A Viral Youtube Video Receives 5 Million Views

During the Obama vs. McCain election, Hooman TV came out with a viral video to explain the importance of youth voting in this election.  To help spread the video Hooman TV partnered up with LS Interactive.  Together they came up with a set of goals that they would like to see happen.  Their goals: to get over three million views and  3,000 comments about the video.

 To start off the campaign they went to Facebook to share the video through their newsfeeds.  While sharing the video through Facebook they also targeted political oriented groups and shared a brief description about the video and also posted a link to it on the groups’ walls.  Reaching out to people on Facebook was just a small section of their targeted audience.  They mainly focused on getting user’s attention on Youtube.  Their efforts were focused in a three pronged approach:

  • They remained active when viewing the comments that were being left about the video.  There were four people that actively focused on the comments and as soon as a comment was left, they would instantly respond with a comment of their own.  Doing this was crucial to the campaign because it was a way to keep discussions going.
  • They set up keywords that were popular in other political videos.  Youtube finds videos for users based on keywords that they use, so LS Interactive searched each day during the campaign for the top political videos and matched Hooman TV’s keywords to those videos.
  • They remained engaged with the blogs and other websites that had links back to their video.  Because of Youtube’s link data LS Interactive was able to find out which blogs or websites added a link to the video on their page.  Once they obtained that information they would go to the page and leave a comment thanking them for sharing the video with their friends and followers.  Doing this created even more discussion about the video and also made Hooman TV known as active members in the online community.

At the end of the campaign, the results were even better than they had expected.  Many different blogs and websites like CNET, Huffington Post, and Yelp posted about the video.  They exceeded their goal of 3 million reviews and ended up with over 5 million views of the video and it also received 3,692 comments.  With 3,700 user rating, the video received 4.5 stars.  The team of this campaign thought out every single step and set realistic goals for themselves.  Because they continued to stay active throughout the entire campaign, their goals were more than they could have hoped for.


Facebook App Raises $67,000 for Nature Conservancy

Keeping nature clean and sustainable is important for our future generations.  There are so many aspects on the earth that can threaten the survival of many places that are relied on by people and animals.  The Nature Conservancy makes it their goal to to get people involved in saving the planet from becoming destroyed.  In February of 2008 they came out with a new Facebook app to gain people’s attention on how to keep the earth healthy.

The Facebook app that they came out with was called Lil Green Patch, which was a little garden that Facebook users could tend to that showed up on their profile pages.  Each time a user worked in their garden or helped friends with their gardens, they would be raising money that was donated to Nature Conservancy to help save a rain forest in Costa Rica.  This app was known as not only a game, but also a business because there were around one million people daily that used Lil Green Patch.

The goal of this application was to get users involved in making a difference in nature.  They wanted to show people that they really could fight global warming if they all worked together.  This social media campaign was very unique in the way they made it fun for people to get involved.  The application was created to focus on the environment and social change but also to show users how easy it can be to make a difference in the world.

Not much longer after this application was introduced to Facebook users, it became one of the most popular apps on Facebook.  The extremely popular game created community and drive advertising impressions.  It has been estimated that users of this game could of been driving up to $165,000 in advertising revenue each month.

The success of this campaign was tremendous.  From the game alone, $67,000 was donated to the Conservancy which also made them the third highest non-profit organization to perform on Facebook.  They also increased their impact and reach of audiences by attracting thousands of new users to become involved with the Conservancy’s cause.  The money that was raised helped to preserve over 59MM square feet of Costa Rica’s rainforest, and the game also helped them in recruiting nearly 26,000 new cause members.


NWF’s Greenhour.org Site Doubles Page Views In Eight Months

Kids these days do not spend nearly enough time outside, it has been said that they only spend 50 minutes a week engaging in activities outdoors.  That is why the National Wildlife Federation created greenhour.org.  This new website of theirs encourages parents to give their kids at least an hour outside everyday, calling it Green Hour.  Their goal is to provide parents with the right tools and give them inspiration to add outdoor time into their daily life.

Children who play outdoors once a day are known to be more creative, have lower stress levels, develop stronger immune systems, and become fitter and leaner.  Nowadays most kids absorb most of their time sitting in front of a computer or television and are not getting the experiences of nature they need.  Not only is NWF reaching out to parents to give their children more outdoor time, but also to schools to see how they can increase outdoor time for their students.  Outdoor time during school hours have been proven to higher test scores.

