Blendtec’s Will it Blend? Campaign Goes Viral

Will it Blend? is a viral marketing campaign of a series of Youtube videos done by the founder of Blendtec, Tom Dickinson. In each video Dickinson demonstrates the power of his Total Blender by blending various items starting anywhere from ice to a golf club. This campaign was first started after Dickinson attempted to blend a box of matches.

Tom Dickinson takes requests on what to blend from Facebook followers.  At some point during each video a subtitle will appear stating whether or not particular items are safe to blend at home.  If not a subtitle appears saying “Do not try this at home,” if it is, then “Please try this at home” appears.  Items like cell phones and golf balls are not safe and Dickinson warns viewers to not breath in the smoke after blending.  While Tom waits for the outcome of each blend he just stands there and smiles.  Once it is finished, he empties the contents on to his table showing viewers what is left of the items.  Then the subtitle “Yes it Blends!” appears before the video ends.

Some of the fan suggestions include baseballs, light bulbs, make-up, and even a crowbar.  The episode in which Tom Dickinson was going to blend a crowbar gets interrupted when a few of the crew member’s cell phones start ringing.  Dickinson told them that cell phones were not allowed and compensated all cell phones and blended them.  In another video, Dickinson showed fourteen feet of a garden hose get turned into dust.

Not only does Dickinson appear in the videos but he is also the engineer behind the blenders, some features being created by accident.  For example, the winglets on the blade were designed because a regular blade did not fit.  He tried to get rid of the winglets but then found out that the blender did not work as well, and what about the patented ‘wild side’ that makes the blender work better?  Turns out he put that there just because he needed room for his hand.  They were both accidents, but happy ones at that.

Along with the success from the videos, Dickinson has also made many national television appearances including NBC,  The Tonight Show and also History Channels.  On The Tonight Show, he showed fans that he could blend a rake handle in just seconds. 

 The start of the campaign was a great success and increased Blendtec sales very quickly.  Everyone wants a sturdy blender that will last a long time.

“The campaign took off almost instantly. We have definitely felt an impact in sales. Will it Blend has had an amazing impact to our commercial and our retail products.”

With all the media on Will it Blend? there is no wonder why this campaign went viral so quickly.  Fans loved to watch what was going to get blended next.  Because of the campaigns great success Blendtec now sells Will it Blend? merchandise including a t-shirt saying “Tom Dickinson is my Homeboy”.