The Innovative Campaign That Caught Millions of People’s Attention

Think! Social Media focuses on creating successful social media campaigns for people in the tourism industry.  Their goal is to show people the many great tourist attractions there are around the world.  They create success for these people by finding innovative ways to communicate to people about tourism through social networks.

A good example of what Think! Social Media does is the story of their Super Bowl Social Media Campaign that quickly got 2.4 million people talking.  This campaign shows the power of social media and how quickly word can spread through social networks.  The campaign was focused towards Tourism Dallas the weekend before Super Bowl XLV between Green Bay and Pittsburgh. The goal of this campaign was to show people the many great tourism places there are to visit while in Dallas.

Think! Social Media started the campaign out by sending a Mystery Man to the cities of the two teams going into the Super Bowl.  They also contacted bloggers from each city with a high following rate and engaged readers to spread the word about the campaign and to give daily clues of where the Mystery Man would be.  The purpose of this campaign was to get people out and about the town to different places looking for this man.  You would see people talking to other people saying the phrase “Have you been to Dallas lately?”  The person to say that to the Mystery Man was to instantly win tickets to the Super Bowl, four night accommodations, tickets to the NFL experience, and cash to go towards travel.  The result of this was thousands of people roaming the streets trying to find this man.

Each clue that was given was tied with imagery and facts of popular places to visit in Dallas.  Adding pictures to the clues made sharing the clues easy to post on Twitter and eye-catching to those on Facebook.   As the weekend went on the clues would continue to become more specific of the whereabouts of the Mystery Man.  One example of a clue was “At 3pm the Mystery Man will be exploring around Market Square.”   In order to get access to the clues given, participants would have to first go to Visit Dallas Facebook Fan Page and ‘like’ it.

When Think! Social Media started this Mystery Man campaign, they knew it was a great idea, but the results that came from it exceeded all expectations.  Millions of people were talking about the Mystery Man, going up to strangers asking if they have been to Dallas lately.  Before the campaign started the Visit Dallas Facebook Fan Page only had 600 fans, by the end of the first day as word spread, their fan base grew to one thousand.  As word spread even further news stations began reporting about what they were doing.  By then end of the week, the Facebook fan page had over three thousand fans.  Once the first clue was given out the Friday before the big game, there were people flooding the streets of Green Bay and Pittsburgh searching for the Mystery Man.  Many stayed active on Facebook and Twitter talking with others about where he may be.  Their goal had been accomplished once they noticed millions of people in two large cities were constantly talking about Dallas and it still did not end there.

By the end of Friday night the Dallas fan page had grown to eight thousand ‘likes’ and their Twitter account had well over 1,500 followers.  Once Saturday came around there were so many people searching the streets for this man that it was hard for him to go unnoticed.  The man in Green Bay was first found by a homeless couple living at a local shelter, then shortly after the man in Pittsburgh was found in the afternoon.  News stations went on a frenzy interviewing the winners, inviting them on their shows.  A countless number of blogs, radio stations, websites and newspapers were reporting about this very successful campaign.

Think! Social Media is very proud of the success of this campaign.  It was a campaign that got millions of people talking that they did not cost a single dollar of media spend to promote it.  This shows just how powerful social networks on the web can be.  The team at Think! Social Media knew that all they needed to do was reach out to the right people, in this case it was football fanatics.  Once they reached out to those with a love of football, it was all smooth sailing from there.  The people of the cities did the promoting for them by spreading the word about Dallas.  The campaign brought awareness of all the attractions there are too see when visiting Dallas.

Along with the many campaigns Think! Social Media does for their clients, they also offer destinations five core-services: Education, Research, Strategy Development & Applications, such as their CMS welcome pages or Wildfire Facebook Competitions on their Facebook accounts.  They work their hardest to bring awareness to Destination Marketing Organizations around the world.

Ben VadaszWe are passionate about what we do and we believe that we are helping the world by enriching the travel experience of the consumer,” quote from Co-Founder of Think! Social Media Ben Vadasz

Links to other successful campaigns run by Think! Social Media

Calgary Stampede has been a client of Think! Social Media for 2 years.  When they first started business together Calgary Stampede only had 4,000 ‘likes’ on their Facebook Fan Page.

When Tourism Montreal came to Think! Social Media they only had 4,500 ‘like’, today that is much different.

Another popular campaign Think! Social Media ran was for Northern British Columbia.  The campaign was a niche campaign that targeted towards people with a love of fishing that is offered in Northern BC.  During the campaign the client gained over 4,000 fishing industry influencers engaging on the Northern BC Facebook Page.

Popular Facebook apps Think! Social Media built for clients of theirs

Facebook Users Vote in New KSL Social Media Campaign

KSL-TV launched a new social media campaign for local charities allowing Facebook users to vote on which charity is most deserving of $20K. The donation was made possible by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation.

The two week campaign, KSL Cares, gave five organizations a chance to win the money including Catholic Community Services of Utah, Primary Children’s Medical Center, The Road Home, the United Way of Salt Lake and the YWCA of Salt Lake City. “They are local charities that we feel are in need or that serve a great community need,” KSL’s Tanya Vea said. She also stated that the goal of this campaign was to raise awareness for the organizations either by getting people to donate or even volunteer.

It was all up to Facebook users to decide the winner of this campaign. Whichever charity received the most likes on KSL-TV’s Facebook page, as well as the amount of links shared on individual Facebook pages, would win the $20K donation. They did not want the losing charities to go empty handed, so the four that did not win the grand prize still received $1,250 each from the foundation.

Every night, for five nights, at 5 p.m. KSL-TV dedicated that spot to one of the five organizations, highlighting what their purpose is. Viewers were then able to learn background information on each organization deciding which one they thought deserved the grand prize.

Many users showed their support throughout the two week campaign giving Primary Children’s Medical Center the win. “We have 15,000 friends on Facebook, and I think that was a show of support from the community that we dearly appreciate,” said Primary Children’s CEO Joe Mott. “Surely that money will be a blessing for children’s lives in the community”.