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LinkedIn LogoWith more than 120 million members, LinkedIn operates the largest professional network on the Internet in the world.  A place to get connected with other people and share knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a network full of professionals.  People use LinkedIn as a way to promote themselves or their business, they post their resumes to show others the success they have achieved.  Flyn’s view of LinkedIn is far from anyone else’s, but that is why his business is the success it is today.

Flyn Penoyer is a LinkedIn expert.  He teaches people the right way to set up their LinkedIn accounts that will generate traffic to their company website even if they are not a very active member.  Flyn does not view LinkedIn as a place to show a resume, but as a place to show people what he can do to help.

During a recent interview Flyn told me, “The unique thing I do is to treat LinkedIn as a marketing channel as opposed to using like resume or a website.”

The Business and How it Works


Flyn’s LinkedIn training resource website is a great place to start learning how to make your LinkedIn profile engaging to those who view it.  The success of your networking skills on LinkedIn, is all about the quality of your profile.  On this website, Penoyer shows users the the best strategies and tactics to gain more business and how to become more profitable on LinkedIn.  Flyn enjoys sharing his secrets and providing others with the information on how to become successful networkers by using LinkedIn.

Secret No. 1-Pure Networking- When starting out on LinkedIn it is important to take a pure networking approach.  You want to remember that a great networker is more about how many people he or she  connects than how many connections one has.  This is the foundation of any successful networking effort made online.

Secret No. 2- Visibility- To use LinkedIn effectively, it is important to know how to use the right resources  to bring more visibility to your profile.  You want to attract others to your profile, that way the more people that see you, the more likely you are to gain more business.

Secret No. 3- Being Invaluable- This is the most important secret.  You want to focus your efforts on being a great value to others.  The more they value you, the more business you will gain without even trying.

(These secrets came from Flyn Penoyer’s website and can be read about more in depth in his FREE LinkedIn Power Networking MiniCourse)

Flyn Penoyer’s LinkedIn Page

Flyn Penoyer Flyn says, “If you look through other people’s profiles, you will notice that under summary, they talk about themselves, and how great they are.  I get straight to the point and use it as a marketing piece. I tell people what’s in it for them, rather than talking about myself.”

Flyn Penoyer’s LinkedIn page is unlike others that you have probably seen.  Instead of posting his resume like many others do, he went on about how what he does as a LinkedIn Expert to help you.  One of the first sentences you see on his profile is “Reading my profile will help YOU improve your LinkedIn networking, sales and marketing efforts!”  As you keep reading on down to his summary he provides many free tips on how to make your profile better.  By adding valuable information and links to his website in the summary section, it engages readers to see what else he does to help with LinkedIn profiles.  There is nothing in his profile that talks about himself, it is only his job description and recommendations.

If you continue on to read Flyn’s recommendations you will also see that they are unlike most.  They are not about how great of a job Flyn did, but what he produced in results.  One recommendation from a CEO goes on to tell how Flyn doubled the sales team’s revenue run rate in just thirty days.  Another tells how watching one of his many videos about job searches has helped tremendously in improving their job search techniques through LinkedIn.

After watching his videos and taking his courses, you are sure to be a better LinkedIn networker.  His secrets are very helpful to others trying to become more successful in the social media realm.  To watch his videos you can go to his website and feel free to take the courses.  Get started now in becoming the best networker on LinkedIn you can be.

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Frog Social Media Solutions

Frog Social Media Solutions is a full service social media marketing and writing company that focuses on helping local businesses join in the social media world.  Currently their biggest focus has been promoting their own business to get the word out and share with others about their services.  Their goal is to acquire many more small and local businesses to their roster of clients. “We are attempting to maintain an outstanding online presence that is unmatched by any other social media marketing business,” quoted Founder of Frog Social Media Solutions, Vincent Frogameni.  In terms of helping businesses, they feel they can start to save mom & pop shops if they make their business present on social networking sites and build an all new fan base for them.

