Hubspot- Giving Small Businesses the Right Modern Day Marketing Tools

In the past couple of years the use of the internet has continued to change the way people do business.  Instead of people going out to shop, they do most of it straight from their computer at home.  Business are needing to become more innovative on how to advertise their products.  Hubspot recognized potential in improving social media marketing tools and has since helped small businesses learn modern day tools to promoting their business.  They noticed the way small businesses do marketing just was not working, same went for the traditional marketing ways.  Society was changing and so was the way marketing was being perceived.

About ten years ago if your company was interested in buying a new product or service there were a few more steps than there are today that you would have to take.  It would begin with going to trade shows, attending seminars, and reading journals about the desired products.  Your company would then learn more about that product from various different vendors.  Today that process is made much easier.  All you have to do is search for keywords on Google, then look through different vendor sites and find the one that suits your company the best.  Once that has been achieved you subscribe to blogs and forums to have discussions about the product of interest.  By the time you get the chance to talk directly with the vendor, you will already know just about as much as the salespeople do, making this process much quicker.  The results of this new way to shop has made the internet a more efficient marketing place.

The goal of Hubspot has been to help small businesses get found online and to give them advice on how to change prospects into customers.  Many small business websites have low traffic, are not visible by search engines, rarely get updated, and do not encourage revisits to the site.  Hubspot has made it their number one priority to change that.  They want to change those small businesses into top selling machines, giving them the right leads by turning them into more qualified opportunities.

When Hubspot first started as a company, they found it to be  pretty complicated to transform a company’s marketing methods.  They needed Search Engine Optimizations, blogs, social media tools, marketing automation, analytic tools, and landing pages.  The goal was to help the small businesses change their methods of marketing to match the way the market place works today.

The tools Hubspot offers to their customers are very helpful to the small business owners trying to market their businesses online.  “It turns out Hubspot really works because our customers get more leads at a lower cost and they get more customers at a lower cost than they ever could with outbound marketing and very traditional methods Brian Halligan, CEO and Founder.  It is time for businesses to really start engaging their customers through the web.  Because of  how quick social media has emerged into society, businesses need to realize the importance of it and how using social networks can really help their business succeed.


HubSpot’s Marketing Transformation Week

In April 2011 HubSpot hosted a week long campaign to teach marketers and businesses owners the benefits of transforming their marketing efforts from an outbound to an inbound approach.  They wanted to show marketers how important inbound marketing can be to attract your best leads and customers to your business through relevant content.  The Marketing Transformation Week campaign was packed full each day with information, tips, videos to watch and prizes to give away.

The fundamentals of the internet have changed the way people connect with others online so HubSpot found this to be the perfect opportunity to help marketers learn the new ways of connecting with their audiences.  Via Twitter, HubSpot’s goal for this campaign was to generate a significant buzz on the internet about inbound marketing and Marketing Transformation Week.  Included in the campaign was a slideshare presentation that was featured during the week long online event.  The team at Hubspot wanted to try to get this presentation out to at least 100,000 people during the week of the campaign.  Another goal of theirs was to emphasize HubSpot as the leading software to help businesses transform their marketing.

During this campaign there were a lot of components that went into making it fun and successful.  Each day they held a special live “HubSpot TV” video podcast episode where the co-host discussed marketing topics.  Any live viewers watching the podcast had the opportunity to win prizes like an ipad or a t-shirt.  “This helped promote the live interaction component and helped increase the reach of video podcast,” mentioned Rebecca Corliss, an inbound marketing manager at HubSpot.  The slideshare presentation was used to educate people on the value of transforming your marketing in a way that visibly appealed to the people and included interesting data.

Promoting Marketing Transformation Week was done very aggressively on HubSpot’s Twitter, Facebook, and blog.  For example, in order to be in the running to win one of the many prizes HubSpot was giving away, participants needed to tweet a message about their own reflections on marketing transformation using the hashtag #transform and the link  “People responded very well, with fun tweets about how they are transforming their marketing today or their own thoughts on marketing transformation,” noted Rebecca.

You can’t BUY credibility. You have to EARN it. #transform (via @himanshuchanda)

Engage and activate your fans/followers. Don’t collect them like cards.#transform (via @The3Motionz)
At the end of the week long campaign HubSpot’s slideshare presentation received 79,750 views and was the most viewed and downloaded presentation globally in April 2011.  22,000 of those views occurred on the second day after the campaign went live.   As of today, the presentation has now been viewed 82,794.  During the HubSpot TV video podcast there were approximately 100 live viewers and they received about 4,000 #transform tweets during the week.  Also, during that one week, Hubspot had a 33% increase in traffic to their website.