I Wish I Thought of That Tees Sweepstakes Invovles Fans With Their Business

I Wish I Thought of That Tees started a very unique campaign in August called “Sh*tload of Tee Shirts.  They offer funny, affordable and comfortable tee shirts that have the ability to make anyone laugh.  In order for someone to enter the  sweepstakes they must enter in the required information, ‘like’ IWITOT’s Facebook page, and then they will have a chance to win one of each tee shirt they sell.

This campaign was started as a way for IWITOT to spread the word about their business.  With the use of social media to run this sweepstakes it has been a great way for the team to stay in contact with their fans.  By asking for their e-mail address when entering the sweepstakes, it allows the team to send out e-mails to the people who are interested in their products.  They believe if people like their products, then they will continue to shop with them.  Another purpose of this campaign was to get their fans involved with their community and business.  The team at IWITOT loved the idea of this campaign when they were planning it out because they found it to be a fun contest and a great way to give away as many tee shirts as possible.

The main target audience for their campaigns are college students, so they make sure keep their tee shirt designs upbeat, funny, and friendly.  Along with promoting their sweepstakes through social media, they also love to travel to different universities to really reach out to their audience.  During college events they will go up to many of the students and say “Hey, like our Facebook page and you have the opportunity to sign up for our sweepstakes.”   The I Wish I Thought of That Tee’s blog is also regularly updated with funny content their fans can read, and it is a good way for them to stay connected to their fans.  They work their hardest to get and keep people involved with their business.

This business was built from the ground up and the results of this sweepstakes has gained them great publicity.  Their Facebook and Twitter are updated daily giving their fans important information.   Although the campaign is still underway,  so far there has been a tremendous effect on their business and getting the word out.

Fashion Fever NY Gains Fans With Their Facebook Sweepstakes

Fashion Fever NY has recently ran a campaign that will hopefully help them to generate buzz for when their new online boutique opens up.  Their boutique will be opening very soon and their goal is to get fashion lovers’ attention to build relationships with them and create a fashion community.  Their audience responded greatly to the campaign and they  received more and more Facebook likes which helped them move in the direction they wanted in hopes of having a large following once the new website is up.

As this campaign was their first, it did not receive any outside media coverage.  It was more of a market test to see how well they are able to spread the word through their social network sites.  Next time around they are planning to take their campaigns to newer heights so they can reach out to all of the fashion lovers they can.  On their Facebook page they share all the latest news in fashion trends and same goes for their Twitter account.  Introducing themselves to their fans was the first part of raising their awareness and now their goal is to get the word out to even more fans.

The campaign opened many doors for Fashion Fever NY and they are excited for their next campaign so they can do even better. The steps they followed to make sure this campaign reached to their target audience was by paying attention to the ones that paid attention to the campaign.  The people who paid attention the campaign indicated the possible market that they were trying to tap into.  Fashion is global and there are so many people they wish to reach out to.  Future campaigns will address their mission properly.

“#ilikeprivacy” Twitter Contest Catches Internet Users’ Attention

Nowadays it can be hard to keep your online information private.  There are so many places that are able to access all of your information while you are using the internet.  Private Wifi is a startup company that is making it their goal to make sure people understand the importance of keeping your information safe.  To promote the importance of online safety they ran an #ilikeprivacy Twitter Contest from July 12 to July 22.  Users were able to go to Private Wifi’s Twitter page and tweet about any concerns they have about online privacy and security using the hashtag #ilikeprivacy.  After doing so they were automatically entered into the contest with a chance to win an American Express gift card.

The purpose of this campaign was to try and get all people to participate in order to share with as many people as possible about how important it is to make sure your information is kept private.  Online privacy has become an issue that is relevant to all internet users.  They found Twitter to be the best place to promote security due to their followers ranging from privacy advocates, security experts, technology influencers and the average consumers and internet users.  Private Wifi continuously encourages followers to engage with their contest, and it resulted in many contest entries.

