Petit Elefant- Family, Fashion, Travel, and Home Life

Petit Elefant, a blog started for women around the web, is based on family lifestyles and is broken down into four different categories: Family, Home, Style, and Travel.  Allison Czarnecki, founder and editor, takes her life experiences as a mom and blogs about them so other moms can relate. Because of her love of fashion, she also blogs about new styles and other ways to help women look and become healthier.

Each post on Petit Elefant is about Allison’s life as a mom, wife, and for her love of fashion.  Her family enjoys to travel often so she includes the struggles and enjoyment of traveling with children.  She gives advice on which hotels are the best to stay at when traveling with your families, and mentions to make sure to always have wet wipes.  She communicates with her readers and sometimes even they give her advice.  On a recent trip to Europe for a month, readers gave her advice on how to pack lightly.  Many said to roll your clothes as you are packing them, and it works!  When Allison got back from her trip she posted about how easy it was to pack lightly for a month trip.  By rolling her clothes and her children’s clothes, they were able to have a nice, enjoyable trip without having to worry about a bunch of luggage.  For the plane ride, each of her kids had their own backpacks equipped with everything they needed for the 25 hours of flight time.  She also mentioned that it was a blessing when she found out each of her kids would have their own TV to watch Nickelodeon on.

While Allison and her family were in Europe, she wanted to go to this big talked about flee market.  She wrote that in Utah, where she lives, there are really not any flee markets, just thrift stores.  So she convinced her husband Viktor to let them go for a day.  When they arrived they were shocked by all the gypsies and accordion playing Russians.  As they walked around there was so much to look at, but they were worried that some things they wanted would not be a good idea to take through customs on the way back home.  In the end, they walked away with only dominoes and a stop watch.  In this post, Allison explains all the difficulties they had while they were at the flee market.  What she talks about is solely based on real life experiences that could happen to any one of her readers.

When Allison talks about her family you can tell how greatly she cares about each one of them.  One of her most recent posts is about her children starting school this week.  Her daughter, who is 10, has already been in school a few years but her son, 5, is just starting first grade.  He is ready to start going to school with all the big kids, but Allison talks about how hard it still is to watch them grow up.  Also, Allison talks about how it is important to give your kids opportunities to always try new things. The stories she share all relate to mothers all over the world.  Her blog is a place for them all to talk to each other about the joys and hardships of life and motherhood.

In Allison’s style section she has been doing a weekly “What’s in your Purse Series.”  She has asked her readers to take pictures of what’s inside their purses, and also what the outside of the purse looks like.  When it comes to a mother’s purse, there usually seems to be similar contents in each.  This series has been such a big hit with readers that this week is week 60 of the series.  She is also a big fan of European fashion and gives readers advice on what is in or out in fashion.  Everything that is fashion, she loves to talk about.  In one of her post she explains how to create homemade deep hair conditioning, in another she shows readers what she wore for the day.  Readers love the advice she gives, one reader left a comment saying “Can you please just come to my house and outfit me each day? That would make me happy. Thanks.”

Whether it is traveling, home life, or fashion, Allison shares everything she knows.  Daily she is active on Twitter and Facebook, giving advice to other mothers on the web.  With more than six thousand Twitter followers and one thousand likes on the Petit Elefant Facebook page she reaches out to many and builds relationships with the women who contact her through these networks.

Science for Citizens- Showing the Importance of Science Through Social Media

Science for Citizens is a place where citizens and scientists can become involved in many different projects.  For citizens it is a great place to contribute or find out more about recreational activities.  If you are a scientist, this website is used more as a science organization or community group.  You can tell citizens about the work you do and get them interested in helping out.  Science for Citizens brings the world’s science gurus together and provides them with various activities to do revolving around science.

Many researchers, organizations, and companies offer projects for citizens to take part in.  They encourage people to become more involved in learning and contributing to science through formal research efforts and informal recreational activities.  Among the general public they want people to appreciate and better understand the importance of science and technology.  This website is a shared space for scientists to speak with citizens who are interested in learning more of what they do and learning about their current research projects.  The team of Science for Citizens launched this site as a way for people to have fun while exploring the many experiences of science.

