Customer Referral Programs

Referral programs receive a lot of buzz these days. It’s not surprising to learn why. Referral rewards have proven popular with many customers, resulting in referral programs being implemented by many different types of businesses organizations. At its base, a customer referral program is simply a technique through which current customers drive new customers towards your website. Referral programs work by offering current customers enticing rewards or exclusive discounts. When you start getting new leads and new customers through a referral rewards program, you are establishing the strongest possible relationship. Lack of trust and confidence is often the main reason existing customers move from one brand to another. By incorporating customer referral programs on your website and into your sales process, you not only foster a strong relationship, but you also keep customers engaged through various interactive contests and other engagement activities. Referral programs have become one of the most advanced marketing technologies in use today. When implemented according to plan, customer referral rewards programs can deliver results beyond your imagination.

Get the Best Customer Referral Programs for your Business

How does an effective referral program work? Great question! Say, for example, a customer goes shopping for their favorite brand and receives a warm welcome, great service, and a lot of surprises like gifts, additional discounts or special rewards. Everyone in the world loves to be pleasantly surprised. When the customer has such a positive experience, they naturally start sharing their happy moments with friends and family. The customer’s referral recommendation will definitely bring more customers towards the brand that treats them this way. When they continue to have a similar experience every time they shop, the intensity of referrals will only increase. This is how word of a great brand spreads like wildfire. The best part? It works without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on marketing for a swarm of new customers. When you implement a customer referral program on your website, you are taking care of both the referrer and the referee at the same time. The only thing you have to keep in mind when selecting the best customer referral program vendor is who will be the most appropriate for your business. NextBee’s customer referral programs offer a remarkable level of flexibility and support, with the most advanced features available anywhere.

I have a Low Marketing Budget. Is it Possible to Deploy Customer Referral Program on my Website?

When cellphones first entered the market, they were bulky bricks and their cost was very high. As the technology improved and the market matured, the size and cost of phones were significantly reduced. This is very similar to when customer referral programs first hit the market. Now, however, the market is flooded with numerous vendors offering their unique take on customer referral rewards programs. If you are a small business or new startup looking to excel in a competitive market, and you want every option and feature available for you to pick and choose, you can rely on the referral program market leader – NextBee – for a tested and proven customer referral program. Through NextBee’s referral program, you will be able to recruit the key social influencers who will enhance your presence in the market. To maintain passion amongst your customers, you can organize contests and sweepstakes and bring more audience towards your brand. These are just a few of the many industry leading features which no other vendors provide. The proven track record of success, and the 300+ client base, is the face of NextBee’s success. As a young market leader, NextBee is proud to have built a successful and advanced customer referral programs for many different businesses.