5 Tips to Start your Customer Referral Program

To face the challenge from growing competition and an uncertain economic market, the latest technologies offer a cost-effective edge. Amongst other digital marketing solutions, a robust referral program is considered one of the best tools in the marketer’s arsenal. By engaging your audience with a customer referral rewards program, you can leverage word-of-mouth marketing to spread buzz about your brand and even go viral. When someone tells you about their positive experience with a store or brand, you develop your own trust in that store or brand. Today, as customer referral programs are increasingly used by a variety of businesses in a number of different markets, their effectiveness is only beginning. We can find customer referral programs in high-end salons, basic car wash operations, boutique stores, major banks, esteemed educational institutes, and more. Customer referral programs have become a valuable, affordable and reliable way to bring more leads and sales without additional marketing hassles. There are plenty of ideas and tips to get started with a customer referral program for your business, and trust me, it will be fun.

Understand Your Customers

The first step to establishing a strong relationship with your customers is to know them better. You must know what your customers like or dislike, how they react when they shop at your store, what their expectations are, their shopping behavior and much more. Once you have this data on your customers, you can customize a customer referral program and build a rewards program that surprises and delights. NextBee’s customer referral program can help your brand achieve these goals. As a market leader in providing an effective digital marketing solution in the most economical way, NextBee’s experience proves the value of a customer referral program. Once the customers learn they can trust your brand, you are already half way there. NextBee’s advanced automated system will take care of the other half. NextBee does this by offering your customers a selection from a wide range of rewards and incentives that keep customers excited returning for me.

Keep Your Customers Active

You must actively encourage your customers to participate in your promotional activities. This is not as difficult as it may seem. Your customers already want to, they just need the right incentive. This can be achieved by integrating NextBee’s robust customer referral program. The tiered rewards help you achieve your goals. Through the referral program your customers will be able to start earning reward points for doing various tasks, like watching a promotional short video, taking surveys, participating in small quizzes and much, much more. Once the customers start collecting points, they can check their status on their own custom designed dashboard. They can also check the status of others and see how they are performing, which encourages friendly competition and the desire to perform better and earn greater prizes. The single sign on feature help your customers to log in from a single account. No more hassles to remember the login details created by multiple accounts.

Engage your Customers

This is one of the more important points which businesses often miss, and it is not entirely their fault. Today’s customers have plenty of options available to meet their needs. Leading some brands to spend more money acquiring new customers than retaining existing customers. Getting your customers engaged can appear difficult due to the fierce competition. With NextBee’s customer referral program you can reach your goals quickly. Our customer referral solution promotes your brand in a variety of ways and drives high quality traffic towards your website. By conducting regular sweepstakes or contest programs you can continuously build a base of loyal customers. While built-in security that exceeds industry standards ensures the integrity of your program. NextBee’s customer referral program offers benefits to the referrer and the referee as well, so that both feel rewarded and continue share their experiences with friends, business associates and family.

Motivate Your Customers to Bring More Referrals

Many businesses can feel awkward when asking for referrals from their existing customers. There is no harm in that, it’s natural. Ensuring your customers are satisfied can raise anyone’s anxiety, not to mention asking them to tell their friends, family members or peers. Introducing NextBee’s customer referral program. NextBee’s advanced SaaS marketing features makes the task easy by offering rewards and recognition to customers for recommending your brand. In just a short period of time, you can see the results that exceed your targeted goals. Proven experience taking care of customers has made NextBee the most reliable market leader. Trusted by more than 300 satisfied leading brands, and the count is increasing. You can definitely rely on NextBee for all of your referral program needs, and we assure you, we won’t let you regret it.

Appreciate Your Customers for Their Patronage

Never, ever, forget to appreciate your existing customers for their extended support for your brand. Customers always feel good when their name is announced and they are socially recognized. The same positive feelings are reinforced when they receive rewards for selecting their favorite brand, or shopping destination. This leaves an extended positive impact on the mind of the customer. One they will for sure share with their friends and through various social media channels, enticing others to visit your store and give your brand a try. NextBee’s customer referral program is capable of tracking the entire details of your sales process, and giving you accurate results. Through this data, you can customize your referral rewards campaign and generate highly satisfied customers. Once the system is set-up, the automated referral program will take care of your customers. You will never again miss an opportunity to say, “Thank You.”

Customer Referral Programs

Referral programs receive a lot of buzz these days. It’s not surprising to learn why. Referral rewards have proven popular with many customers, resulting in referral programs being implemented by many different types of businesses organizations. At its base, a customer referral program is simply a technique through which current customers drive new customers towards your website. Referral programs work by offering current customers enticing rewards or exclusive discounts. When you start getting new leads and new customers through a referral rewards program, you are establishing the strongest possible relationship. Lack of trust and confidence is often the main reason existing customers move from one brand to another. By incorporating customer referral programs on your website and into your sales process, you not only foster a strong relationship, but you also keep customers engaged through various interactive contests and other engagement activities. Referral programs have become one of the most advanced marketing technologies in use today. When implemented according to plan, customer referral rewards programs can deliver results beyond your imagination.

Get the Best Customer Referral Programs for your Business

How does an effective referral program work? Great question! Say, for example, a customer goes shopping for their favorite brand and receives a warm welcome, great service, and a lot of surprises like gifts, additional discounts or special rewards. Everyone in the world loves to be pleasantly surprised. When the customer has such a positive experience, they naturally start sharing their happy moments with friends and family. The customer’s referral recommendation will definitely bring more customers towards the brand that treats them this way. When they continue to have a similar experience every time they shop, the intensity of referrals will only increase. This is how word of a great brand spreads like wildfire. The best part? It works without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on marketing for a swarm of new customers. When you implement a customer referral program on your website, you are taking care of both the referrer and the referee at the same time. The only thing you have to keep in mind when selecting the best customer referral program vendor is who will be the most appropriate for your business. NextBee’s customer referral programs offer a remarkable level of flexibility and support, with the most advanced features available anywhere.