When you go to the website to find a project, you get to choose between many different categories of what may interest you.  You have the option to do a project with animals, food, education, biology, or pretty much anything you can think of.  Then once your category is chosen, you have the option of choosing the difficulty level of the project.  Once that is finished you will be redirected to many different projects you can look through and choose from.  On the website there is a members blog that you can write in while you are working on your desired project.  This way you can keep others up to date on how you are doing and even ask for feedback or advice on what you can do.   As long as you are a Science for Citizens member, you can write in the member’s blog and chat with others about the joy and changes of science.

I just discovered this site and really appreciate the inspiration it has given me.” a comment from a science guru.

Not only is there a blog for citizens, but the website itself has a blog that talks about everything related to science and technology.  On this blog they also write featured stories about citizens of the public who influence science in their communities.  To keep the world updated with all of their new projects, they turn to Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.  On their website they also have a way for you to like blog entries or projects that then show up on your own Facebook and Twitter account.  This way you will be able to get the word about science out to more people.  On Youtube, Science for Citizens has many different videos showing what they do.  The most watched video is nearly to having half a million views.

Science for Citizens has over two thousand likes on Facebook and more than four thousands followers on Twitter.  They want people to become more aware of what science is all about, and all of the great projects that can be done using the basics of science.  There is so much to be done and they want to share that with as many people as possible.


Bookieboo/Mamavation-Giving Women Strength All Across the Web

Leah Segedie is an inspiration to moms on the internet all over the world.  After struggling with weight problems throughout most of her life and having two children she became an internet icon to women after losing 170 pounds.  She has become the social media fitness trainer for moms just like herself using her online communities Mamavation and Bookieboo.

Everyday online, Leah is mentoring thousands of women who have suffered from weight issues.  On her blog, Bookieboo, she gives tips to women all over the world on how to lose weight.  Her goal is to help them through their journeys into living healthier lives.  Bookieboo, her very popular blog,  is a fitness community inspired by Leah’s real life accomplishments.


Bookieboo has been noticed by Woman’s Day, The Acorn, Yahoo’s front page, and Ladies Home Journal.  The blog was recognized as “Favorite Weight Loss Blog” in Fitness Magazine and Leah was named “Mom of the Year” by Shape Magazine.   This blog gives women the right social media tools to learn how to start living healthier lives.  On the website there are different groups in which moms can join depending on what it is they are trying to do to become healthier.  There is a Weight Watchers Group, Organic Moms Group, Walking Moms Group, and Real Food Mama Group.  In each of these groups Leah interacts with the members asking and answering questions.  She builds relationships with the women she is helping to give them support through their own struggles.Vegetables

Bookieboo is a community of women who can chat with one another, sharing recipes, workouts, and different ideas to living the healthier lives they all want.  They all stick together to get through their hardships with Leah as their leader.  The woman know that they can get through anything as long as they have some moral support.


Mamavation is an online weight loss support group for moms in social media, a campaign and Virtual Sorority all in one.  For the campaign there are two women called Mamavation Moms.  They endure in a seven week online journey that is displayed on the internet for other women to watch.  The moms share the struggles they go through while learning how to live healthy lives as mothers.  The goal of this campaign is to inspire others while showing that any challenge can be overcome, also, to save families from obesity by passing the values of what they learned on down through families.

To help these moms through their journeys they are provided with free professional support the entire way.  A customized nutritional plan is given to them to get started, along with a fitness program and weekly coaching.  Along the way, these moms receive free fitness equipment, weekly Chefs Requested meals, a gruve, and a Top Trainers DVD set.  All of this is made possible for these moms because of the help and support Leah gives them.

There are four of these campaigns a year, and each mom who applies must be overweight on the BMI scale and have an active Twitter account and blog.  The women are then chosen by @bookieboo (Leah’s Twitter name) and voted on publicly by other Twitter followers.  When announcing the winners, Leah throws an online Twitter party to launch the new campaign.

The Virtual Sorority, Mamavation Sistahood, is the first sorority ever created through social media.  The sorority was made as a place for women to create relationships with other women like themselves to support one another on the hardships that come with healthy living.  This is a place for the women to feel accepted for how far they have come in their personal adventures.  They interact through Twitter offering support using the hashtag #mamavation and create weekly posts.  On Monday nights, all the women get together for an online live chat show, Mamavation TV.  New women join all the time and just like a sorority, pledging takes place every Monday.

TreadmillLeah Segedie worked hard to become fit and healthy, now she wants to support everyone out there trying to do the same as she has done.  She knows how tough it can be to get through challenges, and that it is important to have support behind you every step of the way.  Taking small steps is the best way to go and to never overwhelm yourself.