Zip Into Fall Sweepstakes

As leaves are falling and the smell of fire places roam the air, people prepare for fall to come.  This year from September 22nd through September 28th Zipbuds became prepared for the Fall by running a week long sweepstakes called the ‘Zip into Fall Sweepstakes’.  The winner of this sweepstakes was announced on September 29th and received an iPod Nano.

Primarily promoted on Facebook with the help from Wildfire’s App Platform, Zipbuds targeted Facebook users including anyone who was interested in music accessory products.  Participant were also allowed to enter the sweepstakes through Twitter. With an average of 276 entries per day during the week, the targeted audience responded greatly and became very involved in the campaign.  The main goal of this campaign was to gain Facebook follows and likes while also compiling a mailing list for future e-newsletters.  As the campaign came to an end Zipbuds had received 559 new likes on Facebook from that week alone and totaled a number of 1,929 entries.

Throughout the week, the team at Zipbuds made sure to do daily promotions on all of their social networks including the team’s personal Facebook profiles and Twitter accounts.  They even included their families in the sweepstakes and asked them to promote on their own social accounts also.  Also, they promoted on various different Facebook pages, tech blogs, and forums.  Their goal was to keep the campaign on the radar so they showed up on the top of newsfeeds.  Along with all of the promoting, the sweepstakes was also the landing page for Zipbuds Facebook page.  This allowed any new people that came to the site to be aware of the sweepstakes.  One of the last tasks they did was encourage their fans to like their Facebook page before entering the contest.

Zipbuds remained very persistent in promoting the campaign and stayed consistent in sending messages out.  When they started the campaign they already had a great circle of supporters with many of their own contacts that helped them to promote the campaign.  They wanted to get the sweepstakes out there online to let as many people as they could know about it.  The business was greatly impacted by the results of the sweepstakes because it grew their mailing list allowing them to have more leads for their products.  There have been more and more people interacting on their website who are excited about future giveaways.  Because Zipbuds products are only sold on their website, the use of social media had expanded their reach to people.