The progression of Vincent’s business has been growing daily at an amazing rate.  The team at Frog Social Media Solutions finds it to be very important to interact with fans and clients of theirs.  They have noticed that many social media marketers out there do not interact or engage with their fans on social networks.  That many of them just post news or new information about their businesses without any consideration of what their listeners think or have to say.  Another bad practice that they have seen from many social media marketers is their unlikeliness to provide feedback to clients about what is happening in their online community.  Vincent and his team make it their priority to create contests, events, and respond back to every single fan that contacts them.  They believe the whole purpose behind social media is engagement and interaction.

“We let our work and effectiveness speak for us.”


Lately Frog Social Media Solutions has been gaining a lot of recognition on Twitter and Facebook.  When they first started using Twitter and Facebook, they made the mistake of not visiting those websites at least once a day.  Vincent mentioned that if you have an account for both of those networks then you must stay very active on them and talk to everyone involved in talking about you.  If you have and inactive page then it is unlikely that you will gain any more followers or ‘Likes’ and you will instead start to see your numbers plummeting.  Out of the many social networks, Twitter is their favorite one to use. “Twitter is a great way to get your point across in fewer than 140 characters.”  They also mentioned that the amount of targeted followers that can be acquired is a great selling point for any social media marketer.  Because of the fact that Vincent and his team now stay very active on both Twitter and Facebook, clients have a lot more trust towards their company because they have online proof of how social they are and how much their fans love them.

One of the unique factors that I found interesting about what Frog Social Media Solution does is that they love to help others in the same field.  They have created different LinkedIn groups for other like minded individuals to stay connected.  Also, they provide information for other social media marketers to learn about what it is they are doing to help them with their own efforts.  One of the groups Vincent created on LinkedIn is called Social Media Marketers United.  With this group he plans on getting a bunch of social media marketers together to help each other by sharing industry information, answering questions, and bouncing campaign ideas off one another.

On Twitter and Facebook their main audience is other social media marketers and social media fanatics.  Social media is their passion and they find it refreshing to share their insights and services with others just as passionate as they are.  Fans of their business are always saying how much they love their “jacked” frog logo because of how much it stands out in a crowd.  Since they supply fans with useful information, they are proud to say they have not yet received a single negative response or comment.

“I would have to say that the single most successful accomplishment we have made is creating an engaged community. We love our fans and love chatting with them about everything social media!

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Fox eCampaigns

Working with small businesses and realty agents with their social media marketing efforts can sometimes be a challenge.  There are many tasks that go into creating successful campaigns for businesses who are not too familiar with social media today.  Jason Fox, founder of Fox eCampaigns works with these businesses to help them create a campaign that will get them recognized with their targeted audience.  When first starting work with a client, Jason sets up a meeting to figure out what they are already doing for their strategy, and what their niche is.  Once Jason has discussed what his clients’ want, he then creates a new strategy for them, or even comes up with a social media campaign.  Jason usually tries to get his clients interested in doing a SEO campaign because it is the easiest and quickest way to get noticed.  As long as you have the right keywords in the right places from a business website, then search engines are able to pick them up putting that business website at the top of list.

The strategy or campaign that is created depends on the type of company or business.  “There is not a one size fits all solution, it is very dependent on the different businesses, what a business wants to achieve.”  Most of the campaigns that Jason runs for his clients deal with creating a WordPress blog and e-mail marketing.  The goal is to create a campaign that will generate traffic to the business he is working with.  His favorite social media channel to use when promoting his own business, or one he is working with is Facebook.  Jason’s strategy on Facebook is simple, he posts about what he is doing on different groups and there are millions of people on Facebook so it is a good way to get your message out.  

While talking with Jason about any recent campaigns that he had done, he explained to me one he was currently working on for a mortgage company.  The first step for the company was to build a professional and completely customized WordPress site for its main office.  Then he was going to build twelve other WordPress sites on a multi-user platform for the twelve lenders of the company, each one of them being unique but still in some way connected to the main site.  The next step was to create another customized theme for the main website of the company put together with the strategy previously talked about in mind on how they want to offer different incentives.  The purpose of having the twelve different sites for each employee is so that they can all blog as an office.  Once one employee blogs about something, it will go out to the rest of the office so they can all stay up dated on what is going on.