I have a Low Marketing Budget. Is it Possible to Deploy Customer Referral Program on my Website?

When cellphones first entered the market, they were bulky bricks and their cost was very high. As the technology improved and the market matured, the size and cost of phones were significantly reduced. This is very similar to when customer referral programs first hit the market. Now, however, the market is flooded with numerous vendors offering their unique take on customer referral rewards programs. If you are a small business or new startup looking to excel in a competitive market, and you want every option and feature available for you to pick and choose, you can rely on the referral program market leader – NextBee – for a tested and proven customer referral program. Through NextBee’s referral program, you will be able to recruit the key social influencers who will enhance your presence in the market. To maintain passion amongst your customers, you can organize contests and sweepstakes and bring more audience towards your brand. These are just a few of the many industry leading features which no other vendors provide. The proven track record of success, and the 300+ client base, is the face of NextBee’s success. As a young market leader, NextBee is proud to have built a successful and advanced customer referral programs for many different businesses.

Customer Advocacy Programs

Customer advocacy programs is one of the most advanced marketing technologies which encourage the existing customers to leverage the power of word of mouth and spread awareness about the brand. The process starts with generating highly satisfied customer and in order to achieve this success the brand has to take extreme care of their customers. Meeting the expectations and providing an environment that is filled with lot of rewards / incentives and interactive programs definitely keep the customers occupied with the brand over a period of time. Through the customer advocacy programs you can transform your customers to loyal brand advocates who will be more than excited to take your brand towards higher success as you are. With the advanced technologies you can always keep your brand advocates active like offering regular contests, earn reward points, badges, social following and lot more. From a centralized point you can easily track the progress of your brand advocates and keep them motivated with the powerful customer advocacy programs.

What Benefits can get a Brand with the Customer Advocacy Programs?

In this growing technology the market has come to a place where there is a fierce competition going on amongst the business organizations. Brands are taking all possible measures to make sure that their brand is showing up in higher position. Earlier days when there was less competition, entrepreneurs depend largely on the various traditional marketing tactics. But today the situation is totally different with more challenges; volatile economy and recession hit market. Brands have to show that they care for their customers by offering various rewards, incentives or social recognition through the customer advocacy programs. Once you have a team of loyalty customer you can encourage them to be the brand ambassador who will love to share their feedback with others, tempting them to visit the brand to do the shopping. There are plenty of benefits of having a proven customer advocacy programs in place and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Advanced widgets to keep a track of your brand advocates
  • Customized reward programs to keep your customers active
  • Technical support to monitor and maintain your campaigns
  • Spread brand awareness in the most cost effective way
  • Increase your sales turnover quickly

Solution for Customer Advocacy Programs 

Today the business organizations are not willing to spend huge money towards the expensive forms of marketing technologies where the return does not meet the expected results. Watching and waiting for the market to settle down is not a wise decision to build a strong presence in the targeted community. The market on the other side is getting loaded with the advanced marketing solution which has the capability to increase traffic towards the website. If you are looking for a smart strategy that is capable to drive audience towards your brand, build an army of loyal brand advocates, keep your customers active and increase your sales or return on investment quickly, NextBee’s customer advocacy programs should be the most ideal solution for your business to overcome the growing challenges by this downturn economy. Sign up today with NextBee and stay ahead in the competition in a short duration of time with guaranteed results. Trusted by over 300 satisfied clients you can definitely rely on NextBee in order to reach your targeted goals.

Online Customer Advocacy Program

The process of converting the regular customers to the most active members of the brand advocate team is the primary role of the most advanced customer advocacy program. The name itself suggest that the brand advocates is the group of like-minded people who like the brand, care for the brand and take all possible steps to ensure growth and prosperity of the business. But how to build a team of brand advocates in this fierce competition? Also the customers are being flooded with numerous offers which are very catchy and have the potential to drive them towards the brand. In these scenarios it becomes more difficult to retain the existing customer base. But by deploying customer advocacy program in the existing marketing mix, now it is possible. Through the proven customer advocacy program you can encourage your customers to increase their loyal activities and by offering them with outstanding reward programs can tempt them to become brand advocates. Brand advocates are always curious and excited to take the brand to higher levels of success.

Role of Customer Advocacy Program

If you have an effective customer advocacy program in place that occupy your customers and encourage them by offering rewards, you are not only building a stronger relationship with the customers but also motivating them to spread the buzz and bring more referrals along with them. To start with you have to take care of the customers and regularly collect feedback from them. Working on the weak points can definitely assure your customers that you are taking care of them. This sense of feeling with self motivates the customers to get more attached with the brand. Through the time-tested customer advocacy program any business organization can avail many advantages to stay ahead in the competition like:

  • Increase more fans and followers towards your brand
  • Extend the reach of your targeted market
  • Build strong relationship with the customers
  • Reward programs to keep your customers active
  • Technical support from their respective account managers

Looking for a Reliable Customer Advocacy Program?

Never underestimate the power of word of mouth; it can transform any business towards growth and prosperity if being utilized with the assistance of the experts. But you have to be very careful while selecting the most appropriate customer advocacy program for your business as it might vary from business to business. If you want a solution that will excite the customers to revisit again and again, transform them to the most loyal team members, establish trust and relationship with the customers and give a maximum boost towards your sales and revenue, the most advanced customer advocacy program from NextBee is the right answer. You can for sure rely on the market leader NextBee for the customer advocacy program solution and take your brand to the next level of success. Call us today at 1-800-547-1618 and get your campaign started quickly to catch the market in the right time to achieve success.