“Brazil Sweepstakes” Creates Brand Awarness for Family Owned Business

One of the first thing many people do when they first wake up is start brewing a nice pot of coffee.  Coffee is a great way to wake you up and get you ready for what lies in the day ahead of you.  Nossa Familia Coffee is a family owned business that has been providing customers with coffee from their very own farm in Brazil.  To increase brand awareness and to share with others about their home grown coffee they came out with a “Brazil Sweepstakes”.

The sweepstakes was primarily targeted towards coffee drinkers but because of such a wide demographic they narrowed it down to people 18 years or older who reside in the US.  To help with spreading the word about the sweepstakes they  also promoted it at a local level with QR codes and paper entry forms at cafes and stores they retail.  The responses from their targeted audience was a great success where as before they started this campaign they only had 400 Facebook likes and closed at nearly three thousand.  This was very exciting to them because it allowed them to broaden their reach to people and was a way to get more online sales.

Many people shared the information about this sweepstakes with their friends and there was also many conversations about it on social networks from fans of the company.  They also found two different blog postings about it.  Along with promoting the sweepstakes at a local level they also hired a social media firm, BCause Media, to help more with the social media efforts.  Before the sweepstakes, Nossa Familia Coffee did not have a twitter account so they used the launch of the campaign as a way to start their new twitter.  Just in the time of promoting the campaign through twitter they had received 234 followers.

Results of the Sweepstakes

  • Increased online sales
  • Increased Twitter Following
  • Increased Facebook Likes
  • Generated a lot of people talking about the trip
  • Created greater brand recognition