1ST, 2ND, and 3RD Place Winners

  • @IveBeenMugged, he voiced his privacy concern, “Banks selling consumers’ debit card shopping habits to 3rd parties. Broken trust & don’t know where data goes.”
  • @AngelMom037 she tweeted, “I worry about buying online as my debit card # was stolen last year and used to purchase things overseas.”
  • @katmagick “I really worry about public WiFi connections and how secure or unsecure, they really are.”

This campaign helped Private Wifi spread the knowledge that public wireless users are not safe on public networks with out the use of their products to keep them safe.  They reached their goal of raising awareness around these privacy issues and security concerns.

“Halloween Pet Headquarters” Sweepstakes Creates Direct Exposure

All animals know that pets are more than just animals, they are family.  So just like you would for yourself it is important to keep them happy by buying them new clothing, toys, or treats. That even means dressing them up for Halloween.  Luxury Pets knows this very well as they ran a Halloween Pet Headquarters Campaign in October to promote their pet products.

In order to get the word out about the campaign they put out a press release announcing the event.  The press release received a ton of feedback and it was a good way for Luxury Pets to obtain their name.  The main goal of the sweepstakes was two pronged.  One was to gain a little more exposure through Facebook and other social media networks while also compiling together a mailing list for direct mail and e-mail campaigns for people with pets interested in the type of products they have.

The targeted audience for this campaign, people with pets, responded greatly as there were 1000 entries for the sweepstakes in less than one month.  The Luxury Pet’s Facebook page received many likes and they noticed a huge spike in their Twitter followers which is now up to over 5,000.  Many of these likes and followers came from the press release that was released at the beginning of the campaign.  That was picked up a lot by people and it turned out to be one of the most widely viewed releases that Luxury Pets has ever put out.  There was a lot of direct exposure that came from that alone.

The success of this campaign came from all of the exposure that they received.  As a small business they can’t get enough exposure so every bit of it helps them out.  Now that people know that they exist through Facebook and Twitter they are getting the best kind of exposure, people just knowing that they are there.  Each day during the campaign they would keep their fans updated hourly about the sweepstakes. Compiling a list of e-mails has greatly benefited their business because it can be hard to get mailing lists, and this way they were able to target the people who are interested in their products.

The use of social media and running this sweepstakes has been a tremendous part of advertising for Luxury Pets.  Social media is a better way to talk more person to person with your followers and build better relationships with them.  It helps businesses all around to get their messages out to the people who want to hear them.

Facebook Sweepstakes and Twitter Contests Create Brand Awarness

As a way to get generate  more traffic to their website, Food Republic has been very busy running different sweepstakes from their Facebook page and different contests through Twitter.   For these social media marketing efforts they target their site readers and men 25-35+ who don’t consider themselves as foodies but are interested in food as a way to compliment their other lifestyle interests.

Each of their efforts in social media are targeted towards driving more likes and followers while also engaging deeper with their fans on what they are doing editorially.  In past Facebook sweepstakes they have given away items that they have covered in their weekly editorials.  For their Twitter contests they have raffled off tickets to events that they host.

In a recent sweepstakes campaign of theirs they resulted in gaining 1000+ new Facebook likes including more engaged followers on Twitter.  The results from the sweepstakes allowed Food Republic to take products and events that their audiences were already interested in and provide them with a means of obtaining those objects.  This also allowed them to be more engaged with their online community through all of their social networks.

Destiny Diamond Contest Attracts Over Two Thousand Fans

If you are looking for that perfect ring to give the one you love then you have the chance to enter Fred Meyer Jewelers online sweepstakes.  For your chance to win a one carrot diamond ring from their exclusive Destiny Diamond collection you must tell them the reason you deserve to win the ring.  This very nice sweepstakes was created in order to launch their new collection and so far has had a great response from their fans.

Not only is the goal of this campaign to raise awareness about their new Destiny Diamond collection but to also engage with all of their loyal fans.  In the past few months they have noticed tremendous growth throughout their company so they want to make sure they provide opportunities for their fans to engage with their brand.  Their most targeted audience are females between 18 and 35 with an interest in jewelry.  So far that demographic of people have responded greatly as there are still a few days left of the campaign and they have already received thousands of entries.

