I Wish I Thought of That Tees Sweepstakes Invovles Fans With Their Business

I Wish I Thought of That Tees started a very unique campaign in August called “Sh*tload of Tee Shirts.  They offer funny, affordable and comfortable tee shirts that have the ability to make anyone laugh.  In order for someone to enter the  sweepstakes they must enter in the required information, ‘like’ IWITOT’s Facebook page, and then they will have a chance to win one of each tee shirt they sell.

This campaign was started as a way for IWITOT to spread the word about their business.  With the use of social media to run this sweepstakes it has been a great way for the team to stay in contact with their fans.  By asking for their e-mail address when entering the sweepstakes, it allows the team to send out e-mails to the people who are interested in their products.  They believe if people like their products, then they will continue to shop with them.  Another purpose of this campaign was to get their fans involved with their community and business.  The team at IWITOT loved the idea of this campaign when they were planning it out because they found it to be a fun contest and a great way to give away as many tee shirts as possible.

The main target audience for their campaigns are college students, so they make sure keep their tee shirt designs upbeat, funny, and friendly.  Along with promoting their sweepstakes through social media, they also love to travel to different universities to really reach out to their audience.  During college events they will go up to many of the students and say “Hey, like our Facebook page and you have the opportunity to sign up for our sweepstakes.”   The I Wish I Thought of That Tee’s blog is also regularly updated with funny content their fans can read, and it is a good way for them to stay connected to their fans.  They work their hardest to get and keep people involved with their business.

This business was built from the ground up and the results of this sweepstakes has gained them great publicity.  Their Facebook and Twitter are updated daily giving their fans important information.   Although the campaign is still underway,  so far there has been a tremendous effect on their business and getting the word out.