Once the work of getting the strategy down and incorporating that in to each of the websites, he then planned to start an SEO campaign that would run on the main page of the main lead generation site.  The goal was to maximize five to ten keywords for the local area and then distribute them down to representatives.  After creating the best possible keywords for search engines to pick up, Jason then planned to syndicate them out to the custom fan pages on Facebook that he would also be creating for the mortgage company.  Not only would he create the fan pages with the same theme as the main websites, but he was to also create a Facebook landing page with the same branding to create credibility.  He then is going to shoot off to Twitter to post important information about the company to a whole different audience.  The most important purpose is to reach out to as many people as possible about the mortgage company.  He wants to get people interested in it so that they can have a larger fan base and gain more customers.  One of the final steps Jason planned to do in helping this company grow was to create a short professional video to post on the company’s main page of their website.  The video was to be about the company, what they do, and how people can benefit from their services.

Now this is just an example of a campaign Jason is currently working on.  Each one of the campaigns vary depending on what it is his client’s want.  Although each campaign ends up being different, Jason has found that the people he works with all want a similar result; that is to get potential customer e-mail addresses.  By getting a bigger amount of e-mail addresses, the businesses then have a higher rate of people to reach out to about the services they offer, meaning the more customers they are sure to get.

95 percent of people on the internet are on research mode, they don’t want to buy right away.”

When Jason works on his own e-mail marketing, he mentioned that every time he sends out an e-mail, he gets business.  People do not want to be sold right away, they want to do their research to see what best fits them.  By adding them to your e-mail list, then you are always at the top of their mind.  “You first want to offer them solutions to their business, be a publisher rather than a marketer.”

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SocioSaurus is a popular website started by Nicky Nikolaev as a way to help people get their business name out to potential customers.  This website is a place that gives useful information, tricks, tips and tactics showing how to better your social network profiles in a way that will help to generate more traffic.  Nicky teaches that the better your profiles look with good content, the more loyal followers your business will get.

All of the information provided on this website guides readers into the social media world.  The goal is to help people learn the proper ways of using social networks while also keeping up with the pace of how much social media is changing.  People need to be prepared and kept up-to-date with how quickly social media can change.  They  need to learn how to use it properly in order to get their name or brand out to the people who are listening.

“Social media is dynamic and is changing as we speak,” Nicky mentioned in a recent interview with him.

Social networks have evolved into businesses so quickly that many of them need help learning how to handle it.  Businesses are starting to learn that it is tough to gain attention from traditional marketing anymore, and that the best way to reach out to potential customers is  through the web.  Whether it is on mobile devices or computers, people are connecting through social networks daily.  Nicky comes into this equation by giving businesses valuable information on how to get people to be interested in their services.  When Nicky is posting on his website SocioSaurus, he makes sure that whatever he posts will be useful to people.  He mentioned that it is not a daily task that he does, he only posts when he feels that there is something valuable he needs to share with his readers.  One tool Nicky teaches is the right way to use search engines.  The most important part of a business is getting it out to those who may be looking for the products or services they have to offer.  Nicky has proven with his own efforts that optimizing social profiles puts you higher in search engines and will generate more traffic to the sites that show up first.

“If I can do it, you can too,” a quote from Nicky on one of his Youtube videos explaining how to properly market your business through social networks.

In the interview I had with Nicky he said that out of all the social networks there are, LinkedIn is his favorite one to use.  He said that is more corporate orientated and that it seems to grab more eye balls.  “LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses focused on B2B campaigns, and the right platform to reach out to clients.”  If you take a look at Nicky’s LinkedIn profile you will be able to see how the way he has it set up pulls potential clients in.  He has information based on what he does best including the ways that he can help you.  That is what businesses need to be doing.  They need to show their customers along with potential customers how their services or products can benefit them.  Also they need to produce eye grabbing content to their websites to get people interested in what they sell.  The more followers a business has, the more it appeals to other people.  If they see that there are multiple fans of a business, they will know it is a good business and want to check it out to learn more about it, considering going to that business for their products or services.

When it comes to helping customers in social media, Nicky feels that the customer is the most influential person.  If you do not respect, or listen to the customer’s wants and needs, then you are sure to fail.  Even if the customer is not well educated in how to use social media, you still have to listen to what it is they want to do and guide them in the right direction.