The Promotion of the Destiny Diamond

  • Tweeted through Twitter with many retweets back
  • Picked up by various sweepstake sites which increased awareness of the offering
  • Added on to an e-mail campaign
  • Offered it via QR codes with print advertising
  • Made sure it was upfront and visible to fans
  • Posted on Facebook

The sweepstakes will soon be coming to an end on November 12 this month.  Although there are still a few days left it is safe to say that this campaign has already been a success.  With over two thousand entries so far there have also been many people talking about it.  This sweepstakes was a great way to create better awareness of their brand and can potentially bring in new customers to their online and retail stores.

Algonquin Outfitters 11th Photo Contest Creates a Positive Interacation with Clients

Algonquin Outfitters have been no strangers to using social media to promote their products.  Just recently they ended their eleventh online photo contest as a way to increase traffic and memberships on their Facebook page and website through interactions between their business to clients, and interactions between clients to clients.  One of their main goals of running these photo contests, which are ran three times a year, is to gather photos that can be used in their marketing strategies, and to also create a positive interaction with their clients.

The targeted audience for these photo contests are people with a joy of photography including visitors of the Algonquin Park area.  Throughout the years of these contests the audience has responded greatly by submitting many photos and also viewing other photo entries.  In order to get the information out about each of these contests they broadcast it out to all of their online followers while also promoting it through traditional advertising.  Many of Algonquin Outfitters Facebook and Twitter followers rebroadcast the information to their friends and followers, allowing many more people to hear about it.  There have also been other blogs and websites who have picked up on the contests and they share the information with even more followers.  In the online news, The Globe and Mail wrote an article about these contests and their ability to attract new members while also increasing interaction with current their members.

How These Contests Have Impacted Their Business

  • Traffic and interactions continuously grow
  • Larger media stations are starting to take notice
  • Clients are taking more ownership for the contest
  • Self policing by members seem to be picking up
  • More visitors to their website
  • More in store customers are asking about the contest
  • More people are booking trips with and them and making more purchases from their stores

As Algonquin Outfitters have been doing more and more with their social media marketing efforts and less with traditional advertising, they have been noticing major increases to their business.  They make sure when promoting the contests they spread the word through all of their social media websites.  They still continue to use some traditional advertising to make sure they reach out to all markets.  They build a sense of ownership by allowing their members to comment on the photos that are entered in the contests.  Also, the previous winners are brought back to judge the new contest, which has had a positive impact because it allows members to feel like they have complete ownership of the contest.


“Brazil Sweepstakes” Creates Brand Awarness for Family Owned Business

One of the first thing many people do when they first wake up is start brewing a nice pot of coffee.  Coffee is a great way to wake you up and get you ready for what lies in the day ahead of you.  Nossa Familia Coffee is a family owned business that has been providing customers with coffee from their very own farm in Brazil.  To increase brand awareness and to share with others about their home grown coffee they came out with a “Brazil Sweepstakes”.

The sweepstakes was primarily targeted towards coffee drinkers but because of such a wide demographic they narrowed it down to people 18 years or older who reside in the US.  To help with spreading the word about the sweepstakes they  also promoted it at a local level with QR codes and paper entry forms at cafes and stores they retail.  The responses from their targeted audience was a great success where as before they started this campaign they only had 400 Facebook likes and closed at nearly three thousand.  This was very exciting to them because it allowed them to broaden their reach to people and was a way to get more online sales.

Many people shared the information about this sweepstakes with their friends and there was also many conversations about it on social networks from fans of the company.  They also found two different blog postings about it.  Along with promoting the sweepstakes at a local level they also hired a social media firm, BCause Media, to help more with the social media efforts.  Before the sweepstakes, Nossa Familia Coffee did not have a twitter account so they used the launch of the campaign as a way to start their new twitter.  Just in the time of promoting the campaign through twitter they had received 234 followers.

Results of the Sweepstakes

  • Increased online sales
  • Increased Twitter Following
  • Increased Facebook Likes
  • Generated a lot of people talking about the trip
  • Created greater brand recognition