Mobile Merger Event

Mobile PhonesOn September 15, 2011 the web’s largest online mobile conference will be unveiled.  One small team is on a mission to teach you how to bring mobile into your business.   Mobile Merger will be an all day online event of learning and interacting with different speakers from large brands including Microsoft, Dell, Mozilla, Intuit, and many more.

Mobile Merger is aimed at helping businesses go mobile.  The event is formed around discussions, how-to’s, and hands on sessions.  From different speakers you can learn how to build on full blown mobile strategies, how to build text message campaigns, design mobile apps and much more.  No matter where you are, as long as you have access to the internet, you are able to join in the fun.

“We are looking to really kick off a big community, self titled Mobile Merger.  A destination for people to merge mobile into their business with articles, online events, and content,” said Founder of Mobile Merger, Geoff Peterson.  ” A rich community on how to go mobile.”

During the event there will be three different rooms to join in, Town Hall, Situation Room, and the Mobile Lab.  Starting at 8AM PST, you will get the chance to learn everything there is to know about merging mobile into your business.  Mobile Merger is geared towards professionals in marketing, technology, sales, and human resources.

The event will be a full day of 36 sessions.  In these sessions you will be able to log-in to a web browser where you can see and hear presentations from many speakers.  You can view PowerPoints, learn rich content, and do screen sharing with the speakers.  During each session there will also be a live Q&A.  You will have direct access to chat with all attendees, including all of the speakers.

Founder of Mobile Merger, Geoff Peterson, has been working his hardest to make sure this is one of the best online events to ever occur.  Him and his team have organized everything from finding all the speakers, to getting the word out through social networks.  Their goal is to bring people into their site to view an article on how to do a certain task in the mobile space.  Those people then realize that this is not just a good article, but that there is a whole event based on this article.  They have focused on having rich content on the site that prepares people for the event.  During the event, each session will be recorded for on demand replay.

Attendance for this event is expected to be over one thousand people.  To secure a spot for yourself you can go to  Sign up before September 3rd and you can get a discounted price of only $99.  Dive straight into a full day of 36 online sessions and become and expert in mobile.