One of Nicky’s biggest achievements was when he drove a ton of traffic to a corporate website that had been unpopular for five or six years.  Nicky had the idea of integrating a blog into their website and wrote an article to try and generate traffic to the site.  He provided such good content that in just a couple of days so many people were checking out the site that it nearly brought the service down from so much traffic.

All it takes is visibility, good content, eye-catching profiles, and listening to what customers want to drive more traffic to a business website.  Nicky Nikolaev’s success has proven that all of these tactics work, and he loves to share them with as many people as he possibly can.  He shows how easy it can be to market a business as long as you are willing to take the time and learn.

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Brain Gain Recruiting

Brain Gain Recruiting does something that is not well known to many people when it comes to looking for people to recruit.  What they do is called Sourcing.  Sourcing is what it is called when you look for people online through social networks to recruit.  Sourcing allows recruiters to dig deeper in the web to find exactly who they are looking for.  With the help from social networks, recruiters are able to find out more information about a person than they have ever hoped to.

An expert at sourcing and employee of Brain Gain Recruiting is Irina Shamaeva.  Irina uses every resource she can find to search the web and social networks for the right people to recruit.  She uses advanced product sourcing tools to help her.  Today, with so many different social networks, there are many ways to find people to recruit.  There are blogs, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook, Twitter, and so much more.  Along with searching through those networks, Irina also runs many of her own websites including her blog, Boolean Strings, which she stays very active on feeding readers with valuable information about the correct ways to source.  More websites of hers are the Boolean Strings LinkedIn group-a large group on LinkedIn that gives people a place to exercise their abilities, and a Twitter for Sourcing and Recruiting group.  With all of the groups combined she has over twenty thousand members from 70+ countries around the globe.

The web is a space full of places to find out about people when looking to recruit.  There are so many different places to see what people do, what their interests are, and their favorites. So it really gives you an advantage when it comes to talking with these people.  You already know so much about them, it is easy to start a conversation with them and gives you a better chance of recruiting them.

When it comes to informing readers about sourcing, Irina turns to Twitter to give out information.   Not only does she use Twitter to talk about sourcing, but also to express herself.  Irina feels the best part about Twitter is how it can represent a personal brand.  It is a way to talk to millions of people about what you are doing, selling, or the services you provide.  It is important for businesses to remember that while using Twitter they can not just post every now and then about new products or services they offer.  They need to remember to talk with their customers and build relationships with them.  With over 14,000 followers on her own Twitter, Irina uses it as part of a way to influence other people about the great aspects of sourcing, and she forms relationships with these people.  “Part of a professional brand for internet resources and the right tools.”

As a recruiter, Irina is one of many, but as a sourcer she is very well known to others.  Irina has won two contests, runs her blog Boolean Strings, and runs her many other networks while also searching for people online.  She works very hard at what she does and is very talented.  Her blog, Boolean Strings, has only been ongoing for a couple of years and already has had one hundred thousand visitors to the site.  She feeds readers with free and valuable information.  With a technology background, she has also invented a set of her own tools to provide to other recruiters.  One of those tools is a search engine that goes past Google to narrow down the search results to the type of skills they are looking for in a person.

In 2010, Irina won the first  SourceCon Challenge giving her the title of Grand Master Sourcer.  SourceCon started out as an idea to develop an educational conference for sourcers and recruiters.  The fist conference held was in 2007 and since has become a place of knowledge for people to learn all about source recruiting.  One day while Irina was on SourceCon reading up on the weekly news she notice a word meaning Norther Flicker to be misspelled.  That caused her to go to Flicker to look it up.  From there she found the search for “tweety bird” was on a profile many times with seven different pictures.  While looking at the pictures Irina noticed most of them were taken near Phoenix, AZ and there was also a Google map that showed a little warehouse of where the birds were probably being nurtured at.  On the same profile she was looking at, there was a quote saying “A rocking good time with Ed Twinge.”  Searching for Ed Twinge brought Irina to another Twitter profile.  From there on Irina kept finding more and more clues that got her closer to finding the final clue which was a number to call.  Calling that number was the final step to winning the challenge.

