5 Tips to Start your Customer Referral Program

To face the challenge from growing competition and an uncertain economic market, the latest technologies offer a cost-effective edge. Amongst other digital marketing solutions, a robust referral program is considered one of the best tools in the marketer’s arsenal. By engaging your audience with a customer referral rewards program, you can leverage word-of-mouth marketing to spread buzz about your brand and even go viral. When someone tells you about their positive experience with a store or brand, you develop your own trust in that store or brand. Today, as customer referral programs are increasingly used by a variety of businesses in a number of different markets, their effectiveness is only beginning. We can find customer referral programs in high-end salons, basic car wash operations, boutique stores, major banks, esteemed educational institutes, and more. Customer referral programs have become a valuable, affordable and reliable way to bring more leads and sales without additional marketing hassles. There are plenty of ideas and tips to get started with a customer referral program for your business, and trust me, it will be fun.

Understand Your Customers

The first step to establishing a strong relationship with your customers is to know them better. You must know what your customers like or dislike, how they react when they shop at your store, what their expectations are, their shopping behavior and much more. Once you have this data on your customers, you can customize a customer referral program and build a rewards program that surprises and delights. NextBee’s customer referral program can help your brand achieve these goals. As a market leader in providing an effective digital marketing solution in the most economical way, NextBee’s experience proves the value of a customer referral program. Once the customers learn they can trust your brand, you are already half way there. NextBee’s advanced automated system will take care of the other half. NextBee does this by offering your customers a selection from a wide range of rewards and incentives that keep customers excited returning for me.

Keep Your Customers Active

You must actively encourage your customers to participate in your promotional activities. This is not as difficult as it may seem. Your customers already want to, they just need the right incentive. This can be achieved by integrating NextBee’s robust customer referral program. The tiered rewards help you achieve your goals. Through the referral program your customers will be able to start earning reward points for doing various tasks, like watching a promotional short video, taking surveys, participating in small quizzes and much, much more. Once the customers start collecting points, they can check their status on their own custom designed dashboard. They can also check the status of others and see how they are performing, which encourages friendly competition and the desire to perform better and earn greater prizes. The single sign on feature help your customers to log in from a single account. No more hassles to remember the login details created by multiple accounts.

Engage your Customers

This is one of the more important points which businesses often miss, and it is not entirely their fault. Today’s customers have plenty of options available to meet their needs. Leading some brands to spend more money acquiring new customers than retaining existing customers. Getting your customers engaged can appear difficult due to the fierce competition. With NextBee’s customer referral program you can reach your goals quickly. Our customer referral solution promotes your brand in a variety of ways and drives high quality traffic towards your website. By conducting regular sweepstakes or contest programs you can continuously build a base of loyal customers. While built-in security that exceeds industry standards ensures the integrity of your program. NextBee’s customer referral program offers benefits to the referrer and the referee as well, so that both feel rewarded and continue share their experiences with friends, business associates and family.

Motivate Your Customers to Bring More Referrals

Many businesses can feel awkward when asking for referrals from their existing customers. There is no harm in that, it’s natural. Ensuring your customers are satisfied can raise anyone’s anxiety, not to mention asking them to tell their friends, family members or peers. Introducing NextBee’s customer referral program. NextBee’s advanced SaaS marketing features makes the task easy by offering rewards and recognition to customers for recommending your brand. In just a short period of time, you can see the results that exceed your targeted goals. Proven experience taking care of customers has made NextBee the most reliable market leader. Trusted by more than 300 satisfied leading brands, and the count is increasing. You can definitely rely on NextBee for all of your referral program needs, and we assure you, we won’t let you regret it.

Appreciate Your Customers for Their Patronage

Never, ever, forget to appreciate your existing customers for their extended support for your brand. Customers always feel good when their name is announced and they are socially recognized. The same positive feelings are reinforced when they receive rewards for selecting their favorite brand, or shopping destination. This leaves an extended positive impact on the mind of the customer. One they will for sure share with their friends and through various social media channels, enticing others to visit your store and give your brand a try. NextBee’s customer referral program is capable of tracking the entire details of your sales process, and giving you accurate results. Through this data, you can customize your referral rewards campaign and generate highly satisfied customers. Once the system is set-up, the automated referral program will take care of your customers. You will never again miss an opportunity to say, “Thank You.”