Algonquin Outfitters 11th Photo Contest Creates a Positive Interacation with Clients

Algonquin Outfitters have been no strangers to using social media to promote their products.  Just recently they ended their eleventh online photo contest as a way to increase traffic and memberships on their Facebook page and website through interactions between their business to clients, and interactions between clients to clients.  One of their main goals of running these photo contests, which are ran three times a year, is to gather photos that can be used in their marketing strategies, and to also create a positive interaction with their clients.

The targeted audience for these photo contests are people with a joy of photography including visitors of the Algonquin Park area.  Throughout the years of these contests the audience has responded greatly by submitting many photos and also viewing other photo entries.  In order to get the information out about each of these contests they broadcast it out to all of their online followers while also promoting it through traditional advertising.  Many of Algonquin Outfitters Facebook and Twitter followers rebroadcast the information to their friends and followers, allowing many more people to hear about it.  There have also been other blogs and websites who have picked up on the contests and they share the information with even more followers.  In the online news, The Globe and Mail wrote an article about these contests and their ability to attract new members while also increasing interaction with current their members.

How These Contests Have Impacted Their Business

  • Traffic and interactions continuously grow
  • Larger media stations are starting to take notice
  • Clients are taking more ownership for the contest
  • Self policing by members seem to be picking up
  • More visitors to their website
  • More in store customers are asking about the contest
  • More people are booking trips with and them and making more purchases from their stores

As Algonquin Outfitters have been doing more and more with their social media marketing efforts and less with traditional advertising, they have been noticing major increases to their business.  They make sure when promoting the contests they spread the word through all of their social media websites.  They still continue to use some traditional advertising to make sure they reach out to all markets.  They build a sense of ownership by allowing their members to comment on the photos that are entered in the contests.  Also, the previous winners are brought back to judge the new contest, which has had a positive impact because it allows members to feel like they have complete ownership of the contest.