Irina Shamaeva was very proud to win this challenge and was presented with the opportunity to speak at the next SourceCon conference.  She works very hard to give people the information they need when it comes to recruiting and has developed many advanced ways to source on the internet.  Her accomplishments and dedication to what she does, is the reason she has been so successful in her line of work.

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Klark Agency

At Klark Agency, Scott Klarkowski is a social media manager, strategist, and consultant.  He started Klark Agency as a way to help his clients accomplish their most ambitious marketing goals.  The goal of Klark Agency is to ensure that companies know exactly what they are doing to run successful campaigns and then giving them the help to create the best strategy for each campaign.

Klark Agency works mostly with non-profit and small businesses.  Scott has found that seven out of ten people he helps know the value of having social media in their businesses, but they need a little extra help to really understand it.  To help them run successful campaigns, the first step is to find out where the companies head is at, what the company does, and the best way to branch out new products.  Once all those are established, social media is then wrapped around what it is the company does.

“I have over 20 years of diverse business experience, I really love social media and  it is crucial to many businesses.”-Scott

Depending on the type of company that reaches out to Klark Agency, will depend on how each campaign will be handled.  A common factor in each company’s campaign is third party content.  Klark Agency produces this content for clients in order to generate traffic to their websites or Facebook fan pages. One of the unique factors of Klark Agency is how they incorporate photography into the campaigns from Scott’s own photography business.  Using photography keeps each campaign interesting and unique in their own way.   Recently a small local art center reached out to Klark Agency to gain help with their own social media efforts.  The art center is about to introduce summer classes and needed a little extra help promoting them in a way that would get people interested in going.  As an effort to help, Klark Agency is producing the third party content explaining how art classes are great for families under financial stress.  Producing this type of content for companies has noticeably helped their strategies move more smoothly.

When Scott is working on a campaign, he finds that the company employees he is working with really do not know what their brand is, so he helps to guide them.  “I find that the market right now is flooded with social media people and i feel like a lot of people don’t represent very well. We don’t have a great reputation,” Scott mentioned, “We are really valuable.”  When Scott is working on a campaign for a certain company, his goals depend on the type of company he is working with.  Usually he works with them to gain new clients, grow their database, grow in sales, and increase market share.  The campaigns he runs are usually for local companies in his area.  In a recent interview, Scott was proud to say that he has been very successful with helping businesses in social media, and he has not failed any task he has been given.

So far one of the most successful campaigns run by Klark Agency was for the local art center.  The art center was trying to get more people to come into their store so they came up with a campaign that would get more people coming in.  They advertised a certain day for customers to come in and once people started coming into the store they would have to introduce themselves then sign into Facebook or Foursquare and like the art center’s fan page.  After signing into either of the two social networks they would then receive a gift certificate from the art center for five or ten percent off of their first purchases.  Three hundred people showed up for that campaign.  From May to today that art center has received 700 ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

“The campaign was an overwhelming success.  For such a simple campaign, the hardest thing to do is get people to like you.”

Parallel to working with small and non-profit businesses, Scott Klarkowski has been working with musicians in a band called Anonymous to promote themselves through social networks.  For each show that the band plays they do Youtube promotions.  During a recent concert they ran a contest for the audience.  Whoever posted a video of the band’s show on Youtube would receive tickets to the next show, an autographed picture or a signed CD.  Their first concert was played in Iowa City for 500 people.  Out of those 500 people, fifteen of them entered the YouTube contest.  The videos that were recorded for that show were also put up on Facebook pages for friends to see.  The band’s strategy for this campaign is to play six times in one year at the same place.  Including a contest in the strategy makes it more fun for the audience to come and they are eager to see how this will affect their fan base and iTunes sales.

Many believe that using social networks is the best way to get promoted.  Big companies do not realize how powerful social networking can be, and instead they spend great amounts of money to advertise their products.  The strategies created by Klark Agency have been proven to help many small and non-profit businesses gain attention.  Scott is dedicated to his work and works his hardest to help businesses with their social media efforts.

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