When NWF started this new website they reached out to every possible social network that they could.  The staff first reached out to ‘mommy bloggers’ by posting comments on their blogs.  Reaching out to ‘mommy bloggers’ created  relationships with them as they are very influential in the social media world.  The next step they took was using a social bookmarking site, stumbleupon.com, to ‘thumb up’ the website pages in order to increase their search engine ranking by adding many inbound links.  The team also stayed very active on Twitter, promoting the new website.  Twitter also allowed them to engage with the people they were targeting, directly letting them know how important it is to spend time outside each and every day.  The final step they took to promote Green Hour was uploading the site’s content onto Kirsty.com, which is a mom oriented website.

With all of their social media efforts made, within eight months of greenhour.org going live, the National Wildlife Federation doubled their page views from 8,000 to 16,000.  In that time their e-mail list also doubled going from 2,500 e-mails to 5,000.  On top of those two jump in numbers, they also gained representation from ‘mommy bloggers’ all over the country.  The success from this non-profit organization is beginning to become know all around making parents aware of how important it is to spend time outside.


Cory Booker Connecting with Residents Through Social Media

Cory Booker has become a fan of using social media as a way to connect with the residents of Newark, New Jersey, the largest city in New Jersey with roughly 280,000 residents.  Booker is the mayor of Newark and cares greatly about his residents.  He uses social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and his blog to reach out to all of his supporters.

Mayor Booker uses social media to take action and show real customer service There is no team behind his blog or Twitter responding on his behalf.  He is behind it all making a difference, and at a very fast pace.  He is all about answering questions and providing his residents with any help that they need.

In December 2010 a horrible blizzard hit New Jersey and surrounding areas causing five feet drifts and many people to become stranded.  Booker went straight to Twitter and told his residents if they need help with anything to let him know.  Most of the roads were covered in drifts that restricted citizens from being able to go anywhere.  He started to get tweets back about roads that have not yet been plowed.  Booker would ask which roads they were and go himself to plow the roads, if a plow could not fit then he would be out shoveling the snow.  Many volunteers would go with him to get the job done faster, while he was at one spot, his team would be somewhere helping other people.

Another approach Booker uses Twitter and Facebook for is encouraging residents to become part of the night patrol.  In his messages he includes links to his Youtube videos where he asks people why they decided to participate.   He then requests that those people turn to the camera to state their names then shows them saying “I’m taking responsibility.”  Next to Twitter, Booker uses Youtube frequently already having 92 videos posted.

Although Booker uses social networks most of the time as a way to communicate his thoughts and ideas to residents, he still runs some campaigns the traditional way.  He has integrated social media into his campaigns as a way to reach out to more people and ask more people to volunteer.  Doing campaigns this way has made him popular with the people of Newark as it is an efficient way to connect with him.

Connecting with residents through social networks is done on a daily basis for Booker.  He is always out on different locations making a differences and cleaning up the city.  Through Twitter he keeps the residents up to date about what he has been up to and what they can do to help out.  Booker started his blog in 2008 and following that signed up for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  Ever since, he has made a difference through using these social networks with over one million Twitter followers and 49,000 likes on his Facebook page.


Facebook Users Vote in New KSL Social Media Campaign

KSL-TV launched a new social media campaign for local charities allowing Facebook users to vote on which charity is most deserving of $20K. The donation was made possible by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation.

The two week campaign, KSL Cares, gave five organizations a chance to win the money including Catholic Community Services of Utah, Primary Children’s Medical Center, The Road Home, the United Way of Salt Lake and the YWCA of Salt Lake City. “They are local charities that we feel are in need or that serve a great community need,” KSL’s Tanya Vea said. She also stated that the goal of this campaign was to raise awareness for the organizations either by getting people to donate or even volunteer.

It was all up to Facebook users to decide the winner of this campaign. Whichever charity received the most likes on KSL-TV’s Facebook page, as well as the amount of links shared on individual Facebook pages, would win the $20K donation. They did not want the losing charities to go empty handed, so the four that did not win the grand prize still received $1,250 each from the foundation.

Every night, for five nights, at 5 p.m. KSL-TV dedicated that spot to one of the five organizations, highlighting what their purpose is. Viewers were then able to learn background information on each organization deciding which one they thought deserved the grand prize.

Many users showed their support throughout the two week campaign giving Primary Children’s Medical Center the win. “We have 15,000 friends on Facebook, and I think that was a show of support from the community that we dearly appreciate,” said Primary Children’s CEO Joe Mott. “Surely that money will be a blessing for children’s lives in the community”.