the whereabouts of the Mystery Man.  One example of a clue was “At 3pm the Mystery Man will be exploring around Market Square.”   In order to get access to the clues given, participants would have to first go to Visit Dallas Facebook Fan Page and ‘like’ it.

When Think! Social Media started this Mystery Man campaign, they knew it was a great idea, but the results that came from it exceeded all expectations.  Millions of people were talking about the Mystery Man, going up to strangers asking if they have been to Dallas lately.  Before the campaign started the Visit Dallas Facebook Fan Page only had 600 fans, by the end of the first day as word spread, their fan base grew to one thousand.  As word spread even further news stations began reporting about what they were doing.  By then end of the week, the Facebook fan page had over three thousand fans.  Once the first clue was given out the Friday before the big game, there were people flooding the streets of Green Bay and Pittsburgh searching for the Mystery Man.  Many stayed active on Facebook and Twitter talking with others about where he may be.  Their goal had been accomplished once they noticed millions of people in two large cities were constantly talking about Dallas and it still did not end there.

By the end of Friday night the Dallas fan page had grown to eight thousand ‘likes’ and their Twitter account had well over 1,500 followers.  Once Saturday came around there were so many people searching the streets for this man that it was hard for him to go unnoticed.  The man in Green Bay was first found by a homeless couple living at a local shelter, then shortly after the man in Pittsburgh was found in the afternoon.  News stations went on a frenzy interviewing the winners, inviting them on their shows.  A countless number of blogs, radio stations, websites and newspapers were reporting about this very successful campaign.

Think! Social Media is very proud of the success of this campaign.  It was a campaign that got millions of people talking that they did not cost a single dollar of media spend to promote it.  This shows just how powerful social networks on the web can be.  The team at Think! Social Media knew that all they needed to do was reach out to the right people, in this case it was football fanatics.  Once they reached out to those with a love of football, it was all smooth sailing from there.  The people of the cities did the promoting for them by spreading the word about Dallas.  The campaign brought awareness of all the attractions there are too see when visiting Dallas.

Along with the many campaigns Think! Social Media does for their clients, they also offer destinations five core-services: Education, Research, Strategy Development & Applications, such as their CMS welcome pages or Wildfire Facebook Competitions on their Facebook accounts.  They work their hardest to bring awareness to Destination Marketing Organizations around the world.

Ben VadaszWe are passionate about what we do and we believe that we are helping the world by enriching the travel experience of the consumer,” quote from Co-Founder of Think! Social Media Ben Vadasz

Links to other successful campaigns run by Think! Social Media

Calgary Stampede has been a client of Think! Social Media for 2 years.  When they first started business together Calgary Stampede only had 4,000 ‘likes’ on their Facebook Fan Page.

When Tourism Montreal came to Think! Social Media they only had 4,500 ‘like’, today that is much different.

Another popular campaign Think! Social Media ran was for Northern British Columbia.  The campaign was a niche campaign that targeted towards people with a love of fishing that is offered in Northern BC.  During the campaign the client gained over 4,000 fishing industry influencers engaging on the Northern BC Facebook Page.

Popular Facebook apps Think! Social Media built for clients of theirs

Facebook Users Vote in New KSL Social Media Campaign

KSL-TV launched a new social media campaign for local charities allowing Facebook users to vote on which charity is most deserving of $20K. The donation was made possible by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation.

The two week campaign, KSL Cares, gave five organizations a chance to win the money including Catholic Community Services of Utah, Primary Children’s Medical Center, The Road Home, the United Way of Salt Lake and the YWCA of Salt Lake City. “They are local charities that we feel are in need or that serve a great community need,” KSL’s Tanya Vea said. She also stated that the goal of this campaign was to raise awareness for the organizations either by getting people to donate or even volunteer.

It was all up to Facebook users to decide the winner of this campaign. Whichever charity received the most likes on KSL-TV’s Facebook page, as well as the amount of links shared on individual Facebook pages, would win the $20K donation. They did not want the losing charities to go empty handed, so the four that did not win the grand prize still received $1,250 each from the foundation.

Every night, for five nights, at 5 p.m. KSL-TV dedicated that spot to one of the five organizations, highlighting what their purpose is. Viewers were then able to learn background information on each organization deciding which one they thought deserved the grand prize.

Many users showed their support throughout the two week campaign giving Primary Children’s Medical Center the win. “We have 15,000 friends on Facebook, and I think that was a show of support from the community that we dearly appreciate,” said Primary Children’s CEO Joe Mott. “Surely that money will be a blessing for children’s lives in the community”.