Earthgarage builds Facebook Fan Base From Scratch

Lately it seems that everyone is trying to ‘go green’ so they can keep the environment a healthier place to live.  Earthgarage is taking their part in a healthy environment by offering automotive products that helps keep your car running better and your wallet looking fatter.  They have ran many different global promotions giving away these ‘green’ products to generate traffic to their website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

As they are trying to create a presence on Facebook they create different promotions of products for people to win.  In the past they have given away tire gauges, advanced spark plugs, and CarMd, a device that gives drivers a heads up on the check engine light. Currently they are running a sweepstakes to give away a micro green oil filter that allows you to drive 30 thousand miles between oil changes.  At the beginning of the summer in June, they had only 200 fans, and now after running a few of those promotions they are pushing two thousand.  Another reason for running these promotions is to create mailing lists.  They have a newsletter that they run each week so it is a good way to let their fans know about new products and other ways they can learn to ‘go green’.

To promote each of the campaigns, they diligently post different blog entries and keep all their followers updated on Twitter.  They also find other Facebook pages that are environmentally friendly and they post on those pages.  They do their best to merchandise their products along with running their weekly newsletter.

Running these different promotions allows Earthgarage to highlight new products they come across and also to let their fans know what is on sale.  All of these promotions are directed towards all the people that are concerned about the environment and want to make it a healthier place to live.  Their results have been fantastic as they have created a large fan base on Facebook from scratch and in a cost effective way have built brand awareness.