$24,000 Worth of Prizes Given Away During “12 Weeks of Christmas”

Christmas is a special time of year for people all around the world, and it is also a great time of year for businesses to promote their products.  During a duration of 12 weeks from October 2010 to January 2011, ZAGG ran a 12 Weeks of Christmas Campaign as their way to ‘give back’ to their fans.  Throughout the 12 weeks they gave away iPods, iPads, iMacs, gaming systems and many other tech-related products to 78 different winners totaling to an amount of $24,000 given away.

The targeted participants of this campaign were Facebook and Twitter users.  In order for the participants to earn an entry into the giveaway they first needed to submit their e-mail address.  By having their participants do this, ZAGG was able to build up a mailing list for their e-mail marketing later on.  Once the participants submitted their first entry, they had the opportunity to post about the giveaway on their Facebook page and on Twitter to share with all of their friends and followers.   Doing this allowed them to enter in the giveaway two more times giving them a better chance of winning one of the many prizes.  Additionally to gaining more entries by sharing with their friends, fans were also allowed to enter the giveaway each week the campaign was running.

The success of this campaign came from all of the fans that were involved, continuously sharing with their friends on Facebook and Twitter and sharing links that would take them to the landing page of ZAGG.com where their friends could easily enter the giveaway again and again.  Throughout the 12 week period of the campaign the contest was shared 339,885 times on Facebook and 213,242 through Twitter, including coverage from a few small blogs.  With a total of $24,000 worth of prizes given away they also received a 452% jump of fans on their Facebook page during those 12 weeks.