Referral Marketing Solution to Build your Business

Now-a-days it is difficult to get more quality traffic towards the website. Businesses are implementing referral programs to ensure a regular flow of new and existing customers. The referred customers can be from your existing customers or through building relationships with new prospects. To setup a referral program one has to be careful depending upon the business requirements and needs strong plans. Referral programs must be given priority as it helps grow the customer network which is crucial for the growth of any business organization.

NextBee’s referral program is designed based upon the existing market competition which gives you an edge over your marketing efforts. With various reward options like get discount coupons on future purchases, third party gift cards, contests, and tiered rewards gives your customers a reason to come back to your brand again and again for purchasing.

You can incorporate leaderboards on your customer’s area where they can check the status of other customers on how they are performing. This motivates them to become top performers to earn higher rewards and prizes. In order to get maximum return, NextBee makes sure that your referral programs are simple to access and use. You can also choose from the industry leading suits of features and customize your referral program as per the business requirements.

NextBee’s expert professionals make sure that you achieve your target in a short period of time with guaranteed results. Give us a quick call at 1-800-547-1618 and request for a demo on how NextBee helps big brands to achieve higher success with the turnkey referral programs.

When you have a proven referral marketing solution in place, you don’t have to worry much about the current economic situation and fierce competition. With NextBee, you can be sure your brand is easily reached, and people are aware of your presence. NextBee’s referral marketing solution is easily implemented, and builds trust through reliability. Studies show that businesses which use a robust referral marketing solution achieve success without a large increase in spending on more costly forms of marketing technologies.

The “Heart Friend” campaing of Zoosk

Heart Friend - Zoosk

Zoosk. One of the biggest dating websites in the world. They recently came up with a new marketing campaign called “Heart Friend”. The video was so good it hit more than 14 million views in one a half month on youtube. I am sure there will more of “Heart Friend” up soon.

What made it so interesting? How did they come up with that idea? How come it went so viral, that it is already considered the best viral marketing campaign so far in 2013?

“A video that’s humorous, quirky, fun-loving, and sincerely romantic, just like our brand” says the team who created the campaign. Its cute and funny. Smart way to introduce a dating website. Zoosk hasn`t been around for a long time. They first launched in 2007. The cool thing about Zoosk is they integrate with other social networks when they serve in 25 different languages. They use gamification and popularity rankings to encourage its members.

Currently Heart Friend viral marketing campaign has millions of views throughout the social networks. It is a success. Zoosk was the fifth most popular dating app in the world and the third in the U.S in August 2012. Would Viral Marketing Campaigns help to achieve this?